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Aquatic Closed EcoSphere Ecosystem Décor For Your Home or Office

Updated on September 22, 2014
image credit - EcoSphere by Pablo Marx
image credit - EcoSphere by Pablo Marx

Bring the Magic of Nature into Your Home or Office with an Aquatic EcoSphere Closed Ecosystem

There's something wonderfully special and magical about gazing into a small world. The whole world is right there before your eyes, allowing you to gaze into all of its tiny little wonders. If you didn't know these existed, I'd like to introduce you these beautiful spheres of life, the EcoSphere Closed Ecosystems.

You can bring the magic of Nature into your home or office with one of these wondrous spheres and hold it right in your hands. I've done it, and it was one of the best gifts I've ever received. They make great gifts for everyone, as they are whimsical and cause intrigue and wonderment. They also make a great gift for the "person who has everything."

I've incorporated the concept of Ecotherapy into this article as well. It is a brief introduction that you may find interesting. I think it goes with the concept of these Ecospheres marvously. I've also included one of my favorite poems that I found years ago. It's titled "Earth Ball," and you can find it below. Enjoy.

image credit - Ecosphere-1 by Timothy Valentine
image credit - Ecosphere-1 by Timothy Valentine

Introducing Ecosphere Closed Ecosystems

developed by NASA for space-age technology

I received my EcoSphere sometime in the beginning of 2000. I can't recall exactly. It was new to me then, but I have since learned that they have been around for over 25 years. The EcoSphere Closed Ecosystem is the original, and it was developed using NASA technology. In fact, that is where it all started.

NASA was researching possible ways for spacecraft to have a completely self-sufficient environment within. These little spheres were created. They thought they were so cool and aesthetically pleasing that the scientists thought everyone would like them and perhaps want one. They became available for the public, and now you may have your very own.

The sphere demonstrates a completely closed self-sufficient environment. The living organisms within the sphere are shrimp, algae, and bacteria. Combined with water, the living organisms thrive. The design is fantastic in its simplicity and demonstrates the interdependence between animals and plants with the importance of healthy bacteria emphasized. Perhaps the most amazing component of these spheres is the water, a reminder that all life depends on water and that the earth is a water planet.

Become Lost in Your Own Little World - perfect décor for any room

The original EcoSphere is completely spherical and comes in different sizes to choose from.

There is also a pod shaped EcoSphere that was introduced after the success and popularity of the original.

Pictured and available right is the small 4" Ecosphere. Click on this item to view and compare available sizes, all on one page together. There is a new huge one!

image credit - by Photos of Gaea
image credit - by Photos of Gaea

The Magic of Little Worlds - Earth Ball Poem

"...if the earth were only a few feet in diameter"

I'd like to share a poem with you that reminds of these magical little balls of wonder.

Above, I stated that there is something really special and magical about gazing into a small world, and this poem describes this notion perfectly. It's titled "Earth Ball." I first came across this poem in the mid '90's, have never forgotten it, and now, I am sharing it with you.

I discovered this poem when reading my copy of Howard Clinebell's Ecotherapy.

It begins "if the earth were only a few feet in diameter..." -hope you like it.

A beautiful little poem by Olaf Skarsholt published in Howard Clinebell's book Ecotherapy

Introduction Video for the EcoSphere - video made by Ecosphere Closed Ecosystems

Ecotherapy by Howard Clinebell

- Healing Ourselves, Healing the Planet

Earlier, I shared with you a poem that I found in Howard Clinebell's book titled, Ecotherapy: Healing Ourselves, Healing the Planet. It's a book that I've had for many years, and it was instantly a favorite. Therefore, I have included it here for you.

I came across this book at a time when I was desperate to get back to Nature. I had been living in downtown, Washington, D.C. for several years, and the day to day grind was really getting to me. I needed to see open fields, walk through forests, and large green lawns. Don't get me wrong, my stay in D.C. was filled with marvelous experiences and opportunities, but the day to day began to take over. After 8 years, I simply just needed "green." Shortly before I moved, I found this book, and it really helped me in those last months of city living.

Another and perhaps more common term that describes heal the planet, heal ourselves notion is "Ecopsychology." -sometimes spelled Eco-psychology.

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    • David Stone1 profile image

      David Stone 4 years ago from New York City

      What an invigorating idea fore enlivening an environment! And nicely explained. Thank you.

    • profile image

      ElenianBret 4 years ago

      Yes, they are beautiful. Hope for a more beautiful world with a sound ecosystem.

    • profile image

      sybil watson 4 years ago

      These are beautiful, and I love the poem. I think if I had one on my desk I would just stare at it all day.

    • flycatcherrr profile image

      flycatcherrr 4 years ago

      These "little worlds" are gorgeous. I've always thought of ecotherapy as involving one going out into the great outdoors, but an ecosphere on a table would be so restorative for someone who can't get out into nature as much as they'd like. Absolutely fascinating, the idea of a perfectly balanced little ecosystem in a glass ball. I want one of these!

    • Xpeyur profile image

      Xpeyur 4 years ago

      Thanks for a wonderful lens. Great idea, wonderful round poem, and great round gift.

    • profile image

      SteveKaye 4 years ago

      Some people are still struggling with the reality that we do live on a planet that is just a few feet in diameter. Wonderful lens.

    • MelanieKaren profile image

      Melanie Wilcox 4 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      @aesta1: Hi :) Ecotherapy is also known as ecopsychology. It's a concept I completely agree with. Take care of the planet and the planet will take care of us / Take care of us and we will take care of the planet -simple enough

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Ecotheraphy...this is a new word for me.

    • MelanieKaren profile image

      Melanie Wilcox 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      @JoshK47: thank you kindly for having a look! Yes, I agree. They are really cool little ball of wonder. :)

    • profile image

      ericsdorsey 5 years ago

      These look so cool. Would love to have one in my home. Need to keep them out of the reach of my little ones though.

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      These are so cool! I'd love to have one of these!