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Educational Apps for 7 and 8 year olds

Updated on June 12, 2012

Using iPads to have fun learning

If your 7 year old is anything like mine, then the iPad is something that they LOVE... And are quite willing to spend HOURS on.. And you struggle to get it back from them. Not only that, they manage to learn more about how to change the settings on the iPad than you do... And you sometimes need to ask their advice!!

So how about sneaking some new apps on the iPad that will be both fun but also educational.

Cloud Tables - times table cloud click game

This app is for learning your multiplication tables. It is a perfect 1st tables app because of the way it presents only the answers IN that times table as possible answers. The great thing about this iphone and ipad app is that it is FREE and also that it allows you to learn ALL your times tables. So many apps are restricted in their content unless you pay.

Begin by selecting the multiplication table that you are working on and then take a look over the answer positions before you start. Immediately you answer the first question the clock starts timing you. How quickly can you answer all the questions in a times table?

If you look carefully you can see that the clouds change color from white to grey when you have used them, but it is subtle enough not to give too many clues if you are trying to work them out fast.

This app is made by Lumpty Learning. My 7 year old has really sped up on his 3x table through practising on Cloud tables and my 4 year old has had a go at her 10x table and been really successful!

King of Math

This King of Math iPad game works on Addition and Subtraction in the FREE part, although you can move on to multiplication and division, geometry and fractions if you pay the small fee of $0.99.

Each 'level' is simply 10 multiple choice questions with 4 possibilities for which you earn points for speed and accuracy. Points are totalled to change the 'rank' of your player. You begin as a Farmer. At 140,000 points you become a Blacksmith... all the way to becoming KING of Maths

The First level is simply adding 2 single digit numbers together, choosing from 4 possible answers. Level 2 extends the child's thinking by asking questions such as 2+?=5. Level three gives an answer, and you have to choose the question that made that answer, and so it goes on, through ading 3 single digit numbers and then onto adding 2-digit numbers together mentally.

I do think this is an excellent mental work out. Even if your 7 year old only plays the first 5 levels of the addition and subtraction on a regular basis, it would be excellent quick practise.

iHave - I Have mental arithmetic game

This iHave game is a FREE Multi-player app, for up to 4 players, but it is quite possible to play this alone or in a pair. There are 4 coloured areas of the screen and each area has 3 answers on it. On touching the circle in the middle the game will commence.

A question will appear in white near to one of the colors. All player have to work out the answer and see if the answer to the question is on their coloured area. If it is, then they hit their colour. A new question will move to their color and again players need to look for the answer in their area.

The idea is to answer as many questions as possible in the time limit. There is another game play option where answering a question will give you more time - which could be good for beginners - but for strong players it just makes the game never-ending!!

The questions range from single digit addition, subtraction etc, but can also include negative answers and move onto higher numbers too. It is NOT an easy app! But is great fun for working collaboratively as a group.

Avoid iPad Damage by your Child

You really DON'T want sticky fingers creating a mess on your iPad screen do you? No, thought not. I don't either.7

Protect your screen and clean your iPad screen with some of these ideas below.

Apple iPad 2 - 3 Premium Clear LCD Screen Protector Cover Guard Shield Films
Apple iPad 2 - 3 Premium Clear LCD Screen Protector Cover Guard Shield Films

Apply this plastic cover to your screen and it protects from scratches and dust. When it gets damaged, replace it easily!

Be aware, applying these is not the easiest job in the world. It requires patience!

Apple iPad (Original) Screen Cleaning Cloth (Fits All Cases)
Apple iPad (Original) Screen Cleaning Cloth (Fits All Cases)

An original Apple iPad cleaning cloth which will fit in your case too


Rocket Maths .. currently FREE

Rocket Math is a great game with Maths involved, but also with the added necessity to make a decent rocket to launch to earn more points and stay in 'space' longer. The first thing you need to do it build your rocket. You start off with some $$ but to get more you can undertake some maths questions and earn $$ for speed and accuracy.

Once you have a rocket complete with boosters and fuel you can begin a mission. The first number mission involving odd and even numbers. You need to send your rocket into space by tilting the iPad and then use your finger to pop the bubbles that are floating on the screen - i.e. pop the even numbers. Trying to keep your rocket in the air and pop bubbles is a challenge!

Eventually you rocket will fall to the ground and you will be given a score based on how high it went and also how well you did popping bubbles.

Lots of FUN!

Sock Puppets

My children LOVE this app..and it has so many possibilities in a classroom. My children just love making up short (30 secs is the maximum time allowed on the Free App) plays interacting between the sock puppet characters.

You begin by choosing your characters - how about a Zebra and Pig. Then choose your background and add some objects into the foreground of the picture... and then you are ready to begin.

Press the record button at the top of the screen and start talking. Change character by touching the new character and carry on talking. Simple!!

So how is it educational? Well - could you WRITE a play and get it acted out? Could you have the characters conversing in French? The possibilities are endless! They could be asking each other x-tables questions, reciting some geometry facts, reminding you in silly voices your spelling words!

Save what you have done and watch it again another day!

I'm managing to find some good maths apps, but struggling its good English Literacy ideas. Can you make any suggestions??

Can You recommend any Literacy Apps for 7 year olds??

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Sparkle Fish - It's a version of Mad Libs using spoken words. Kids do not have to type/spell, they can verbally provide a word to fill a blank that satisfies the qualifications (Noun, Verb, Adjective...). At the end, the story is read by the computer with injections of the child's voice to hear a story that is often very silly. Good for grammar practice.