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Earthquake Safety Measures

Updated on June 15, 2015

Earthquake Safety Measures

Earthquake occurs suddenly and can affect larger area. Since earthquake comes without warning, some safety measure can help us a lot.

Before Earthquake

  1. Know your area. Do research on the area you are living on. Check the fault lines. Check whether you are susceptible to the effects of earthquake.
  2. Reinforce your house. Bolt house to the foundation and reinforce the supporting beams.
  3. Secure furniture to the walls so that they don’t fall during earthquake.
  4. Take a plan to take care of the disaster and family. Know where to cover family during earthquake. Whom and how to communicate family members during or after earthquake.
  5. Make sure heavy mirrors are sway from beds and sitting areas.
  6. Flammable liquids should be kept at safer places where it won’t get flame.
  7. Make distance between window and bed.
  8. Make sure you have fire extinguisher.
  9. Keep emergency kit ready.
  10. Keep stock of food, water and other necessary equipments.
  11. Have insurance of the house and appliances which will cover natural disaster like earthquake. If already have insurance then update it so that it will cover natural disaster.

During an Earthquake

  1. Stay away from windows
  2. Stay away from furniture which may fall upon.
  3. Avoid areas where debris or furniture may fall down.
  4. Take cover in a safe place in the house.
  5. Get under the strong table or desk or bed.
  6. Close the kitchen gas.
  7. Turn off electricity.
  8. Protect head and neck with arms as these are very important organs.
  9. Don’t go outside while the building is shaking.
  10. Don’t use elevators during earthquake.
  11. If at outside, stay at open areas away from buildings, trees, power lines.
  12. If driving, then stay immediately but safely away from buildings, over bridges, trees, power lines.

After an Earthquake

  1. Be ready for aftershocks. Generally earthquake is followed by several aftershocks. Aftershocks may exist one day, one week or even one month or more.
  2. Check the gas lines and ensure no leakage is there.
  3. If you smell gas don’t put on any flames.
  4. Turn off electricity.
  5. Check electric wiring. Ensure all the electric wirings are intact.
  6. Prepare list of damaged equipments so that it will help in insurance claims.
  7. Always put on shoes to avoid injuries by broken glasses.


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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      3 years ago from sunny Florida

      This is information you wish you would never need to know let alone use. I grew up in a part of the US that had no earthquakes, at least during my youth.

      Then my life took me to Japan when my husband was transferred there. And we did have some of these shakers. Not a BIG one but enough to rouse us from deep sleep or send us to safety at school.

      Definitely important tips to know. Thanks for sharing. Angels are on the way to you ps


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