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Disney Frozen Back to School Supplies

Updated on August 11, 2014

Go Back to School with Ana and Elsa!

Is your child asking for a backpack, lunch box, or any other back to school items from her favorite Disney movie Frozen? I have gathered some Frozen school supplies from all around the internet to make the Frozen school shopping fun. I know my nephews and younger siblings always get excited when going shopping for school supplies because they get to choose their favorite characters and happily show it off to friends.

They say the first impression counts the most, and your children probably want other kids to have a good impression of them the first day of school.

I'm even excited to put this together since I'm a child at heart and just as a child am in love with this movie. I just wish I could be 6 again to be able to get Frozen school supplies for school.

Disney Frozen Princess Elsa and Anna School Backpack on Amazon

Who Was Your Favorite?

Who Was Your Favorite Princess?

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when I was a kid, i loved back to school shopping because i was able to choose my own very backpack.

It was exciting to choose the backpack that back then would represent who i am and what i like. I couldn't wait to go

to school and see the types of backpacks my best friends would get. I would carefully choose one, though that would

be after visiting 10 stores. Since i remember that back to school feeling, I totally understand your child! If only

I could rock on a Disney Frozen backpack now. But your child can!

If you're kid has being bugging you to get him a Frozen backpack for the fresh school year, then consider the ones below.

I love disney for coming with other color other than pink. My favorite is the blue because it's more Disney frozen themed.

Make sure you choose one that would fit your child. For example, if your child tends to carry a lot of supplies, books, etc.

the blue frozen backpack would be a perfect fit for it because it's larger.

The roller pink frozen backpack would be perfect for little girls that love the wheels and cannot carry a heavy backpack.

Instead of carrying it just roll it! The pink roller backpack is very beautiful and love how the three main characters


Frozen Backpack with Matching Lunchbox Set Featuring Anna and Elsa


Large 16" Full-size Rolling Backpack


Disney Frozen Elsa Anna Backpack

Frozen Back to School Package to Start the School Year Right!

Your child would be excited to start their school year with colorful frozen back to school packages from Ana and Elsa. The packages contains a lot of school goodies for children to arrive prepared AND in fashion to school. They would enjoy starting the first day of school a long with the popular Disney characters in the movie Frozen.

Instead of getting each school item individually, buy your kid a school supply package since its cheaper and would make your child more happy to have the school supplies collection.

When you purchase a Frozen package, make sure you keep some of the duplicate items. So if it comes with two frozen pencils, then keep two.

Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna 11 Piece School Supply Stationary Set
Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna 11 Piece School Supply Stationary Set

This pretty package from the Disney movie Frozen comes with 2 folders, memo notepad, eraser, sharpener, ruler, pencil pouch, and notebook.

Disney Anna and Elsa Zip-up Stationery Kit - New
Disney Anna and Elsa Zip-up Stationery Kit - New

This frozen school supplies kit comes with colored pencils, notepad, rule, scissors, sharpener, glue stick, markers, and more!

Disney Frozen Pencil Cases (2 Pencil Cases)
Disney Frozen Pencil Cases (2 Pencil Cases)

I remember when I was in elementary having a pencil case was so “cool”. I am in my mid 20′s and thought pencil cases were not a big deal until remembering how my small sibling who attends 1st grade got excited when she receive a cool pencil case from a Disney Movie on Christmas.

If your child is a Frozen fan then she would certainly scream of excitement when she sees these cool Frozen pencil cases.

You can pick from the 3 different styles. Olaf, Elsa, and/or Anna and Elsa. I’m no longer go to elementary school but If I did I would be excited to rock on my Olaf pencil case with all my school supplies. ;-)


A Elsa and Anna journal for kids to keep as a diary or just to doodle with. Now she can get excited when she needs to write. You have to options to choose a journal, this one or the Olaf snowman journal. This is a great way to motivate your child for back to school!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowan?

This is my favorite so far from the Disney movie Frozen. Anna is more hyper and clumsy than Elsa, when I see this music video I can't help but enjoy it every time.

Disney Movie Frozen Lunch Boxes

Imagine your kid's excitement when the bell rings for lunch time and he proudly running with excitement to eat what's inside this lunch box. Believe it or not, children would look forward to eating the goodies inside for lunch if the box has there favorite animated characters showing. This is an advantage for parents who have trouble making your children to eat.

I remember when I was small and my mom would pack my lunch she would add a note to there saying Dumbo ( I was obsessed with that movie back then) send it to me. I was always eager to see what has "Dumbo" written for me. Well my mom would prepare me a healthy sandwich and some veggies. The note basically said Dumbo likes it when you eat veggies because there his favorite. That encouraged me to eat my veggies and I'm sure if your child likes Frozen as much as I do he/she would eat their veggies happily too.

You can grab this Amazon- Disney Frozen Lunch Box here.

Anna's Water Bottle for Those Hot Days at School

Zak! Designs Plastic Water Bottle with Cap with Elsa & Anna from Frozen, 13-Ounce, BPA-free
Zak! Designs Plastic Water Bottle with Cap with Elsa & Anna from Frozen, 13-Ounce, BPA-free

In school children learn, draw, write, go to lunch, then go and play. A water bottle of their favorite character Anna would be waiting for them in the classroom for a sip. It's a 13 ounce bottle that smoothly opens and closes.

What is cool about this water bottle is also the quality. Opens and closes smoothly, can be wash in the dishwasher, etc.

Great water bottle for back to school or even party favors.


Find your Disney Frozen Backpacks

When you are looking for something specific and don't know where to find it, I always look on eBay. Many backpacks that might not be in other website stores can be found on eBay. This is just a few selections.

Olaf's Funny Moments

Though Elsa and Anna gained my heart, Olaf was my favorite character in the Disney movie Frozen. His facial expressions and the way he would react made me laugh through out the movie.

What is Your Favorite Song from the movie Frozen?

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