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Which Degree pays highest ?

Updated on December 31, 2013

Best Paying Degrees

People say we should choose a degree which we are interested in but sometime that field may not provide as success as we desire to get from it. We get in confusion which way to go and which not to. Mostly college students after passing High School get in confusion what's best for them.

Best Degree to pursue :-

  • BBA/MBA - BBA stands for Bachelors of Business Administration . BBA is best solution if you are interested in management field. There are other courses too like BBS ( Bachelors of Business studies ) , BIM ( Bachelors of Information Management ) but BBA pays higher than anything in terms of scale. First and most advantageous thing of BBA is if somehow you fail to do MBA or break comes after Bachelors BBA degree is sufficient to provide you a good job . Every year China and US seeks thousands of BBA. It's pay scale starts from $60,000 + . MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration . The most demanding degree in globe is MBA . Even many engineers do not get work without doing MBA. Management field is very good and number one excellent field to do. In US , Singapore people are earning $120,000+ a year after earning MBA degree. So , your right choice can make you a successful person in future.
  • Orthodontics or Dentist - Dentist work is highly commercialized these days . According to World Health Organization in every 2 seconds a person visits a dentist. You can open your own clinic or work in dental hospitals. Earning dental degree is more easier than being heart surgeon and eye doctor. Orthodontics refers to the department of dental work where they straighten the crooked , misaligned teeth using braces and many ways. Not all people are born with perfect teeth . Maximum people wish to straighten and look nice while smiling . As we all know people die for good smile they are ready to do anything for it . Orthodontists earn $160,000+ if they are at proper place and highly experienced.
  • Software Engineering - Software Engineering refers to designing , creating and programming . This field is highly demanding . Google, yahoo pay $200,000+ for their engineers . Software engineering is best part of computer and IT field. If someone wishes to go along with IT and computer field he should not go here and there , just choose software engineering . A software Engineer will never have to fear about future. As we all know world is seeking new software in banking sector , security features sector and many more.
  • Web Designing- Web designing has a high demand today. Professional website makers work at home and take thousands of dollars for just building a website . A web designer works in own way , he makes time for his work and earns in same way . It's independent field where you can be your own boss. Web designers can get work at ODESK , , etc and work at home too. Web designers may earn $ 65,000+ .

We should choose degrees as per scope , our wishes where we want to pursue and where we do not feel lost in future.

Using money in proper place right now in education for future is good than being jobless at last.


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