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Updated on September 7, 2011


People have been fascinated with the question, what do dreams mean for Centuries.

In ancient times the Greeks and the Romans believed in the importance of dreams to give information about past, present and future events.

In modern times, since the advent of Dream Psychology in the late 18th Century thanks to Sigmund Freud, researchers have been making advancements in the study of dreams.

So...what do dreams mean then?

Even though we have come a long way, years of research and hundreds of dream books later, the meaning of dreams is still a bit of a mystery.

There are still no concrete answers to the questions "what do dreams mean?" or "why do we have them?."

However, researchers are generally in agreement that working with dreams can provide some beneficial understanding into anxieties and feelings on personal issues.

Dream practitioners use dream interpretation to facilitate change and self-growth within their patients.

Answering the question "What do dreams mean" is difficult because of the personal nature of each and every dream we have.

Dreams are unique to each individual, and dream imagery is an accumulation of each individual's experiences, memories and feelings throughout life.

We collectively respond to aspects of life similarly. We are all concerned with our relationships with people, our general survival and dealing with problems in our life.

These are common to everyone.

Thus, when these issues come into our dream life, there are common ways in which we will represent them.

So one could assume that, the meaning behind dreams of being naked would be the same for most people in a society where wearing clothes every day is the social norm.

Unless you parade around nudie all the time, this dream is going to mean you feel exposed in some way in your waking life.

Flying similarly, for most of us will mean that you feel free or "above it all".

These universal themes that crop up in your dreams are referred to as Common Dreams Themes. And there are many.

The most common dream themes are:

  • Chase Dreams
  • Falling Dream
  • Dream Sex
  • Lost Dreams
  • Naked Dream
  • Dreams of Death
  • Teeth Dreams
  • Water Dreams
  • Animals in Dreams
  • War Dreams
  • Flying Dreams

So, when asking the question, what do dreams mean? take into consideration the common dream meanings, but always look for the personal meaning behind dreams, first.

A dream about flying could mean you feel free...but it could also mean something far more personal to you.


What does a chase dream mean?

One of my actual chase dreams consists of me being chased down an alley by a giant melon. I woke up from this dream so scared that I was screaming my head off!

Strange yes...but believe it or not this scenario is not that unusual.

Although having a melon playing the lead role is quite personal to me (don't ask), I can bet you have had a dream where you were being chased by something or someone that was very scary to you in the dream.

And I know this, because being chased in dreams is reported as being THE most common dream theme of all.

These bizarre creatures of our darkest nights are terribly scary, even though in reality they wouldn't be out of place in a comedy skit!

Ok, sometimes they are genuinely scary images, but a giant melon isn't.

So what makes these images so scary in our sleep?

Chase dreams are frightening because we believe they are real at the time.

We are scared of the melon in the dream and therefore we respond as we would when we are awake to something dangerous chasing us.

By running away screaming!

Remember that the rational part of our brain is not active while we dream. This means the part of our brain that would interrupt and say;

"Hey! Why am I running away from a melon?"

Thus why we perceive the melon as being a real threat.

Being chased in dreams will usually occur when you feel threatened by some waking life situation or person. It is a natural reaction to the stress of life.

The origin of this dream dates back to when being attacked was not that unusual. Wild animals or predators were usually the attackers.

However, in today's world there is no real threat of being chased by wild animals, what the chase represents for us is more emotional in nature. Feelings like anxiety, anger, hatred and jealousy could trigger chase dreams.

In essence you are running away rather than confronting an issue.

You are trying to avoid an unpleasant situation, something that you are not ready to confront.

My bet is that you will have a vague idea what it is you are running away from, but you are not yet ready to face it fully.

In addition dreams where you are trying to run away but can't, because your legs won't move are a sign that you feel stuck and essentially immobile in the face of whatever it is you fear.

The same goes for dreams where you scream but no sound comes out.

Do you feel you are unable to speak up and defend yourself in this particular waking life situation?

When dealing with chase dreams, the most important questions to ask yourself are:

What are you running away from in waking life?

Is there a situation you find threatening?

Chase dreams can also be a reflection of more personal inner threats.

Are you running away from a part of yourself?

If you can identify the chaser with some aspect of yourself, then it is quite possible you are trying to run away from some unhealthy internal behaviour.


Do dreams mean anything?


Am I going to die if I hit the ground?

Having a falling dream... can definitely be quite scary!

All of a sudden, out of nowhere you are free falling in your dream...tumbling down...down...down...and you have no idea why or where you are falling to!

We have all experienced this sort of dream at some point in our lives as it is reported as being one of the most common dreams of all.

Contrary to popular perception, nothing will happen to you if you actually reach the bottom in a falling dream. I am living proof of this having had many dreams of falling where I have reached the bottom and I am still alive to tell the tale!

So what does it mean if you have tripped and fallen over a cliff in your dream?

Quite like being chased, dreaming of falling indicates you have feelings of insecurity and anxiety in waking life.

You could feel out of control in a waking life situation, it could be in a relationship, work situation or just in your general approach to life.

Similarly these dreams could indicate that you are indulging in some form of self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

It could also express feeling like a failure in some aspect of your waking life.

Ask yourself these quick questions to help in uncovering why you had a falling dream:

What happens in your dream before you fall?

How do you feel when you are falling?

Does this remind you of how you feel in a waking life situation?

Don't confuse a falling dream with those spasms early on during your sleeping cycle when you see yourself falling and your body jerks and you wake up.

These are not really dreams, but quick images created as a response to relaxing.

There is not much use to analyse these sorts of experiences, as they really don't have anything to do with your inner life.


Your dream sex could involve making passionate love to your favourite movie star...


You could be having wild sex on the photocopier with a weird person from your office accounts department.

So...what does it mean who we share our most intimate moments with in our dreams?

As sex is an important part of our waking lives, for most of us, it seems realistic that it would play a part in our dream life also.

A recent survey, reported that 8% of dreams involve dream sex or revolve around sexual situations.

When interpreting sex dreams you have to look more closely at who the subject of the dream is, what kind of personality traits they exhibit and how you feel while the dream is playing out.

Some of our nighttime fantasies are simply unfulfilled wishes, living out fantasies that one feels unable to in waking life.

Sorry to burst your bubble…but the movie star sex dreams fall into this wish fulfillment category.

Is there anyone, any part of yourself, or something you admire in the personality of the celebrity?

Certain dream sex can be a bit more disturbing, and involve unexpected partners such as brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters or best friends. In general people you are in no way attracted to.

These dreams are more symbolic in nature. The person in your dream represents a part of yourself, so these dreams are more to do with an inner bonding.

You are uniting with some aspect of yourself represented by the person who appears as your dream lover. So it is really important to look at who you are making love to, and how you feel.

If your dream sex involve being in bed with an ex-boyfriend or husband it usually points out a pattern of behaviour we are repeating while we pick different people.

There is a strong tendency to pick similar people again and again until we find resolution for the inner conflict that led us to get involved with that sort of person in the first place.

Sex dreams with co-workers: again one needs to look at who the co-worker is.

Are you attracted to this person? Or are they unappealing to you in that way?

If it is somebody you are attracted to then it may simply be an expression of this and may be taken lightly and as an expression of unfulfilled fantasy.

If the co-worker is somebody you are in no way attracted to, then you need to look at who they are, what part they play in your working life, the quality of the sex in the dream, and any obstacles that appear.

Forced dream sex can be quite frightening and obviously occur more often in women that men. These dreams most significantly express a feeling of being controlled or forced into situations in waking life.

Forced sex in dreams is an expression of pain and suffering associated with a waking life situation.

Dreams of rape or sexual abuse can be PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) in women who have suffered abuse or have been victims of rape.

According to renound dream researcher Gale Delaney, the function of the sexual coercion in a dream is very different from waking life fantasies and must be seen as a possible sign of enormous and painful sexual conflict on the part of the dreamer.

Not all dreams of forced sexual relationships represent sexual abuse. It may have nothing to do with sex whatsoever.

Perhaps the sexy dream is indicative that you are feeling held down by something.

Is there a relationship where you feel forced into some scenario or way of thinking? Is there a situation where you feel violated?

Look for similarities between the dream sex and waking life, and pay careful attention to how the dream ends.

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Lost dreams are again one of the most common dream themes. We have all felt the desperation and despair of feeling lost.

For me feeling lost in a dream is similar to the feeling I would get as a child when I was lost in the supermarket. The feeling of panic and urgency I felt after only a few minutes was quite extreme.

In lost dreams there is a distinct sense of urgency and panic, of fear and desperation at being lost and not knowing what to do to help yourself.

Perhaps you are in a foreign land or you could be somewhere that looks familiar yet you don't know where you are going or how you will get there.

Lost dreams signify a sense of feeling lost in some situation in waking life.

It could be you feel you have no direction with your career or perhaps you are feeling emotionally "lost" in a relationship. Do you feel confusion or conflicted about how to act in a waking life situation?

The dream may also centre on you losing an object, rather than being lost yourself. If this is the case you need to look closely at the item that you lost.

What is the item you lost?

What does the item mean to you?

What is its purpose?

How do you feel when it is lost?

Do the answers to these questions remind you of any situation or person in your life?

Perhaps you are not able to move, scream or breathe in these dreams. Are you screaming your lungs out but no sound is coming out of your mouth?

Simply enough this is a metaphor for an actually need in your waking life for you to call for help or ask for assistance, but for some reason you are not doing so.

At this point you probably don't feel the need or realize it is necessary but your unconscious is trying to tell is.

Feeling trapped or paralysed also reflects what is happening when we are dreaming and in REM sleep, when our muscles are actually paralysed to inhibit our body from acting out our dreams.


Naked Dreams...ah, the great memories of waltzing through your office without any clothes on, can be pretty embarrassing to wake up from.

But have no fear; these are not premonitions of the future!

Depending on how you feel about being naked in the dream, determines the meaning behind these dreams.

If you are embarrassed and greatly concerned with finding some clothes and covering up...then I would hasten to say your dream is related to feelings of exposure and vulnerability in waking life.

On the other hand if you feel as free as a bird and are not at all embarrassed by your nakedness, these dreams can display a growing sense of acceptance of ones own sexuality.

The most common scenario for a naked dream is the former. Feeling vulnerable and even ashamed at your nakedness and not at all happy at being out in the critical eye of the public in your birthday suit!

Appearing only partly nude is also quite common, and depending on what part of the body is exposed and where the exposure occurs, determines the meaning.

For example turning up to your wedding in the wrong outfit could mean you are concerned about your relationship and your commitment to it into the future.

The reverse is also true. Being well-attired means you feel comfortable about yourself and your life. You feel confident and beautiful within your own skin.


Dreams of death are scary and unwanted but are important signs from your unconscious.

You will generally see dying in dreams when there is some outgrown or destructive part of yourself or your life that is no longer working for you.

Try to see the death in your dreams as a symbolic "death" of no longer functioning aspects of your life. They are a healthy part of your coping mechanism.

Dreams of death where somebody other than yourself dies could be an outward expression of an inner situation.

Is there some part of yourself that you feel has died within you? Like an old pattern or habit? Is there some part of you that has been suppressed? What part of yourself does the person in the dream remind you of?

Or perhaps whoever died in the dream represents someone other than the figure in the dream, somebody that you have lost contact with or who you are not treating as you should and fear that a "death" of the relationship could occur.

Dreams of people who have died are not so common, and sometimes people describe these dreams as unbelievably real, unlike any dream they have had before. They believe they are real visitations from deceased relatives.

It is generally assumed in a dream where a deceased person appears that this person is representing some part of yourself or someone of significance in your life. So yet again it is important to describe whom the person is, and how you feel about them and then try to see any parallels in your waking life.

As we age it is obvious that we will have more of these dreams as more of the people we know and care pass on. It only makes sense that the resources you have to symbolize certain aspects of yourself or your life will as you get older include many people who have died.

Older people through these types of dreams come to terms with loss and dying and use their relatives and friends who have passed on as a means of doing this.


Why are my teeth falling out?

Teeth dreams and specifically teeth falling out are among the most common dream themes.

Whether your teeth start to crumble and decay of their own accord, or whether you touch them slightly and have them feel loose in your mouth, we have all had this dream at some time or another.

However your teeth make their exit, there is always a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness that accompanies the loss of your smile.

So how do you interpret your teeth falling out in dreams?

Our teeth are such an integral part of our lives.

Not only do they allow us to eat, but they are also linked to feelings of attractiveness.

How many times have you heard somebody say, "Oh she has really nice teeth" or "great smile".

Needless to say the idea of losing them is pretty terrifying.

Indications of what these dreams mean can be found in how you feel while you are having the dream.

If a general feeling of loss of control accompanies your dream, of feeling helpless and anxious, then this could mean that you feel helpless and not in control of a waking life situation.

You could feel fearful and afraid of change. Is there a situation where you feel this way in your waking life?

If your dream is accompanied by feelings of humiliation and of being embarrassed then these dreams are an overly exaggerated way of presenting your anxiety about looking bad in a waking life scenario.

Ask yourself if there is any situation in your waking life in which you feel like you will humiliate yourself or feel embarrassed about?

Do you cover up your mouth in your dream?

If so, what are you trying to hide for fear of embarrassment in waking life?

Teeth are often one of the first places that signs of aging or malnutrition are seen. Thus, teeth dreams could also relate to feelings of inadequacy in being able to nourish and support yourself.

Are you taking good care of yourself and your body's needs?

Teeth dreams may also indicate anxiety and insecurities about abandonment. Do any of your close relationships leave you feeling insecure and abandoned?


Water dreams are a prime example of why age-old dream dictionaries are of no use.

The meaning of dreams of water depends on your dream and how you feel about the water in it, how you feel about water in your every day life and how you chose to represent water in your dream as a symbol of something important.

Your dream could involve a beautiful paradise lake with waterfalls, or they could consist of muddy murky swamps containing dead bodies.

Before understanding what water dreams mean, you need to understand what water means to you and why you dreamt of the particular body of water that you did.

Was it a place you go to regularly i.e. a harbour or a lake?

Was it an unknown place and scary?

Was the water smooth, turbulent, clear or murky?

Was the water free flowing or stagnant? i.e. ice

Did you move easily through the water or is every motion an effort?

Sometimes water can represent emotions, but it could also just be a representation of a place that you like, i.e. a favourite beach or a wonderful waterfall from a vacation you once had.

Uncovering the meaning of dreams of water is really up to you.

Try to understand how you responded to the water in your dreams and what parallels the water theme holds for your waking life. Were you drowning or swimming with dolphins? Was it a pleasant or unpleasant experience?


The appearance of animals in dreams is yet another way for our dreaming brain to deal with emotions that are affecting us during our waking lives. Emotions such as hatred, anger, jealousy, pride, and fear are quite often portrayed through animals in dreams.

The interpretation of animals could be anything from emotional attachment to a family pet to a universal idea of what an animal represents to an archetype of perhaps an Indian God.

Look at the place the animal holds within your mind, culture and society for a truthful understanding of its meaning.

For instance somebody dreaming about an elephant in India, where the animal is revered as the god Ganesh, could have a totally different meaning attached to this animal than a person dreaming of an elephant from say America where these animals do not hold such cultural significance.

As with all symbols in our dreams the interpretation of animals in dreams is really up to you. You brought the animal image into your dream therefore you would be best to understand why. Ask yourself these questions:

What was the animal doing in the dream? Was it an animal you are familiar with like a family pet? How do you feel about that particular animal, does it scare you or do you feel connected with it in some way?

Bear in mind that when interpreting animals in dreams look not only at the symbol but the the circumstances surrounding the symbol, this is what will give you valuable clues to what the dream is all about.

Although we believe in the personal nature of dream interpretation there are some universal ideas surrounding certain animals that may aid you with your own personal interpretation.

Here we have listed a few:



Being acclaimed for wisdom since ancient times ants are very social creatures that have colonized almost every landmass on earth. They have a structured and ordered society, each ant conforming to the role and task it must perform.

However, they defend themselves with a pretty mean bite and most of us have been bitten at some time or another throughout our lives by an ant.

So with this in mind, if you see ants in your dream how do you feel about them?

Did you have a bad experience involving ants once and something in your life is now reminding you of that experience?

Or is there some part of your life where you feel that you have been forced into a particular role and must just go along with it to keep the masses happy, i.e.Conform?


These creatures are unknown dangers lurking beneath water surfaces for hours waiting undetected until they choose to attack.

Thus crocodiles and alligators in dreams can represent a hidden danger or situation that perhaps on an unconscious level you are aware of but on a conscious level you are not. This could be with relation to any situation in your life.

Pay close attention to anything in the dream that could give away what this situation or trait could be.

Alligators and Crocodiles being creatures of the water could also Seeing these animals in dreams could be interpreted as symbols of negative emotions lurking beneath consciousness.


One of the most fascinating aspects of birds for us humans is their ability to fly. Flying for the wingless is a fantasy something we all want to experience and usually can only experience in our dreams. A bird's freedom to fly wherever it wants, above mountaintops and over oceans is only something we can dream about.

In light of this dreaming of birds in flight or dreaming that you are a bird flying could signify a sense of freedom from the usual bounds of your waking life and of limitations you may have been feeling. It could signify a discovery of some new ability and a way in your dreams to conquer what you feel is impossible in waking life.

As well as their ability to fly birds are very communicative creatures communicating with each other through song, chirping, or some form of vocalization.

In light of this seeing these animals in dreams may also represent some form of communication heralding some news.



The dove is a well-known symbol of peace. Seeing a dove may symbolize renewed peace in some area of your life, it could definitely be referring to some inner battle you are about to conquer.


These sorts of birds are known to hang around dying animals awaiting their death in order to feed off the body.

The word vulture itself is synonymous with people who have a profiteering nature, of being greedy and not being courteous or considerate of anything but getting the best for oneself.

So it goes to say that seeing these animals in dreams could represent fears of being used or of death itself.


Known for their beautiful plumage and gorgeous colors peacocks have long symbolized vanity and pride.

So it goes to say that the symbol of a peacock in a dream refers to being proud in some way, or of over confidence or arrogance in some realm of your life.


The eagle is a huge and majestic bird with an incredibly powerful build and a huge wingspan. They are known for their strength and hunting ability. Thus the eagle in a dream could represent a sense of pride and strength.


Parrots are noisy very colorful birds and are kept as pets in their smaller parakeet form. They can be taught to repeat words and full phrases.

In light of this description to be a parrot in a dream or see parrots in your dream could symbolize a need to copy what others say without judgment. Perhaps you or somebody around you is a talkative and gossiping person who has been represented as a parrot in your dreams.


For a dairy farmer dreams of bulls would mean something apart from a bull appearing in the dreams of us ordinary "non dairy farming" folk. So for those of us who don't see bulls on a daily basis seeing a bull in your dream could be associated with a fierce, aggressive male presence in your waking life.

Bulls are stubborn animals possessing much strength, strong will, and power. So to see these animals in dreams could represent any of these qualities. Perhaps with a situation in your life it is a time for action, this dream could be willing you to become more assertive and to take power.

Alternatively look for a play on the word bull, it could be as simple as relating to a "load of bull" or you could also consider the pun " being bull-headed" which refers to someone who is determined to do exactly what they want to do, and does not think about what other people want.


Cats throughout history have played varied roles. While the ancient Egyptians worshiped them in more recent times cats have been associated with witchcraft and superstitions. Many people even today are superstitious about black cats.

Cats are mysterious creatures because of their aloof and independent natures. Cats are intrepid explorers and amazingly have a knack of dodging death by a whisker. When they fall even from great heights they have an innate ability to fall on their feet, thus the saying " The nine lives of cats".

There is much to admire in a cat's grace, agility and intuitive ability. All of these components could play a part in seeing these animals in dreams. But also bear in mind how you personally feel about cats. People in general are either cat people or not and all of these things can play a part in what a cat means in your dream.


Dogs are known as "man's best friend" due to their loyal nature. Dogs have been known to do some amazing things for their owners, sensing danger, saving lives and alerting strangers to situations in order to rescue somebody.

Look closely at the dog in your dreams. Is it a dog that you know personally? Are you dreaming of a long gone family pet? Your current pet perhaps? If it is a dog known to you look closely at the role the dog plays in the dream, the characteristics it presents and how this could relate to a situation or person in your waking life.


Unlike domesticated dogs wolves are noble creatures free to roam the wilderness. They are feared animals and attack willingly without regret. Thus a wolf or wild dog appearing in a dream could represent hostility, aggression, and sneakiness.

These animals in dreams could indicate either that you are afraid of a certain situation where you feel attacked or stalked like the prey of a wild animal or it may represent a wild energy within you needing to get free, needing to break away from the security of domestic life.

The saying "a wolf in sheep's clothing" could have significance in your interpretation. Is there a deceiving situation in your life or somebody who you feel is deceiving you?


There is something awe inspiring about dolphins. For the little we know about them most people will agree that they seem like magical and revered creatures of the deep sea.

In terms of dreaming Dolphins are quite a popular dream symbol. They serve the role of connecting us to our natural world, specifically with the emotional world, which can quite often be represented by water in our dreams. Dolphins appear in dreams as protectors to the dreamer, and can be symbolic of a strong emotional connection to someone or a desire for it.

Dolphins are very friendly sociable creatures that always appear to be smiling and who possess a highly developed intellect. These are all indicators of their possible symbolic meaning.Dolphins have been reported to appear in dreams, when the dreamer is at a low point and the appearance of the dolphin has allowed the dreamer to once again feel needed and valued.

Seeing an injured dolphin could signify that connection with those around you is threatened or connection with your emotional nature is at risk.


As water pertains to ones emotional nature in dreams, it could be safe to assume that fish swimming around in this water could quite possibly relate to issues of emotional content, issues currently "swimming around" in one's unconscious.

Thus fish could be associated with the unconscious forming of feelings and ideas that have the potential to allow us to follow new paths in life.


Horses are strong powerful and wild creatures that are "broken in" in order for humans to ride them.Seeing a horse or a herd of horses could therefore be linked with your relationship towards power.

For instance, riding a magnificently powerful horse with ease and grace could indicate you have a sense of ease with your own power or other people's power in waking life.

However if you are traveling on a physically weak horse then this could indicate a sense of weakness in certain situations.Dreaming about wild horses running free could indicate a desire for such freedom and independence.

Again the most important element here is to assess how you felt during the dream, and your own association to horses.

Horses can also be associated as symbols of death. Dying horses can represent the death of power or energy for a specific project. The circumstances of the dying horse in your dream are important here to give you clues to what exactly could be symbolically "dying" in your life.Many animals can speak in dreams and one such animal is the horse, giving you information directly from your unconscious.


Pigs are normally thought of as dirty farmyard animals, which are cared for and raised specifically to produce food for our tables.The word pig, however, can also


War dreams of fighting as a soldier in some unknown war are very personal dreams, but still quite common to all of us.

Analyst most commonly agree that dreams of war mean that there is some form of conflict in your waking life whether it be internal conflict within your own mind or external conflict. There could be parts of yourself that are in conflict with each other.

It is common for people who come from households where there is a lot of arguing to use war dreams to deal with the pain they feel at being part of this type of environment.

A very personal interpretation is most often the case for dreams of wartime. You need to ask yourselves certain questions when dealing with this imagery:

What exactly was the war? Who was fighting and what were they fighting over?

How did you feel about the war?

Are there any parallels between with what happened in your dream and waking life?

Is there a situation where you are torn between one decision or another? i.e. Are two parts of your personality waring with each other over a decision?

Do you come from a stressful home environment where you could feel you are in a "war zone?"

Answering these questions will aid in getting a personal association for the images in your dream.

If bombs appear in your war dream, you possibly feel like you or some part of your life is about to detonate like a bomb.

Some conflict could be about to explode if not dealt with, again it could be within yourself or it could be some part of your life. Perhaps some emotions are reaching a critical level.


How wonderful is it when you experience flying dreams!

The immense sense of freedom and confidence is something I have never experienced when I am awake.

With flying dreams you can escape from can go anywhere and see everything. is not always pleasant.

Sometimes you lose air at a crucial part in the dream and suddenly can't fly anymore or you can crash into things and need a bit of practice.

So...what does flying in dreams mean?

As with all these common themes your personal feelings as you are experiencing flying gives away the meaning behind these dreams.

Is it a pleasant, thrilling experience where you feel you could achieve anything?


Is the experience fraught with anxiety and fear that you will fall or lose the ability?

If it is a joyful experience you are probably feeling confident in being able to get where you want to go, that you have the skills necessary to achieve your dreams.

If in your dreams you are flying away from something or someone you may be shirking responsibility.

If you are trying to get off the ground and can't or if you can get off the ground but maintaining your flying takes a lot of hard work…this may mean you feel your freedom is limited by something. And it can mean you feel you have difficulty controlling what happens in your life.

Flying in dreams is quite common for dreamers who achieve a state of Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the ability to realize you are dreaming while asleep. This is a great skill to achieve as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities such as the ability to control your flying and where you go.


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