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Hand washing lesson for Easter

Updated on March 1, 2015

Easter Lesson for Hygiene in the Classroom Introduction

What are your plans for the upcoming Easter holiday? Are your lesson and activity ideas purely fun or do they have an educational twist to them? Let's face the reality, it is difficult to continually keep your students engaged. So, why not take advantage of the holiday and sneak in a hygiene lesson with the holiday proceedings?

OUTFOX has developed a lesson that gives you the tools to conduct an effective hand washing lesson. Here is the lesson content objective:

The students will be able to understand that doing one thing better each day dealing with hygiene can make a big difference in the level of health they experience. The students will learn hygiene and infection control principles through an Easter themed lesson, activity and game.

Also contained within the lesson includes a list of proposed materials, vocabulary, background knowledge, exploration activity, explanation, hands on experience, wrap up and home connection.

The cold and flu season is still in play so teaching about germs, hand washing, cleaning and other health principles will be beneficial at this time. Already done a hand washing lesson? Mix it up and have a competition, play a touch game to see how far the simulation germs travel, etc.

Students will love to see the simulation germs with the Glo Germ System (fluorescent germs with UV black light). There are so many health teaching opportunities with the fluorescent powder or gel that you can use it multiple times a year.

More hygiene and activity ideas can be found in our infection control manual, previous blog posts or by asking us! You can contact us if you are having a hard time applying the lesson or would like to share your ideas.

If you would like the PDF version of this lesson and the associated worksheet please see the following link or email us at

Easter Hygiene Lesson Supplemental Worksheet
Easter Hygiene Lesson Supplemental Worksheet

Easter Lesson: Even The Easter Bunny Needs To Stay Healthy

This can be a fun lesson!

Content Objective:

  • The students will be able to understand that doing one thing better each day dealing with hygiene can make a big difference in the level of health they experience. The students will learn hygiene and infection control principles through an Easter themed lesson, activity and game.


  • "Who would you rather have delivering Easter goodies to YOUR house?" supplemental page copies, "Start New" Pledge copies, glitter, creative materials (color paper, markers, glue, scissors, etc.), Glo Germ System (optional), educational and promotional posters, prizes, Certificates of Achievement and any other design materials.


  • * Easter
  • * Spring
  • * Wellness
  • * Habits

Building Background Knowledge:

  • Ask students the following questions:
  • * What does it mean to have bad health?
  • o The person will get sick often, feel ill, will have nutrition problems, will be tired often, etc.
  • o Long-term problems, disability, death, bad diseases, suffering, absent from school, spreading illness, coughing, lingering colds, etc.
  • * What is one action a day you can do to have better health and prevent the spreading of illness and disease? I could:
  • o Wash hands (before and after eating, recess, using the restroom, touching animals, etc.), use hand sanitizer, eat healthy food, sleep, proper medication, etc.
  • * What are the benefits of "Starting New" and doing one more healthy action a day?
  • o Feel good, get sick infrequently, save parents money, not get other classmates sick, have energy, etc.


  • The following can be conducted with glitter or Glo Germ Powder.
  • * Using glitter (works best with different colors of glitter)-
  • o Apply a single color of glitter on each student's hands
  • o Have them walk around shaking hands with other students
  • o Bring the class together and have them investigate the many different colors that they picked up from other students
  • o Discuss that germs are passed the same way
  • * Using the Glo Germ System to illustrate how germs spread and affect us daily-
  • o Have students apply the Glo Germ Identifier Lotion or Powder. Make sure they get it all over their hands (i.e. or all over doorknobs, sinks, pencils, or other designated areas)
  • o Using the black light, show students how germs lurk on their hands
  • o Have them wash their hands and check for the germs again
  • o Use the Identifier Lotion or Powder for many of the activities and games supplied by OUTFOX in this manual


  • Start the lesson by using the glitter or Glo Germ System to introduce the germ and illness topics (as explained in the Exploration section). Beginning with the glitter or Glo Germ activity will help initiate conversation and topics regarding health effects of practicing poor hygiene principles. If possible for the day or week, hang up appropriate posters and signs to constantly remind students of important hygiene principles.
  • Prepare your own version of "Who would you rather have delivering Easter goodies to YOUR house?" and the "Start New" Pledge by coloring, designing, writing in your pledged activity and so forth. Make sure to use glitter to tie in the concept!
  • Next, instruct the students that they will be decorating their own worksheet and coming up with an activity to pledge.
  • Provide a copy of the "Who would you rather have delivering Easter goodies to YOUR house?" supplemental page and the "Start New" Pledge for each student. Create a contest highlighting the cutest, cleverest, or best looking overall project to increase excitement for the lesson.

"Hands On Experience:"

  • * Have the students design (color, paste glitter, paint, etc.) the "Who would you rather have delivering Easter goodies to YOUR house?" supplemental page.
  • * Have the students design (color, paste glitter, paint, etc.), fill out a health activity to do and sign the "Start New" Pledge.
  • * Hang the finished "Start New" Pledges on the wall where they can be conveniently seen daily (leading up to the holiday).

Wrap Up:

  • * Hand out Certificates of Achievement to all participating students.
  • * Follow up in a week, month and so forth to verify that they are still doing the health action they pledged to do every day. Have they been good to their promise? Are they feeling healthier? Have they been good examples for family or friends or taught others?

Home Connection:

  • * Have the students take home the "Who would you rather have delivering Easter goodies to YOUR house?" supplemental page to show friends and family over the Easter holiday week/weekend.
  • * After displaying on the wall for a week or so, have the students take home the "Start New" Pledge.
  • * After the Easter week/weekend, follow up with the students to see if friends and/or family noticed a difference in their behavior.

Germ Books on Amazon

Hand Washing Turkey Thanksgiving OUTFOX Prevention
Hand Washing Turkey Thanksgiving OUTFOX Prevention

Lessons for each holiday!

Check with OUTFOX to receive free hygiene lessons for each major holiday! There's never too many opportunities to teach hand washing and cleaning! We currently have lessons for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We are building out other lessons to give teachers an excuse to teach hygiene on lesser known holidays (that they decide to celebrate). Bubble Bath Day anyone?

OUTFOX Hand Washing Poster for Classroom
OUTFOX Hand Washing Poster for Classroom

Hand Washing Posters for More Effective Hygiene Lessons

You need to use posters, signs and other reminders along with lessons to increase compliance. Students or employees need constant reminders in order for results to be achieved. Posters can be funny, serious or area specific. Poster areas that are effective include but are not limited to bathroom stalls, bathroom mirrors, lunch room entrances, entrance and exits of the classroom/faculty room, sink areas, sanitizer stations and so forth.

A fun activity for students and employees might include making their own posters to be hung up around the classroom or office. Provide the supplies, some ideas, some phrases and then let them do the rest! Having ownership over the signage usually creates greater compliance.

If you would like other hygiene activity ideas please contact OUTFOX prevention ( and we'll give you the digital samples we have. Good luck!

Great Manual on Amazon

This Easter Hygiene Lesson Plan is found within the Hygiene Instructional Manual. The manual can also be purchased on The Manual also contains an array of other lessons, hygiene activities, games, worksheets and much more!

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