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Daily Paragraph Editing - Free Resources

Updated on August 15, 2012

Teach grammar and editing skills with FREE paragraph editing resources.

Paragraph editing is a wonderful way to teach grammar, spelling, mechanics and self-editing techniques as well as expose your student to new words. There are numerous books that you can buy which have numerous paragraphs for editing, but the resources found on this page will help you create your own paragraph editing curriculum, FREE!

Antique Book Resources - Some things never go out of style!

I love old books, and while the information in some can be outdated, there are some that are an invaluable resource. Best of all, they're FREE. Here are a few that you can download and print (if you'd like) or simply read on your computer.

Grammar Lessons on YouTube - For those who like to watch!

There are quite a few grammar lessons to be found on YouTube. As with all things YouTube, carefully screen the videos beforehand.

If you find a particular teacher that you like, you can click on their username to view all of their available videos.

Please leave your comments! - I LOVE to hear from others!

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