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Dorm Room Storage!

Updated on July 18, 2012

Dump it? Fling it? Help me find Storage!

You're moving into your college dorm room but there just isn't enough room for all that stuff you brought, What do you do?

You could send it all back with Mom. You could chuck it in the dumpster. But isn't there another way?

I've been there and I understand just where you are coming from so... I started looking around for storage solutions that fit into the small space available in a dorm room. This lens is all about the fun, creative and unique ways that I discovered were available to help me out with my storage problem and I am sure that they will help you as well.

Photo Credit: Prince Street

on Flickr, Creative Commons.

monsters under the bed
monsters under the bed

Photo Credit: Who isn't scared of monsters under the bed?

on Flickr, Creative Commons

Do you plan to store things under the bed?

See results

Cat Storage - Duffel Bag Storage

Duffel Bag Storage
Duffel Bag Storage

Photo Credit: Radical Edward and a duffel bag

on Flickr, Creative Commons

Shove it Under the Bed! - Duffle Bags fit Under a Bed with Risers

Duffle bags are the ideal solution for storing out of season clothing, costumes and other non-breakable items that you rarely use. Duffle bags hold much more clothing than hard sided under bed storage. They also work well for storing extra linen and blankets. After putting your bed up on risers, just shove the duffle bag under the bed.

Raise Up the Bed and Stuff it Under! - Bed Risers

When I first got to college I saw all those strong, handsome college guys strolling across campus and thought how great it would be to have them hold up my bed so that I could shove things under it.

Photo Credit: Line art drawing of palanquin.

on WikiCommons

Well, that didn't happen, but look what I found instead:

As a freshman I discovered how necessary bed risers are. I wonder why college beds don't just come with them? Bed risers lift your bed just enough to provide space for storing duffle bags of winter cloths and boxes of extra shoes as well as all those things that you need but don't need very often.

KENNEDY Home Collection 5 to 6-Inch Black Bed Risers,4-pack
KENNEDY Home Collection 5 to 6-Inch Black Bed Risers,4-pack

Product Features

* Holds up to 1,200 pounds

* Set of 4 risers

* Creates instant under the bed storage

* 6 inches high

These bed risers give you storage space you never had before. They are engineered to be incredibly strong, and are perfect for any dorm room setting


Under the Bed Box - Storing Breakables and Shoes

Most items that you would like to store under your bed can be stored in a duffle bag but you don't want your shoes and winter boots smelling up your clean clothing. The solution is a hard-sided, under the bed box. I prefer this one as it has rollers and the top folds in half so that I only have to pull it out half way to open it.

GSC UB2042 Under-Bed Box with Wheels, Clear Base
GSC UB2042 Under-Bed Box with Wheels, Clear Base

Product Features

* Durable plastic construction

* Space-saving design for limited space

* Latching cover which remains securely locked

* Can be used in dorms and summer camps

* Great for storing holiday wrapping paper


Under the Bed Storage - Items Stored Under a College Dorm Bed

Pizza Crusts
Pizza Crusts

Photo Credit: Pizza Crusts

on Flickr, Creative Commons

What do college students store under their beds? Some students store clothing, shoes and books. Others store dirty socks and pizza crusts? What will you store under your bed and which kind of container will you store your things in?

Dump the Stuff Behind the Bed - Bedside Caddy

Though dumping stuff behind the bed might seem like a good solution at the time, it actually makes it very hard to find your homework in the morning. A bedside caddy can be placed between your bed and the wall. When you are too sleepy to continue studying, just slip your papers and books into the bedside caddy where it will be safely kept until time for morning classes. There is even a separate pocket for storing your glasses.

Richards Homewares Grey Gearbox 6 Pocket Bedside Storage Mattress Book Remote (Caddy, Black)
Richards Homewares Grey Gearbox 6 Pocket Bedside Storage Mattress Book Remote (Caddy, Black)

Product Features

* Equipped with 3 deep pockets and 3 mesh pockets to hold it all!

* With heavy weight 600 Denier Polyester it is plenty durable to be your bedside organizer.

* Dimensions: 10"h x 5"w x 12.5"d


Store your Toiletries - Dorm Room Toiletry Storage

1941 ... cold shower
1941 ... cold shower

Photo Credit: 1941 ... cold shower

on Flickr, Creative Commons

When you go to the communal shower in a dorm room you will need to bring your own soap, shampoo, conditioner, and more. How will you carry them to the shower? How will you store them in your dorm room?

Naked in the Shower without any Shampoo! - Shower Caddy for Shampoo and Toothbrush Storage

Did you realize that you will be sharing the bathroom with other students? There won't be room to store your shampoo and toothbrush there and if you did it would probably be lost before you returned.

How are you going to carry all the stuff you need to quickly get ready in the morning? How are you going to store these wet items when you return to your room?

Shower caddies are especially designed to hold all those items that you need in the bathroom taking into account that they will be wet when you return to your dorm room. Just hang your shower caddy on the door handle and it will be dry before you know it.

Dorm Caddy Shower Tote (colors may vary),12"H x 8" diameter
Dorm Caddy Shower Tote (colors may vary),12"H x 8" diameter

Product Features

* Made with waterproof nylon and mesh

* Large durable nylon webbing strap for easy transport.


Dorm Roommates - Protect Your Valuables

The Bagel Thief
The Bagel Thief

Photo Credit: Olivier, the Bagel Thief

on Flickr, Creative Commons

When living in a dorm room it is important to safeguard your valuables. For some that may be jewelry or money. For others it may be most important to protect their bagels from bagel thieves. This small safe is just the right size for protecting watches, diamond necklaces or even bagels.

Computer Safe

Available on Amazon

They say that college students need a safe is for securing laptops, money and passports. I wonder how much of a problem that could actually be in a dorm room? It is unlikely that your roommates would steal from you. It sounds like some people are getting just too paranoid in this world.

Bagels, on the other hand, are in much more serious danger of being stolen!

I suggest that you have a secure safe or bank vault such as the one below to assure that the bagels you had planned to eat when you returned from class are still there when you return.

Stack-On PS-508 Extra Wide Strong Box Safe with Electronic Lock
Stack-On PS-508 Extra Wide Strong Box Safe with Electronic Lock

An extra wide safe is perfect for storing your laptop computer, jewelry, money or bagels. The egg-crate foam padding keeps these items safe even when accidentally bumped.


Roommate Issues - Keep your room picked up!

You will be living with your roommate for an entire year. How will you store your things so that you and your roommate can live together comfortably?

This book will help you think about ways to get along with your roommate, how to negotiate your needs including storage issues and how to cooperate with fellow students. These are life skills that are not only necessary now but for the rest of your life.

My final suggestion for you is a small refrigerator. I finally got one this year and wish I had had one my freshman year. Don't get the really small ones. There is not enough space for anything but a six-pack of soda. This small refrigerator not only holds enough food but it also has a freezer and the top is just the right height to use as a night stand.

Do you have any suggestions for storing your college stuff that we haven't mentioned here? Let's share our tips for storage:

Storage Solution Suggestions

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Cool lens... it somewhat funny but I got the idea.

    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 

      7 years ago

      I like the bagels in the safe. Great idea!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Over the door shoe storage long as items are light, you can use it for things other than shoes

    • evelynsaenz1 profile image

      Evelyn Saenz 

      7 years ago from Royalton

      Hillarious! I love the pizza crusts under the bed and bagels in the safe. :)

      Seriously, though, you have some wonderful suggestions for ways to store all the stuff a student takes to college. The dorm rooms are very small and certainly lace storage.

    • Eevee LM profile image

      Eevee LM 

      7 years ago

      I'm going to get a safe for my bagels. I think it's the only thing I had forgotten.


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