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Dinosaur Statues and Sculptures for Theme parks and museums

Updated on April 17, 2013

Make an impression with a lifesize dinosaur statue!

Looking for a dinosaur statue for your theme park, sculpture trail, museum or garden? Our collection includes lifesize replicas to make a big impression and scale models for a smaller venue. A scary Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex statue is always popular. Triceratops and Stegosaurus statues are instantly recognisable and a Brachiosaurus or Apatosaurus sculpture is iconic. We love dinosaurs and hope you find the dino you're looking for.

Updated 10 Feb 2011

T-Rex Statues

Tyrannosaurus models

If you're planning a dinosaur theme park or museum then a T-Rex is the must-have dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus is a big mean carnivore loved by kids more than any other dinosaur.

Tip: Kids love gore. Make a big deal about T-Rex being a carnivore with big sharp teeth and claws.

T-Rex statues for sale on eBay - Huge Tyrannosaurus Rex models

The King of the prehistoric world. (Well they have discovered some bigger carnivores now, but I'm not going to tell him.)

T-Rex sculptures to buy on eBay - Model Tyrannosaurus Rex

You can get some very cool and unusual T-rex Sculptures to fascinate and entertain your visitors.

Tip: Mention that Rex from Toy Story 3 and Buddy from Dinosaur Train are T-Rex characters from a popular movie and TV show.

Stegosaurus and Triceratops Statues for sale on eBay

Spiny Stegosaurus and Three-horned Triceratops are favorite herbivores. Even Mom and Dad will recognise these dinosaurs.

Tip: Kids love to be able to touch dinosaurs. Try and include at least a couple of dinosaurs that the kids can touch.

Long-necked dinosaurs: Brontosaurs, brachiosaurus, apatosaurus

Long-necked apatosaurus is always popular. Land Before Time fans will know them as long-necks like Little Foot.

Tip: Kids love their parents to be wrong. Parents will probably call a long-necked dinosaur a Brontosaurus. This name doesn't exist. Apatosaurus was used first so that name stands.

Other dinosaur statues and sculptures

Tip: Dino Dan is a paleontologist in training from a kids TV show, kids want to be a dinosaur expert like Dan Henderson. Provide your visitors with lots of dinosaur facts. Kids like to know what dinosaurs ate, what they weighed and when they lived. (And so do lots of their parents.)

Tyrannosaurus Rex Trophy

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Trophy Home Gallery Sculptural Statue
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Trophy Home Gallery Sculptural Statue

This fun T-Rex plaque will be a real talking point. Great for games rooms, museums and anywhere that kids can visit.



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      Excellent lenses with thoughtful content.

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