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Decorating your Bathroom in the Style of Ancient Greece

Updated on October 4, 2009

Transform your bathroom into a Grecian Spa

Simple things you can do to take a boring old bathroom on a journey to Ancient Greece.

Attractive and Elegant for Either Sex

The Greek-style bathroom is an opportunity to bring a bit of elegance to an often overlooked room in your home. The beauty of the Ancient Greece theme is that it easily suits either a masculine or feminine look, or somewhere in between. For a predominantly feminine theme, select a statue or wall relief that celebrates one of the Greek Goddesses. To create a more masculine environment, add a statue of a God or Hero from Greek mythology. A bust of Hercules projects a stately, masculine effect. If it's a couple's bathroom, then mix and match as appropriate.

Floors and Walls

Marble is the obvious choice for the floors, with lighter colors giving a more authentic Grecian vibe. If marble's outside your budget, consider a glossy tile. Laminate flooring is an inexpensive option that offers nice results for those on a budget.

There are tons of options for for the walls, but I recommend taking inspiration from the colors typical of Greek vases. These typically fall into three different categories - "red figure," "black figure" and "Minoan." An example of black figure style vases is picture above. The creamy sand base color works well for a more neutral tone which can be set off with blacks and earthy reds. Ancient Greek pottery typically had square repeating patterns called Greek keys which are the perfect inspiration for a painted border pattern at the top of the wall. You can also purchase adhesive borders with similar patterns if detail painting is not your thing.

Red figure vases typically have black backgrounds with orange-red figures painted on them. The figures could range from pale orange to a deep red, so there's plenty of latitude to find a good base color you like. Again the Greek key border will help complete the look.

For a totally differently effect, take inspiration from the Minoan period of Greek vases characterized by their rich blue colors. These vases typically displayed dolphins and other sea creatures.

Pulling it Together with the Right Accents

If you have a Garden tub, you can create a wonderful effect by adding a bench seat over the tub. It's as simple as cutting a 3/4" plywood to the dimensions of the tub. Cover the plywood with two inch foam and then upholster with a suitable fabric. No need to get too fancy. The upholstery can be held in place with heavy gauge staples.

Add a few accent pillows and a satin throw and you have a luxurious spa bench that adds both an elegant look and function to the bathroom.

A Greek-themed wall relief will create a dramatic statement in your new Greek spa. Consider the Three Graces wall relief pictured above. It celebrates the beauty of the nude female form and will be at home in the one room in the house where nudity is a common occurrence.

Towels and linens should be purchased to match one of our three "Greek Vase" color schemes. The Greek Key pattern is popular and with a little hunting you can probably find towels with this or a very similar pattern.

If budget permits, consider changing the bathroom fixtures to a copper of gold finish. Small Greek vases for toothbrush holders and a larger Pyxix-style Greek vase for toiletries round out the look.

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