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Finding Deals On School Equipment

Updated on October 11, 2009

If you are an administrator of a school then you likely have the task of shopping for school equipment, whether it be replacement desks, blackboards, electronic equipment, as well as office supplies like paper, toner and more.

You probably use a distributor that your school has been using for a while to purchase these things, and while it is convenient to be able to purchase all of your school equipment in one shot, there may be a better way to go.

Finding deals on school equipment can be difficult at first, because it seems that the only companies that sell it are major distributors and are priced about the same as the other companies offering school equipment. However, if you know where to look you can find some incredible deals on school equipment saving your school district potentially thousands of dollars.

School equipment in a typical classroom
School equipment in a typical classroom

New School Equipment:

The benefit to new school equipment is mostly cosmetic. Most used items are not very worn out, and were simply replaced with new school equipment because it was thus budgeted. If you want to impress the student body, teachers or parents with new and shiny school equipment then you may be considering buying new, but the fact is that used items can be polished up to look almost identical to new desks, chairs and the like, and your cost can go from $100 per desk to around $10.

Used School Equipment

If you decide that you want to go with used school equipment there are many sources to choose from. One of the most popular is Ebay, where you can find school equipment in lots of fifty or a hundred with very low starting bids. Watch the items carefully as the bidding ends, and make sure to check the shipping cost, or make arrangements to have the items picked up yourself and you can get some incredible deals on school equipment. 

Another source that many may not think of is flea markets and surplus stores. Many surplus stores have a back area where they sell all kinds of used furniture. Making them an offer they can't refuse, such as buying all of their school desks for say $5 per desk, will free up space for them to move more items in, and will save your school district a whole lot of money. This is a great way to do it, because you can rent a truck to move the equipment for just a few dollars and save the massive shipping costs that buying school equipment on Ebay will bring you.

Your School District Will Thank You

Saving money to your school district is vital in these times of tightened budgets, and while the student certainly deserves sturdy equipment that will enable them to study and learn, that doesn't necessarily mean that used school equipment will keep you from those goals. Many times used school equipment has many more years of use to it and you can benefit from these discounts for your school, and your district. 


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