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Decorative Thermometers

Updated on October 16, 2014

Decorative Thermometers

I really enjoy having weather related d├ęcor items in our home. What can be more decorative and useful at the same time than a pretty thermometer in your home or garden, such as the one I have that is pictured in the photo at the left?

In this lens I suggest a few thermometers that I think are both attractive and functional that you can buy for your home. These thermometers also make great gifts for your friends and family that love all things that are weather related. Plus consider one for those folks on your list who just like to know how warm or cold it is!.

A Galileo Glass Thermometer with 11 Spheres

This beautiful indoor thermometer follows Galileo's 400 year old principle of relative density.

* Each liquid-filled float weighs exactly.006 grams more than the one above it

* Ensures that the floats go up and down as the temperature changes. accurate to within 2 degrees

* The fluid is non-toxic and non-hazardous,

* Your 24" tall thermometer has a temperature range of from 60 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Each gold plated tag attached to the float is marked in Fahrenheit on both sides of the tag.

Antique Thermometers on eBay

Today this antique thermometer is available for bid or purchase on eBay

Thermometer in the Sun by RAM Gamerooms

RAM Gamerooms ODR277 Outdoor Sun with Thermometer

* made for outdoor use to withstand water and other outdoor deposits,

* Measures Depth: 2" Width: 24"

Vintage Thermometers on eBay

Vintage objects are typically older but not quite as old as antiques. Here is a vintage thermometer available on eBay today.

Whitehall's Irongate Thermometer in French Bronze

Whitehall 01767 Irongate Thermometer in French Bronze

* large numbers make it easy to monitor the changing weather.

* made of recycled aluminum - Battery included

* finished with a durable powder-coat French Bronze finish and silk screened acrylic face.

* Made in the USA

* Perfect for wall mounting at poolside, patio, deck or interior rooms

* Color: French Bronze

* Measures 14" Square

Irongate Thermometer by Whitehall in French Bronze

Nautical Thermometers by RAM Gamerooms

RAM Gamerooms ODR303 Outdoor Captains Wheel Fahrenheit and Celsius Thermometer

* Outdoor Captains Wheel

* Shows Fahrenheit and Celsius Thermometer

* Measures Depth: 4 Width: 15


Decorative Outdoor Thermometers on eBay

eBay is offering these outdoor thermometers for your bids today.

RAM Gamerooms ODR292 Outdoor SS Minnow Fahrenheit Clock and Thermometer

* Outdoor Fahrenheit Thermometer and Clock

* Measures Depth: 4 Width: 22

Porthole Collection Weather Center with Thermometer, Hygrometer, Barometer by Ambient Weather

Contemporary Metal Clock, Thermometer, Hygrometer by Benzara

Benzara 35418 Contemporary Metal Thermometer, Clock and Hygrometer with Minimal Style

If you are looking to add a touch of style to your home, then this metal clock thermometer hygrometer is an ideal choice. This attractive and intricately designed device features a Fahrenheit/Celsius thermometer above and a hygrometer below a clock with roman numerals.

* this sophisticated ensemble is glazed in black and is crafted with fine attention to detail by master workmen from China.

* can be mounted in an office or even study or other room.

* made from high quality metal to ensure long lasting use.

* Measures 26 H x 11 W x 2 D

I'm Happy You Came to See My Pretty Selection of Thermometers - feel free to comment

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