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Does Alpha Centauri Have Intelligent Life By Croswell__A Club Twin Review

Updated on January 23, 2013

A Twin Earth at Alpha Centauri ?

Astronomer Ken Croswell's hypothesis about the possible existence of "twin earth" caught my attention. His scientific argument in a respected scientific journal suggests that at Alpha Centauri , the nearest star system 4.3 light years distance from our Sun, such a possibility exists .

The year was two decades ago, the Crosswell article's title is "Does Alpha Centauri Have Intelligent Life ?" , April, 1991 issue of Astronomy Magazine. I bought this issue at the local book store newsstand as I am not a usual reader of Astronnomy magazine, then carefully stored it way in my personal library.

It's an intriguing thesis that a habitable planet might exist at one or the other of this "Twin" star system 4.3 light years away from our Sun, based on his analysis of the 10 nearest star systems to our Sun.

Though so far no planet has been discovered at Alpha Centauri, possibilites of such "twin Earth" has been identified at star systems much further away. This "twin earth" exploration is now just beginning to catch interest of astrophysics and radio astronomers at astronomical observatories around the world.

The ability to identify such large planets based on observable "wable" on a star's trajectory is a relatively new astrophysical tool. So, there may be hope yet that one or more planets may be discovered in the twin star system, Alpha Centauri rotating in the habitable zone around the "Twin" Star Alpha Centauri A or B .


Twin Earth Conversations Among Friends & Family

Come Spend a Long Week-End at Club Twin at Walden Three at the Riverbend.

I did a quick web search as a preparation for this conversation today, to see if there has been any worthwhile mention of this topic in the literature. What I found is that this topic in astronomy appear to be a rare topic.

But a recent mention of this possibility was made on March 23, 2012 by Ray Villard, Discovery News.

Title of his commentary is "Aliens on Planet With Two Suns Need Rhythm" Villard mentions that is such a discovery is made, then the field of astrophysics can be truly galvanized.

The club twin idea is adopted from my fictional long weekend travelogue to a coastal town called "Scotstown" Walden Three at The Riverbend , A Traveler's Remembrance Book.

For those readers familiar with the classic fiction written by B.F. Skinner, Club Twin and the Walden Three Travelogue will be meaningful in the context of this topic today.

Welcome to our Club Twin Conversation, "Does Alpha Centauri Have Intelligent Life By Croswell

Our Search for "Twin Earth" - Alpha Centaui Solar System Could Harbor Such "Twin"


Life Sustaining Zone - At Alpha Centuri Double Sun 4.3 Light Years From Our Solar System


Photo Album Twin Earth Search - At Club Twin

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Where is Alpha Centuri ? - A Look At Night Sky


Photo Album Twin Earth Search - At CLub Twin Circles--Arts amd Science Bridge

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Welcome to Waldenthree - Does Club Twin at Waldenthree Exist Now ?


Linking Past, Present and Future Magic of Our Knowledge Economy of Plentry

Beyond B.F. Skinner's Walden Two - Waldenthree at River's Bend by the Sea


Does Alpha Centuri Have Intelligent Life ? - An On Going Conversation at Club Twin at Waldenthree By The Sea


Come Join Us at Club Twin at Rivers Bend

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