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Dry Erase Learning Books For Four Year Olds

Updated on April 11, 2013

Fun Erasable Learning Books That Make Kids Excited About Learning

My four year old just loves to learn things his big brother is. During homework time he wants to be just there beside them.

To keep him busy without taking from helping my other boys with their homework, I have learned that dry erase learning books are the way to go.

He loves the independence of the boars and he loves being able to write is a book then wiping it out.

Learn Numbers and Letter Erasable Books - Dry earase Learning Books For Four Year Olds

This is probably my favorite basic dry erase learning books. It is simple and not overwhelming and it introduces both numbers and letters.

Fun Dry Erase Books

Not all dry erase books have to be all about learning. My son just loves to play with dry erase books and I love it because I have a go to activity when I need him to stay in one place, like when in a waiting room or at a older child's school activity. While the ABC books and other learning books are great, I do not feel that he can learn a lot from just playing as well. These fun play books are also great when I can not give him my whole attention, he can just have fun playing with them.

Learn ABC Erasable Books - Dry Erase Learning Books For Four Year Olds

When looking for ABC books for a four year olds you will have many choices. Not all books are created equal for what you are wanting you pre-kindergardener to learn. Below are a few things to think about when picking out an ABC Erasable Book.

* Is the print style what you want you child to learn. Your child will be tracing and copying the letters, make sure the print style is clear and something similar to what they would learn in school.

* Look to see if the book teaches upper and lower case letters.

* Look at the spine of the book. Spiral books can be really easy for little hands to maneuver. Thin books are easeir to pack away and put in the car.

Kids Learning With Dry Earase Learning Book on YouTube

What Type Of Quite Learning Activities Do You Like To Do With Your Kids?

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