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Allies Landing in Normandy

Updated on February 9, 2018

World War II Atrocities

Men who would not face the enemies bullets were shot by their own officers, according to a documentary concerning the German take overbid for Stalingrad. This series of war films was shown on National Geographic television on 6th, June, 2014. It is titled Apocalypse in commemoration of the landing of Allied troops at Normandy on 6th, June, 1944.

Throughout the series there is nothing but death, destruction, poverty, hardship and sacrifice shown as an ever more determined lot of men target their victims and continue with an onslaught the world will never forget. Young men sent off to war were waved goodbye from British train station as little children, some babes in arms, kissed their fathers and broke their hearts watching them take off with many of them never to return.

It was all because one man rose to power and decided to take on the role of conqueror as he invaded, captured, enslaved and murdered while his armies celebrated their success. The question frequently asked about him is why the people of Germany supported him and agreed with his tactics?

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Extreme Hardships in World War II - Invasion of Poland

What is it about Humanity that Justifies War and Murder.

When the war started many were simply stunned. Germany invaded Poland! England retaliated and along with France declared war on it 2 days later. That put the cat among the pidgeons as Hitler saw his chance to dominate and control a vast empire.

He had tried to overthrow the German government in 1923 and served time in prison for it. By 1933, however, he was Chancellor of the country and one of his first acts was to abolish democracy. He had made friends among the like minded cohorts who supported the Nazi Party that he led. They had influence over the media and their racial prejudice saw them quickly rearm the country with a build up of forces based on compulsory conscription.

Other actions saw Japan invade China (1937) and Italy invade Ethiopia (1935). There was also the Spanish Civil War (1935-39). Hitler and Mussolini (Italian President) sent arms and offered support to General Franco. The Soviet Union supported the existing government.

The unrest around the world is not unlike that existing today as government fall, revolutions occur and dictators rise to power. Governments are taking sides and setting up a similar scenario to that which preceded World War II

After war was declared by Britain and France Hitler sent a small contingent of his army into Belgium as a decoy to draw the British and French military into that country while he set up a pincer movement that saw the bulk of the German military drive through the impenetrable forest of Ardennes in Eastern France and cut them off. They were badly defeated and had to be rescued from Dunkirk by extremely brave masters of small vessels while large ships were blasted out of the water.

During 1939 Hitler had annexed Austria, his birth country, and also invaded Czechoslovakia. With Britain at war the rest of the Commonwealth, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, were also at war.

The darkness over the world intensified as the progress of German troops and the horror they inflicted on innocent people became intolerable. The great long march of people fleeing the Germans and those who were slaughtered because they defended their homes still makes horrendous viewing.

Was it something that God had purposefully planned to bring the world to its knees? Or was there something else afoot that is beyond human understanding. In their fox holes and churches people on all sides of the conflict prayed to the same God and were basically of the same religions. So what was going on here?

"Give glory to . . .God, before (he) cause darkness, and before your feet stumble on the dark mountains, and, while you look for light" . . . it turns . . . "into the shadow of death, and . . . gross darkness.

But if you will not hear it, my soul weeps in secret places for your pride; and my eye shall weep sore. and run down with tears" . . . for God's . . . "flock is carried away captive. Jeremiah 13:16,17

(image is in the public domain)

Have you heard of the dark mountains before?

Does it make any sense to you?

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Evacuation of Dunkirk

There are several videos shown here and they are dramatic and actual footage of the horror of the events surrounding Dunkirk.


The Jews Bore the Brunt of Hitler's Anger

The Brits Fought Back

As the British government retaliated and despite millions of tons of their shipping sunk in the Atlantic courtesy of the U boats the resilience of the people both there and in France got up Hitler's nose. Before his own cities were struck for the first time and the Germans had the war on their own territory many in Britain would suffer the blitz. German planes bombed the cities and prepared for an invasion of the island.

France capitulated and the Italians invaded as well. It was divided up into Italian and German occupied Zones with Vichy in the southeast being a somewhat free zone. The war had, by this time, spread to Africa and battles were fought hard that have a permanent place in war museums. Names like Tripoli, Gallipoli, and such are still remembered with memorial days. Rommel was also the general who exercised his tanks throughout the desert regions with great fame and success.

Meanwhile on December 7th, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbour and this brought America into the war. The Pacific regions of China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore were easily taken as the Japs advanced. They arrived in New Guinea and held the Australians at bay for some time along the Kakoda Track. Meanwhile they bombed Darwin and many ships were sunk. More, in fact, than at Pearl.

The Americans were at last forced to act and hundreds of thousands of troops were sent to Europe where they boosted the resistance. Meanwhile aircraft were used by the Brits to bomb Germany. The citizens of that country saw the devastation of the war and felt the impact of murderous raids for the first time.

Now the Jews were targeted and the Polish ghettos were erected to force them into s commune where they were literally starving to death. Before long the death trains were pulling up and carting them off to concentration camps like Aushwitz and Buchenwald, among many dozens of others. Inmates included Roma (or Gypsies), ethnic Poles, political prisoners, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholic clergy, Eastern European intellectuals and so on.

By 1942 the urgency to kill off the Jewish population had gained in policy. Gas chambers and massive exterminations followed. The image (in public domain) shows corpses from one camp at the end of 1945. The question is why the Jews?

Expansion of the War into Russia

The Scorched Earth of the Russian countryside

The Russians had supported Hitler and were supplying raw minerals and oil to his war effort. The last train sent to the German capital contained wheat to feed the troops and population. It had barely crossed the border when the Germans invaded into Russia and hundreds of thousands of their troops, along with tanks and aircraft hammered the villages and countryside.

Napoleon had tried a century earlier to take Russia and had met with a scorched earth and unbearable cold with impassable roads. The Germans did likewise. Stalin ordered his people to burn their houses and anything that could be of use to the enemy must be destroyed. Factories were relocated to the East behind the Ural mountains and men joined the army in their millions.

The image of the invasion of Leningrad is one example of the devastation they caused but the Russian were used to the cold, had better clothing, tanks and willingness to defeat the invaders. Russian roads were poor and turned to slush as tanks tried to move along them. The German soldiers were cold, hungry and often dispirited by what they faced but they had no choice but to go on.

With Europe now in his hands Hitler celebrated but the thorn in his side was Britain and now the USA. The tables started to turn in late 1943 when German cities were bombed repeatedly, the raw materials had almost dried up, soldiers were tired and armies were being hit hard. Hitler recruited the youth to take over and young boys were sent to the front.

By 1944 things were reaching a point where the allied generals decided an invasion could take place. They put plans in motion to bring it about. A male corpse was dressed appropriately with a locked briefcase attached to his wrist and it was allowed to wash ashore on a beach where the German guards found it. The briefcase was loaded with maps and a false plan for an invasion which would insure that the forces would be herded well away from the landing site in Normandy.

D-Day, or disembarkation day, would be June 6th 1944. A massive invasion involved troops from the British Commonwealth, Britain and the USA. Thousands were transported across the channel in ships and planes. The landings along the beaches were so well thought out that even their own piers for landing were part of the contingency. They had specially designed tanks that could drive through water and the Germans were not only taken by surprise but greatly outnumbered as the troops landed.

It was the start of the end and France was liberated and its soldiers joined the allies in pushing into Germany where one atrocity after the other was uncovered.

That was 70 years ago and the heroism is remembered in massive celebrations in Europe and elsewhere. The world never wants a repeat of this horrendous episode but the world is gearing up with all signs pointing to something far worse happening not too distant into the future.

World War II in Europe

The End of WWII and the Yelta Conference

Formation of the Security Council

The three main allies of Russia, Britain and the USA were represented by Stalin, Churchhill and Roosevelt. They met in Yelta for a conference that saw Germany loose most of its pre-war territory with its capital city of Berlin divided between the three countries.

They formed the United Nations to ensure peace in the future as its predecessor the League of Nations had failed to do so. The victors of the war, the United States, Soviet Union, China, Britain, and France, formed the permanent members of its Security Council. Other nations, such as Australia, have recently been admitted to it.

Europe was divided between those who had paid the heaviest price, such as Russia and Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Albania became Soviet Satellite states. Yugoslavia remained a totally independent state which caused friction with the Communist USSR. Post-war divisions of the world were directed by two international military alliances, the United States-led NATO and the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact. The political tensions and military competition between them, however, brought about the Cold War. It resulted in an unforeseen arms race and proxy wars that have often reached boiling points.

Were you aware of what D Day Commemorates?

Do you think the world is on the brink of another great war?

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I wish for a world where wars are no longer heard of. It is too sad for me and there is never victory to celebrate.


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