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10 Educational Games of Discovery Kids Website

Updated on October 14, 2014

At this age of computer games, most of the computer game makers develop such interesting games that absorb much of the time of a kid’s life. But what about the quality of the time a kid spend on playing such games? If you want your kids spend time on games learning some essential skills that is helpful for a healthy mental growth, then the discovery kids channel is worthy to take a look at. In this website, you can not only find some great games but also many useful articles about our natural worlds.

What you can expect in Discovery Kids?

There are a number of selective games in this site that are equally exciting and educational. And the good news is that all these games you can play online at free of cost. If you have kids under 10 or 10+, then discovery kids is something that you should encourage your kids to visit , unless your kids do not like to play games, solve puzzles or even to do not want to learn some exciting facts about our physical world. There is some special part of this site that might interest adults as well, about which I will discuss later on in this hub.

discovery kids
discovery kids | Source

Discovery Kids Games

Some interesting and popular games that you can play online in this websites are:

  • Shark munch

  • Seek Your Own Proof

  • WhizzBall

  • Chopperlift

  • Chomp and the Temple of Puzzles

  • 1, 2, 3, Blast Off!

In the games section of this website you can also browse for games based on categories. The available games categories that can helps to kid think systematically are puzzle and quiz games, build and play, and skill games.

Learn How to Solve Puzzles

The puzzles that you try to solve in discovery kids site is basically to arrange piece of pictures together. In the beginning of the games, you will be shown a picture and you have to make mental images of that picture in your mind. When click on the “begin” button, a blank window will appear with pieces of pictures in placed in the side bars of that window. What you have to do to solve puzzles is to pick some pieces of pictures from the side bar and re-create the picture that you saw at the begging of this game. These puzzles will test your ability to recognize the colors and shapes of objects and highly recommend for kids to play with .take a look the puzzles at

discovery games
discovery games

Tell Me!

No, I am not asking you to tell me anything. “Tell Me” is a fun and one of the most valuable section of discovery kids website, where you can find some fascinating facts about things that you experience in your daily life. The highly recommend articles of this section are- “ Inside your body” and “It’s a wonderful world” and “Mythbuster Lab”. You will find some easy –to-understand information about how your body functions to what a myth and fiction... and many more. As a matter of fact, this section of discovery site can be a source of general knowledge for adults as well.


This part of discovery kids let you get involved in a range of activities including performing science experiments. You can learn some real cool science tricks such as how to grow your own fungi garden, how to make acid rain or even about eco-friendly facials. These activities portion of discovery kids channel is more practice-oriented than any other sections. The benefit following these activities is that the tricks that you will learn can be directly applied to our practical life. This is a must visit section of this website.

tell me
tell me

Discovery Shopping

As the name of this site suggest-discovery kids, the shopping section of this website is not any ordinary shopping site. Here you can find some real useful learning tools for kids, which can be a great resource for kids to learn problem solving processes. Instead of just buying a violent computer games to your kids you can buy them “Forensics Fingerprint Lab Kit, that not only help kids to think logically but also help them to look around their world with more curiosity and confidence. Some toys that you can checked out for yourself are-motorized solar system, 4D human head anatomy model, high-tech rock tumble and remote controlled moon.

Once you visit discovery kids channel, one thing you will notice is that this site offers simple and easy games that are specially designed for kids who want to learn with fun. Another notable thing is that this site does not provide any violent games. Your kids are your property and they speak the same language you speak in. it is your responsibility to introduce them with things that helps them to learn the most essential and basic things that a human being must have.


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      A fun and educational website for kids. I must share this. Thanks

    • slmorgan profile image

      slmorgan 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Useful. Very nice / interesting.