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How to Attract Above and Beyond

Updated on April 26, 2011

DFW Teen Voice "Your Best Attitude"

By Patricia Ross Founder Teen Voice

How to Attract Above and Beyond

Life happens to everyone and know that life changes will come to you.

Life experiences are unknown until you live through your challenges and then you know growth has occurred. An older age will allow you to reflect on your growth as a youth because your growth and change makes up your future. At this point you want to know how to attract above and beyond then allow your mustard seed faith to grow inside of you.( Believe a little and your belief will grow). I say this because as a young teenage parent I was taught decision making abilities which proved to be of value. You can reference decision making books or have mentors, counselors in your life. Are you living out the American Dream and what does it mean to you? Give your best attitude, plan and set goals to succeed. Now that I am older as a mother I reflect back and recognize in moving forward a foundation has been built. I have grown older in experience with gained knowledge and wisdom to reach into to myslef to make better decisions.

First, you have woke up with life today which was given to you as a gift, which is this present day. Why? I mention this because if you think about our Military here in the USA in battle for our freedoms than you’ve possessed our freedoms of the USA. You have lived to see another day and have attracted the above and beyond. I know you wanted me to tell you about having a million dollars in the bank which is possible. How about looking at all the money that has been through your hands in your life time. (can you count how much money you have earned and received until now?)  What you should know is that you do have a million dollars in your bank when you have not allowed your inter- spirit to become broken with negative thoughts and have maintained positive thoughts. Decide to have a plan with goals today and achieve the American Dream.

Yes, allow your belief and believing start to grow when you have a need, want or desire and as you move forward the Creator of your being will bring it to you!

Belief Defined as:

Is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise be true

Believing Defined as:

To accept as true or real:

To credit with veracity:

To expect or suppose; think:

You will attract above and beyond as you continue to move forward within action.

When you look at what you already have in your life and analyze what has already came to your life you can answer your questions about how you attract above and beyond?


Have you ever reached out to assist someone that you did not know and you assisted? Now, which person could you really help? Individuals who have a positive state of mind and trying to help themselves with an up-lifting spirit (positive attitude). Or did you shy away from the person who didn't want you to reach out to assist them in a nagative state of mind (negative attitude). You might not even know why you could not assist this type of person. Your inter-being would not connect or couldn't  assist this person because thier situation was out of your control (When the person is physical broken and mentality broke and broken).  You may have to refer individual to other resources.

So, regardless of your situation or circumstances use your mustard seed faith in belief and believing. ( Believe a little and your belief will grow). You may say in who or what? I believe in a Creator the (I am) and have confidence. So, have confidence with a positive mental attitude in thoughts and give your best attitude in action which will bring to you your wants and desires. ( Believe a little and your belief will grow) I've been a productive person and analyze my short-term, long term goals.  I meet my challenges by knowing that I  have been productive and given of my energy 100% for stituation and circumstances to work. This is how I attrack above and beyond. WOW  

When you look at family, friends, networks and things already in your life then you have already achieved access in your life. Now, continue to utilize what you already have by maintaining and to attracted above and beyond.




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    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile image

      DFW TEEN VOICE 6 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      David Johnson thank you for your comment!Faith has been my life line to life!Continued Success!

    • profile image

      David Johnson 6 years ago

      Isn't it amazing what a mustard seed of faith can do.