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DLAB Practice Test

Updated on July 18, 2014

Access the Best DLAB Pactice Tests Here

There is no better form of preparations for the DLAB then taking a DLAB Practice Test. With so much of your military career riding on the results of your DLAB score, you can't afford to just go in for the test and "wing it" like they want you to.

Failing the DLAB will have major consequences on your career. If you are new to the military and you can't get a high enough score of 95 or above, then you will never be able to join a language based community, such as cryptology, language specialist, etc. If you are an officer and you are looking to join the Foreign Area Officer (FAO) program or apply for the Olmstead Scholarship, then you not only have to pass but need to get a score above 130.

And yet, with such major requirements, you would think that they military would share with you what you should expect when taking the DLAB. However, they don't. So its up to you to not only discover what the DLAB is, but also how to prepare.

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways that you can access DLAB practice tests, decipher the test structure, and learn about tips in taking the DLAB.

In the following parts of the article, I am going to share with you the best DLAB practice tests out there, what they consist of and how to access them. Remember, failing the DLAB can seriously hurt your career and your future, so make sure you take the right steps, and prepare well.

What Makes a Good DLAB Practice Test

As you will see below, there are many Practice Tests out there. Some are only a couple of questions long, while others are very extensive and completely cover the material on the test.

However, the best DLAB practice tests not only provide you with the answers, but also explanations to the answers. When you take the DLAB, you will be given a score and nothing else. You will not receive any feedback and therefore, won't know where you were weak. This sort of method provides you with no feedback whatsoever.

However, if you have a good DLAB Practice Test, then you should have a set of explanations that will help you understand why you got a particular answer wrong. This is most important when you do the Visual portion of the exam. The visual portion will show you a bunch of pictures and ask you to figure out certain language words just by finding similarities from the given information. This may sound easy, but in fact is quite hard. Without an explanation, you may never know why certain words are connected.


What is the similarity between a snake and a pen?

Answer: They are long and slender

That may be simple, but it isn't if you don't understand the true testing methods of the DLAB and understand that that is EXACTLY what they are looking for.

So, if you really want to improve your overall DLAB score and land the military job that you are craving, I highly recommend you invest in a Study Guide and choose on of the following Practice Tests that also provides you with explanations.

The Best DLAB Study Guides

So, to help you find the best DLAB Study guides out there, I have listed the DLAB Practice Tests in order from best to last. Everyone of these study guides has great information about the DLAB and will help you, however looking at price, quality and accuracy, my created the list like we did.

If you or a friend have ever tried any of these, please respond in the comments below so as to help your fellow service member out.

The Complete DLAB Study Guide: Includes Practice Test and Pretest
The Complete DLAB Study Guide: Includes Practice Test and Pretest

This is the best DLAB study guide on the market. It has the most comprehensive exam that includes every section you will find on the DLAB test. Furthermore, it has the exact grammar rules. To top it off, this study guide is the cheapest. So buy the best for the cheapest price.

The Official DLAB Training Manual: Study Guide and Practice Test: The Best Tips and Tricks to Raising Your DLAB Score
The Official DLAB Training Manual: Study Guide and Practice Test: The Best Tips and Tricks to Raising Your DLAB Score

The Official DLAB Training Manual is a close second. It has all the stuff that the Complete DLAB Study Guide, however, I feel as though it's practice test isn't as good as the Complete DLAB study guide. Your best bet is to buy both.

DLAB Study Guide
DLAB Study Guide

This is a very good study guide, however, it is the most expensive and is a little out of date. Also, its practice test is not all inclusive and lacks 2 different sections. Your best bet is to buy the DLAB Training manual and only buy this if you want another practice test.

Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)(Passbooks)
Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)(Passbooks)

Sadly, this study guide is useless. Don't buy it. It was definitely written by someone who has never taken the exam.


Also, here is another Service Members take on the DLAB

Check out the latest from the Inside Look, an independent review company. Unlike the DLAP Prep, they agree with our ranking of the books. Find out more in the video below and learn about the DLAB Practice Tests and Study Guides that will help you out the most.

So What Do You Think

Please Share Your Experience with the DLAB Here

In order to help your fellow service members out, if you have taken the DLAB Test or have purchased any of these DLAB Practice Tests, then please fill out a comment below and tell us what you thought. Your input is very valuable and will help future service members out. So, please take the time.

Also, if you are still looking for more information about the DLAB, then I would absolutely recommend going to the DLAB Prep website. There you can access the most up-to-date information about DLAB Practice Tests, DLAB Study Guides and more.


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