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Cute Vintage Canvas Backpacks for School

Updated on January 24, 2015

Want a Vintage Backpack for School?

Vintage canvas backpacks are the cutest bags that are around this year. If your daughter or you in particular want to start school year in fashion, a cute vintage backpack would help you with that. I know for a fact that vintage backpacks were trending years ago because my aunt told me she owned one when she was going to college. It would be really odd as if that could happen to use one day and be able to tell the very next generation we owned one too.

New Butterflies Print Vintage Canvas Backpack from Amazon

Companies such as Walmart and Target are stocking their stores with vintage backpacks for this school year. As much as I love shopping in stores like this, I noticed that the cutest and/or cheapest vintage backpacks run out first, and when I get there- I have to be satisfy with what is left. Fortunately now with the internet we could shop in the same stores online, giving us the advantage of getting that cool backpack faster and more options are available as well. You got to love the internet for making shopping easier!

I have personally listed the cutest vintage backpacks I found throughout the internet for easier shopping. Most of them are very affordable, as myself I don't spend more than $50 on a school backpack, unless it's a Victoria Secret of course.

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Getting Out the Best from School

It is important to start the school year right, with the right mindset. They say, " It's never too late to accomplish your goals" but in school it could be late to pick up your grades if you slack off the first week of school. I believe it's very essential to have a good mindset before entering school, to start motivated and finish the school year good.

As a student, I know many friends who did not get to go to their dream college school because they slack off in one semester or didn't even get to finish high school.

Cute Vintage Backpack at Amazon

Be prepared when you enter school. Have clear goals, not just to show up to class. What do you want to get out of those classes? What is your Plan to Ace that science class?

Read thoroughly the syllabus. Most teachers, if not ALL teachers give out a syllabus the first day of school. It's the paper that mentions the class rules and grading system.

During the first week, observe how your teacher teaches. Do they require to copy notes? Do they based everything on the book? From that write a clear plan on how you're going to Ace that subject.

Have an Agenda! Write everything in your agenda. Write your homework, next exam date, after school tutoring session, etc. I recommend a physical agenda rather than a phone agenda, but choose whatever it suits you best.

Actually study.. Turn off your phone, I know the library is very far but it's worth it. You would get some quiet space to study and get your homework done. I find it hard to study at home because of all the distractions going on, if you do to then get out of the house or politely speak with your family about using a quiet room to focus on your school work.

Vintage Backpacks

Amazon has good vintage backpacks available. In occasions, backpacks might run out of stock but can always bookmark it or order it. When stock is available, they would let you know.

The vintage backpacks listed below are popular among the website. I like the polka dot vintage backpack for someone who is girly. And blue is less girly but still vintage.

Phenas Girl's Lovely Sweet Bowknot Leisure Canvas Backpack for Student (Rose)
Phenas Girl's Lovely Sweet Bowknot Leisure Canvas Backpack for Student (Rose)

A cute pink vintage backpack for teenagers and tweens! It's cute for those girly girls out there who want to go to school fashionable. This polka dot backpacks is suitable for all ages and grades.


Do It Yourself Backpack

When I first watched this do it yourself backpack video, I fell in love with this! I immediately subscribed! :-) Craftyamy93 takes you step by step to do this cool vintage canvas backpack for school. This is a lot more affordable and can be customize to your personality.

More Teen Bags:

Cute Canvas Backpacks for Middle and High School Girls- A list of cute canvas backpacks to start your school year in a fashionable way.

Cute High School Bags- If you don't like backs, how about a bag?

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