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Dialing *69

Updated on December 14, 2010

What does it do?

Star 69 has been around for a very long time, and in fact has become so common place over the years that a lot of people have forgotten about its use.

What does dialing *69 do?

If you suddenly thought of trying it, then chances are its because someone called your phone and did not leave a message, you missed it, and now you are curious to know if its someone who needs to get a hold of you. Perhaps even you are worried that it is someone that you would rather not talk to, to begin with.

If this is the case, dialing *69 can be a little intimidating the first time round. What it will do is call back the very last number that either you dialed, or the very last phone number that tried to call you.

Remember, if anyone calls in between that - you won't be able to discover who the previous caller was. *69 is a great service that is offered in North America, however it is a little primitive in the sense that it would technically force you to have to talk to someone that you might find out you wished you had never called back.

Effectively using star 69

Considering that this could be a little awkward, your best bet might be to do a reverse search on that number. For instance, you could press star 69, and quickly grab the number this way.

Now you can take it and put it into a reverse phone directory search and see if there are any matches. Now, these services do cost a small activation fee, but it is very affordable and worth it, as you should be able to continue doing searches as you need the for a one time annual fee.

What's even more powerful about joining one of these sites, is that if your number comes up as well, you will now have the opportunity to de-list your very own phone number for around $1 on average.

To go even further, a reverse lookup has many uses, and you will probably find these out as you go along.

However, there are some things that you are not allowed to do with such a service. You are not allowed to screen employees, you are not allowed to use reverse cell searches to get information on someone for a story if you are a reporter, and you are absolutely forbidden from ever using such a powerful service to stalk, or harass someone.

As long as you are willing to pay a few bucks and use it simply for personal enlightenment, you are free to use such a service as much as you want.

Finally, if you are keen on trying out a reverse phone number lookup on a phone number that you have on hand for free, I highly encourage you to check out this site where you can perform a reverse phone search.


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