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Discovery over Escape

Updated on January 26, 2016

discover your strengths

everyone has experienced some form of bullying in they're life.wether its cyber or physical or even verbal,there is always that one person that will do it to everyone.I personaly have been bullied all my life since I was a little baby, by people my age and by adults. it doesn't matter who you are or how old you are everyone can be a bully and when it comes to the point where you get really annoyed at someone about something you don't even realise your doing many teenagers round the world kill themselves from bullying because they think it's their only escape. I personaly think that discovering what you can do about it and the strengths you have while trying to fight your bully Is better than escaping from it all and killing yourself. many people underestimate themselves and what they are really capable of doing, so they don't do anything about it when they are getting bullied themselves.bullying is something very personal to me and I hate to see people killing themselves over someone's problems.bullies only bully you beacause they can't sort out they're own problems that they have in life and that they are just jealous of you. i have had alot of experience with bullying and would be happy to help anyone if they needed someone to talk to. cutting yourself and trying to find ways to ignore them is the worst way to go, you are strong and independent and should stand up for yourself and your family. killing yourself can put an affect not on only yourself but your family and friends too. they would have expected you to get far in life because your true friends and family see you for who you really are. don't let people that have problems themselves and can't sort it out bother you. especially in the Internet. if they have a problem block them report them there is no need to have someone that bothers you as part of your life. keep your head up and do something about it than running away from them show them how sting you really are and that they can't trwat you the way they are treating you. tell a teacher or a close friend and do something about it.another thing that worries me about bullying is that people completely loose they're selfesteem and they're confidence over a person that they don't need in they're life. so many peoples mental healths are broken down and tortured due to bullying. as a kid I grew up with strict rules and if they were ever broken I would deal with the consequences. the same goes for people that think it's funny to bully someone wether it's online or in the real world. thwy will get caught eventually and will have to deal with the consequences they brought upon themselves. nowadays people take bullying seriously police take it seriously and schools take it seriously. if you think that there is no one that can help you think of all the people that actually consider bullying as breaking the law.many different countries now understand that a lot of kids mental health are torn down by people who just don't care about anything and think it's funny. personaly I wouldn't like to bully someone because I know what it's like to get bullied. a boy hung himself in my park last year because he got bullied that tree is always now covered in flowers or candles and wil always be remembered by those who loved him. bullying is serious. before you say or do anything to someone think about the concequences and if you would like to be the one in their shoes. don't escape from it all, tell someone and figure out your strengths and weaknesses along the way to discover what you are truly capable of doing.

a story never forgotten


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