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How to stand up for someone being bullied

Updated on April 9, 2016
Stop Bullying
Stop Bullying | Source

How to deal with bullying

People who are bullying other people are the one who have low self-esteem. Because of them there are many young ones and even older age that destroy their lives because of bullying. Its a serious issue and should be discussed socially with significant solution.Its much depend on how we raise our children. What habits a child adopt not only by teaching of parents but also the behavior of parents to each other. We should teach our children to fight back against these bullying people before it's too late.
Yes parents teach at homes. Kids just copy everything like racism etc. Internet also has impact there is everything if you don't have control what your kid is doing in Internet. If find that your child is using internet and can't see what is he/she doing. you can ask some friendly questions. Hey what are you learning today? Happy learning best of luck.

What to do with bully? Try this

Bullied by a group or a particular person? Don't be such coward and stand tall! No matter how big or how many they are you can actually come up with plenty of solutions to deal with those kind of people, it is just a question of having real friends you can count on for starters , be strong ! Manage to control anger or fear by having fun and enjoying yourself with buddies doing activities that fit you, doing things you love the most and spending more time with family who cares for you.
Been there, done that. Got over it, Strong as Iron. This helps us Grow into 'strong' effective and incredible people. Come on! We can do this. I feel bad for the bully, I want to hug them, it is they who have the issues/problems. We need to feel for them and do what we can do to help them 'move' on. Have a Great Day.

Parent’s advice about bullying

My parents taught me to always stick up for myself and not be a victim. There should be more focus on that. Bullying is something that will never go away and isn't something that happens with just children or teens.

Life is precious so think positive built your mind strong that is your inner strength makes you stronger. Follow the peace of path that makes you happy.

  • Keep smile and be a cause of some one's smile.
  • If someone talk you in rude manners bring out your best positive words in front of him/her with a smile. Human rebirth is very difficult.
  • Hundreds of years suffer on animal realm hell preth.
  • After that reincarnation stop ego stop drug stop fighting.
  • Do social work.
  • Look at poor people.
  • Help ever hurt never.


Teach your child how not to bully others

This is one of the most important point to reduce the bullying. Every parents should teach their child how not to bully others. Never say a word to others which make them feel uncomfortable sometimes words you think are good to others cannot be the same to others and cause them discomfort. So always speak politely, encourage others, motivate others, help others, be a person like that everybody finds you a friendly person.(Its difficult that everybody but a kid will learn it when he/she will grow. We have to feed the best positive attitude in them).

Teacher fired for advising stupid and idiotic pupil to stop bullying other children?

People are getting madder every day! What's happening to this world? Oh, what a mess! What a warped way of thinking! So the teacher should have remained quiet while this untrained child continued to show his obvious dearth of home training? And what this anti-social pupil did was not public humiliation? Some people in positions of authority should not be there at all. In fact people should be screened before being assigned to positions of authority; and when they abuse or mess these positions must be fired instantly. It appears the society is becoming a place strewn with hidden banana peels, constituting’ambush law enforcement'. One doesn't know where one could step to avoid these peels. It's just not good for any society.

Read more here at Wikipedia about bullying

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