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Omax usb microscope review

Updated on March 5, 2013

The Omax compound microscope

In the world of the Digital Microscope the Omax name is certainly one that is not only very well known, but also very well respected for producing items that work fantastically well and produce a crystal clear image every single time. They have manufactured a number of models over the last decade, but when it comes to the latest Omax 40x-200x USB microscope is it worth buying and is it worthy of the Omax name.

The Omax usb Digital Microscope Specifications

To begin with, it is best to look at the specifications of the USB microscope in question in order to see what it is capable of doing and allow you to determine if this will be suitable for your very own needs. The first thing you will notice is that it comes with eight different levels of magnification from 40x right up to 2000x times and this does give it a certain sense of versatility and is capable of being used in a number of different situations.

The next thing is that it comes with four different achromatic objectives, 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x, as well as two different pairs of eyepieces and this just means that it adds to the versatility that was mentioned earlier on. This compound microscope also comes with a 20W halogen light that is easy to adjust along with a NA1.25 Abbe Condenser that comes complete with iris diaphragm and filters and the entire thing can be altered via the focus knobs that can really be tuned in to pick up the smallest of details via a 3MP USB camera that is built into the microscope itself. All of this can then be connected to your computer to allow you to view the image itself and this usb digital microscope is compatible with every form of Windows from XP right through to the modern day.

Finally, you will tend to be given a five year warranty and there is also a 14 day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with this USB microscope, but after reading the positives and negatives you may discover that there will be no need to take them up on that offer.

Bad points of the Omax Digital Microscope

Every product does tend to have some kind of negative as nothing can be absolutely perfect and this USB microscope is no different. The main complaint is that you do not get a manual with it and instead you need to go to their website and download it. This in itself should not pose too much of a problem, but it is quite common to run into difficulty when downloading it resulting in you having to email them to get it sorted and in all honesty it should never be this difficult to just be able to read an instruction manual. Apart from this, perhaps the camera could be more powerful, but perhaps this will be updated in the future leading to things being even clearer than they are now, so overall there are no major complaints just a couple of minor issues that need to be addressed.

The Omax Digital Microscope Overview

The Good Points of the Omax Microscope

Perhaps the main positive with this USB microscope is the quality of the optics as they really are second to none and are perhaps deserving of a microscope that comes with a bigger price tag and the resolution will also impress you from the moment you start using it. Another positive is the actual build quality because the whole microscope just feels as if it is very well put together and you certainly will not feel that the focusing knobs will just come off in your hand when trying to operate it and you will also find that focusing the Digital microscope is easy and it never feels too complex.

One final major positive is that it is properly calibrated and this does make a real difference with the end results you can achieve with it. Calibration, or the lack of it, is often the thing that lets a new microscope down, but with Omax you can be sure that it is going to work perfectly straight out of the box and this can never be a bad thing.

Conclusion - The Omax usb Microscope

To conclude, it has to be said that this particular Omex 40x-2000x Digital Microscope really is value for money and it will undoubtedly be the perfect microscope no matter if you are a student or doing some serious scientific research. The camera is a good addition and you will have no problems whatsoever in connecting it to your computer to then view the image and overall you will be very happy with your purchase and it will last you for some time to come without you having to ever consider replacing it.

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      archangelptx 4 years ago

      Solid review lens--possible to add the model number of this specific unit? I know Omax makes a lot of different microscope units.

    • MBurgess profile image

      Maria Burgess 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Microscopes are interesting tools. I loved it when we got to use them in science class. I would like to have one so I could look at different things under the lens. They would make a great gift for an intelligent family member or friend. Nice review!

    • wulfguard profile image

      wulfguard 4 years ago

      @Katsorourke: Cheers! just checking out your lens, lookin good!

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      Katsorourke 4 years ago

      Great Detail