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Writing a Dissertation: Learn How to Come up With an A Paper - Part 1

Updated on March 12, 2014

Quick Intro to Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is a very important and rewarding experience in your Masters or PhD studies. In this article, you are going to be introduced to the scope, nature and purpose of dissertations. Also, you will be guided on the steps to take in order to develop one as well as some of the things you need to put into consideration so as to make your dissertation writing process an enjoyable one.

A dissertation is a very substantial piece of document which conveys the student's ability to plan, manage and implement a research study. It is one very important requirement for one to complete any masters or PhD program and it is also quite demanding but the most important thing is that it is a very rewarding aspect of your program, whichever it is.

Let us therefore start by having a look at the importance of a dissertation to you as a student after which we shall then look at the expectations.

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Importance of a Dissertation

  • As mentioned, a dissertation can really be quite demanding but it is also a highly rewarding experience given that it presents you with an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities to work on a given problem in a well-organized and critical manner and later come to a definite solution to that problem. Moreover, the dissertation is your own piece of work which will contribute to your attainment of your master’s degree or your PhD.
  • The dissertation will guide you to define a subject area and be able to define the research questions and hypotheses as well as the research objectives. You will have an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities on how to collect relevant information, process and analyze it with the aim of reaching a conclusion and defining recommendations as concerns your research objectives.
  • A dissertation is that part of your program where you are presented with an opportunity to apply what you have gathered so far in your studies especially analytical and problem solving techniques. You will be able to apply acquired knowledge and skills in pursuing your specific area of interest with greater depth. You will be required to demonstrate high standards of maturity intellectually especially when it comes to selection of the right and easy-to-manage topic and also presentation of the dissertation.
  • Time is quite important in every aspect of life and dissertation writing is no exception. With it, you will want to demonstrate the purpose of your research in a clear and easy to understand way. You will also need to plan carefully on how you will tackle the defined problem as well as consult with your supervisor in a proper way. This will save you a lot of time and also enable you to achieve more.

The Expectations

The dissertation is the end result of your achievements as a student. With it, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to convey knowledge, original thought as well as analyze research findings by applying acquired concepts and theories to come to a conclusion and possibly provide a provide recommendation.

Here is a list of what you are expected to do;

  1. You are expected to formulate your own research questions and hypotheses
  2. You are also expected to gather information relevant to answering your research questions
  3. You will also be required to present the findings of your research study in an appropriate academic style.


For Masters Dissertations, although you are encouraged to explore areas not explored before, this is not always a must. Masters dissertations do not need to add new knowledge but they are intended to show student’s abilities to gather data systematically and present them in an easy to comprehend and logical manner.

Selected Dissertation Manuals

Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide (Volume 3)
Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide (Volume 3)

This manual also provides a step by step guide. However, it concentrates more on developing a winning thesis. It gives answers to several questions you may be having concerning dissertation writing. The one unique thing about this guide is that it can be used by both the students and professors alike.

The Education Dissertation: A Guide for Practitioner Scholars
The Education Dissertation: A Guide for Practitioner Scholars

This is one book which is written by a renowned scholar, Dan W. Butin. It is a book which I believe will resonate with most readers. The author takes you through all the phases of dissertation writing in a fun and interesting way, making the whole process quite easy and interesting.


Dissertations should be presented professionally

Please refer to our article on the dissertation format to learn how professional documents should be developed.

Tell Us your Experience in Writing a Dissertation

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