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Myer Briggs Personality Traits - The DISC Model

Updated on June 7, 2010

DISC Personality Types - Do You Relate?

Every wondered why you can get on with some people and not others? Have you ever come across someone that you liked straight away?

The reasons may be as simple as having the same Personality Traits.

Ive done some research and put together these articles based on the Myer Briggs DISC Model.

I really went with the High End of each of the DISC Personality Types only because they give you the extreems of each grouping and are a lot more fun to write about.

Take a look, let me know what you think. It may see a little confronting for some, please understand that this is not a way for people to label others, its just a tool sometimes used to help us communicate more effectively.

"Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.

- Charles Schwab

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DISC Personality Model - D = Dominance

I was first made aware of my High D personality at a seminar a couple of years ago.

I had no idea the traits I bore where shared by others.

When certain negative traits where put into real life situations I began to understand myself more and was able to learn how to adjust my actions and language so I could communicate better with others.

For those of you who read the following and connect to a lot of it, take away from this the knowledge that information is power. With the knowledge you gain from this be re-assured that your past actions don't dictate your future reactions.

So lets see who's a High D

High D Traits

High D's are decisive. They make decisions quickly and easily. However, they may not always think these decisions through. They prefer to apologise later than ask for permission first.

High D's feel more comfortable when they work alone and they need challenges and variety in order for them to thrive.

High D's don't trust easily and you will find they have very few friends. However, the friends they do have they are loyal to and will normally keep for a very long time.

High D's need to feel in control of their environment. When they start losing control they may become impulsive and show signs of panic.

As leaders high D's can get a team working at its optimal best, however, they tend to tell people what to do rather than ask them to do it.

High D's are creative and have a can do attitude. They also believe that their way is the best way and they tend to disregard the opinions and ideas of others.

Don't ask a High D for advise if you don't really want it. They will tell it like it is and may come across as harsh or blunt.

So what's the best way to communicate with a high D?

Speak quickly and clearly. Use language that's direct and to the point.

Don't give long explanations or stories, you will lose their attention.

Set small goals with minimal steps. Be specific but give them some room to be creative.

Acknowledge their results not their methods.

Be upfront with them when they make errors, they prefer the feedback, positive or negative. It gives them another challenge to overcome.

How Can High D's become better communicators?

Have more patience with people and be aware that not everyone is like you.

Be more receptive to the opinions and ideas of others, you can always learn something new.

Listen to the stories and explanations, you may find they hold valuable information that you may otherwise have missed.

Don't dismiss people you have just met. Be willing to find common ground with as many people as you can.

Choose your words and tone of voice carefully. People will respect that more than being dictated to like children.

Ask, don't demand. Everyone wants to be given a choice.

The only thing you control is you. So use that control to act differently when your environment gets a little out of control.

The best thing we High D's can do is to be more conscious of our words and our actions. Become more aware of the reactions of others when we go all High D on them and adjust accordingly.

You will get results faster if you inspire others instead of trying to bend them to your will. So be mind full of this as you go through your daily life.

A multiple personality is in a certain sense normal. - George H. Mead

DISC Personality Model - I = Influence

This next personality type is all about people.

Where High D's are results orientated, High I's are people orientated.

They are the social butterfly's, centre of attention, look at me look at me personality type.

So lets see who's a High I

High I Traits:

High I's love to talk. They are people people. However, they sometimes forget other people are in the conversation.

High I's always have a network of contacts, however, they may not always know why each person is a contact.

High I's put feelings above results, this may lead to them getting overly involved in others dramas and losing focus of the results.

High I's are optimistic and they tend to see everyone as nice. This may sometimes lead to them being hurt or taken advantage of by others.

High I's are extroverts, they love to be in the spotlight even when there isn't a need for it.

High I's can liven up a room purely with their entertaining energy.

High I's love to start new projects but lack the focus to complete them and are easily distracted.

High I's like to tell long stories and are inclined to exaggerate the truth.

So, how do you communicate with a High I?

Let them talk, but try to keep them on topic.

To get them to see your point of view, tell stories that are not overly burdened with factual details.

Acknowledge their achievements through recognition and rewards.

Be social and friendly and build a relationship with them.

Help them find ways to move their ideas into actions.

Reward them for their efforts when they complete tasks.

Give them the freedom to express themselves but keep pointing them in the right direction when they veer off track.

Public embarrassment will devastate them. If you need to address something with them do so privately.

How can High I's become better communicators?

You don't always have to be the centre of attention, this may cause others to feel uncomfortable and intimidated.

Don't ignore potential details when making important decisions, planning could mean the difference between success and failure for yourself and everyone else.

Be a little more cautious in new situations and around people you don't know well, some people are just not nice.

You may want to ask people to do things rather than assume they will do it or trying to talk them into it.

Try not to exaggerate the truth to entertain or win people over. Your natural gifts with people will win over those who matter the most.

Let others speak and be open to different opinions without needing to validate your views at every turn. Sometimes a difference in opinion is a good thing.

High I's have the potential to influence many people. Hold your future in your mind constantly but take the necessary steps to achieve it, for you and for everyone who believes in you.

Personality has the power to open many doors, but character must keep them open" - Unknown

DISC Personality Model - S = Steady

The next personality type is the definition of "slow and steady" and are in no hurry to win the race.

They are the rocks that people lean on in times of need, you can depend on S types to always be there. They live to support and to serve.

So, lets see who's a High S?

High S Traits:

High S's are loyal and dependable, however they need to be reassured that their positions are safe.

High S's help to create a peaceful environment and will avoid conflict at all costs.

High S's are reliable and hard working, however, they don't work well under pressure and they don't like deadlines.

High S's can be high maintenance, they need constant direction and supervision.

High S's work well within a close knit team but if they don't agree with a situation they won't speak up, instead they will quietly manipulate their environment and others to get their way.

High S's need written instructions to refer back to and require help when starting new projects.

High S's prefer small groups of friends and consistent familiar environments.

High S's are controlled and modest and they will ask people to do things rather than tell them to.

So how do you communicate with a High S?

High S's need security. Ensure their place in any situation is validated and their environment supportive.

High S's need direction, they need to know How they are meant to do things and when they need to be done. They may rely on you constantly for support throughout a project so be prepared to take them by the hand and lead them for a little bit.

Try not to alter their routines too much or too often and if there are changes to be implemented ensure you give them warning enough that they are able to prepare themselves for it.

High S's are loyal and passive, when you put them into a team environment ensure they can build a bond with each member so they are comfortable and able to work at their optimum level.

Don't confront High S's, it scares them, try to talk it out with them in a friendly manner.

High S's enjoy supportive roles. They work better where they are only needed to help out not make decisions.

High S's respond well to constant appreciation, the more praise they receive the better they work.

How can High S's become better communicators

High S's need to attempt to start things off themselves and get in touch with their own intuition as to how things should be done.

High S's should work on being ok with deadlines, most things need to be done at a certain time. If you incorporate deadlines into your routine they wont cause you so much panic.

High S's will have greater success with more optimism.

High S's need to understand that they can't always run to someone for support, they will need to learn how to stand on their own sometimes.

High S's can gain much from learning to adjust to changes quicker, changes are inevitable and are sometimes unexpected.

High S's can develop more flexibility to give them more options.

Because of your calmness, patience and steadiness you are a very rare personality type. Your calming affect on others means that other personality types may be drawn to you as a way to balance themselves out. Be careful of the mix of friends you have, some may draw more on your energy without giving back.>

You are the picture of Zen.

I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property.

Learn More About the DISC Method on You Tube

DISC Personality Model - C = Conscientious

The High C is the picture of perfectionism. They have a place for everything and everything has to be in its place.

They will hold things together when others may fall apart.

So, lets see who's a High C?

High C Traits:

High Cs are always right, however they are the only ones who seem to know this.

High Cs research everything and evaluate before making decisions, this can cost a lot of time and energy with projects that have deadlines.

High Cs read fine print, they like to be sure they know what they are signing up for.

High Cs are all about facts and figures and they tend to focus on issues rather than sollutions.

High Cs hardly have anything to say in meetings and prefer to go off on their own to collect data and make plans.

High Cs are very neat and tidy and they like systems and processes.

High Cs can be fair and objective and will be a great asset where conflicts in opinion my be an issue.

High Cs have very high standards and tend to hold themselves to the highest. They will have clean rooms or desks and will have a place for everything.

High Cs may become bogged down by all the details which can cause them to completely stop what they are working on.

So, how do you communicate with a high C?

Let a High C work alone where possible, they are in their element when left to their tasks.

High Cs enjoy researching and gathering facts and figures, where this is required let them lead this part of a project.

High Cs enjoy new challenges and taking risks, be careful not to let them loose without any supervision.

Be direct and to the point with High Cs and when asking questions, make them "what" or "how" questions.

When approaching them with an idea give High Cs the logical benefits of ideas and approaches.

Involve them in making decisions and ask their opinions.

When speaking to a High C, adjust your speech to suite theirs. Try to ensure that you have all your facts together before approaching them for possible collaboration on any project.

Build trust with High Cs, they are very cautious and careful.

How can High Cs become better communicators?

High Cs need to become more open in their views and communication with others.

Learn to accept that you may not always be right.

Voice your opinion when you are given an opportunity, not everything has to be completely thought through, an idea may be the first start of something that you can later research fully.

Get a better perceptive of the details required for tasks and try not to go into too much detail or you may find yourself unable to move forward.

Sometimes your judgements about others is undeserved, think fully about the judgements you make before voicing them.

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself." - Anna Quindlen

From the above information, were you able to identify which personality group you may identify with the most?

What Personality Type Are You

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    • liveyourbalance profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Australia

      @anonymous: The Simpsons lol

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What is a current tv show with a characters with each of these personality types?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am a dISc I love people and I am steady. I always enjoy doing personality tests. I try to do one every year to 18 months .

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am a dISc I love people and I am steady. I always enjoy doing personality tests. I try to do one every year to 18 months .

    • Kyecerulian profile image


      8 years ago

      This was a really useful lens for me. Definite 5* lens with lots of information I can use for my life! Thanks!


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