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Education: A Sense of Purpose

Updated on April 26, 2011

False Goal

The school of thought idea of success is economic development and material prosperity. If somehow or other a student is failed to complete a certain requirements given by the teacher and not meet with the standards, students are completely in anxiety. Failure! This is usually the notion of unfortunate learner. Teachers, administrator, parents as well as textbooks tell the students directly or indirectly:”If you don’t get diploma, you are destined for a life of misery (hell) and you better plant a camote because you are not a big success materially. If however with your perseverance and sacrifices, then you will earn a fruit of economic success (heaven)”.

Real Education

Although learning takes place in schools. Some societies view of school as the key to employment and their children’s successful future. For others, schools are meant for wisdom and gain spiritual insights through self-discovery, inner satisfaction and how to achieve peace. By understanding of this simple realization is the beginning of cultivation of wisdom and journey beyond economic progress, this journey is not a failure but rather a success.
On the other hand, education is about searching for knowledge and knowledge must begin within ourselves, knowing what is the purpose of learning and goals of life, meaning of individual’s existence and functions in this natural world. That’s why some educator are failed to transmit knowledge to the learners because of poor fund of knowledge of the science of the soul regarding with one’s real identity.

The Teacher

An educator cannot give or teach if s/he does not have anything to give to the learner, in other words, a blind man cannot lead the blind because of darkness covered by illusion, arrogance and ignorance of one’s identity. Therefore, understanding about one’s self is a necessity, it is the foundation of one’s individual existence without such depth realization, one is confused and struggled to live in this world is just a verbiage.

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