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Facts about Drinking and Driving

Updated on February 20, 2013

Whether you are facing an upcoming DUI case or you have been let off with a warning, it is important to educate yourself about the legal system within this range of penalty. Take a look at the list of DUI facts below, facts that are not widely known but facts everyone should be aware of.

  • DUI and drinking and driving laws and penalties vary from state to state
  • Drinking and driving considered a criminal offense no matter which state you reside in
  • Your employer will definitely find out about your DUI offense and this may or may not be a factor in your employment
  • Definitely, your car insurance will be affected by a DUI. Your policy will become “high risk”
  • No matter what your blood alcohol levels were when you were pulled over, every DUI offense is required to take a alcohol counselling or rehabilitation program
  • If you have previous DUI charges in other states these can be considered should you be charged with another DUI in the same state
  • Trying to transfer your license to another state will not work because state officials share this information with each other to prevent this type of loop hole

You may be familiar with some of the drunken driving facts above but if some are new to you then you have now further education within the area of DUI charges, offenses and state laws. Drinking and driving has always been considered a serious offense and every state is in agreement.

There is no doubt that alcohol has become a major part of the average household’s life but unfortunately this type of habit can easily get out of control and innocent lives can be lost in the wake of these bad decisions. Heavy drinkers do not show many or any signs of intoxication at all which means there are still many drivers on the road who are not being pulled over for their crimes.

Drinking and Driving

Did you know that there are some counties within the USA that are known as dry counties? These counties are trying their own level of prohibition, hoping to avoid any more DUI fatalities. The problem with this system is the same problem the prohibition had, people will find a way to drink and drink even more under ground because they are legally not allowed. The statistics actually show that the states which have the most dry counties actually show the more DUI charges and DUI fatalities.

Drunk driving is a problem that is never going to go away. Alcohol is embedded into our society but at least the masses can learn the consequences for these actions and understand the harm they could be doing should they choose to drive with alcohol in their system. A DUI charge is very serious to have on your record and something you only want to happen once in your life. You can find more drinking and driving stats online today through a simple Google search. This can help you further understand the state’s penalties and charges.


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    • profile image

      Bad Justice 7 years ago

      Former Roanoke, VA Detective Patricia Farris was recently convicted of DUI. She had rolled through a DUI checkpoint manned by her own fellow officers! Her career is toast though technically she has the right of appeal up to the Circuit Court level. Funny how a Bedford, VA firefighter who crashed his vehicle while drunk as a skunk a few years ago managed to get off the hook through picking the best lawyer in town. It's not whether or not you committed the crime. It seems it's about how connected your lawyer is. So much for justice.