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Importance and scope of engineering geology

Updated on December 17, 2012
engineering geology in art
engineering geology in art
importance of engineering geology
importance of engineering geology
explore geology
explore geology

importance and scope of engineering geology


engineering geology is important in following ways:-

1.Engineering geology can aid in locating natural resources.

2.It can help us with flood control and other natural disasters. of geology gives us clue of people lived many year ago. let us know how the environment has evolved and adapted to the world around us. is showing its importance in its application i.e in study about soil profile and character about the soil and strength of soil. gives us knowledge of hydrological cycle,climatic conditions,living and non-living things on the particular site. gives us knowledge of origin's of earth,it's structure. plays an important role in interpretation of landforms and earth's process to identify potential geologic and related man made hazards that may impact civil structures and human development.


engineering geology may be performed:-

1.for residential,commercial and industrial developments.

2.for governmental and military installations.

3.for public works such as power plant,wind turbines,transmission lines,sewage treatment plant,water treatment plant,pipeline works,tunnels,tenchless construction,canal,dams,reservoir building,railroad,transit,highways,bridges,seismic retrofits,airports and parks.

4.for mining works such as tunneling,excavations.

5.for wetland and habitat restoration programs.

6.for coastal engineering,sand replenishment,bluff or sea cliff stability,harbor pier and waterfront development.

7.for offshore outfall,drilling platform and sub-sea pipeline,sub-sea cable and other type of facilities.

IN CIVIL ENGINEERING provides knowledge about materials used in construction.

2.its knowledge is helpful for river control and shipping work.

3.its knowledge is helpful for constructing dams.

4.its knowledge is required for foundations faults.

5.for design of highways and roads. constructing tunnels.

7.nature of soil materials can be find out.


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      gopalkumar 10 months ago

      Awesome writter

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      aster 3 years ago

      give specific note for design of highway androads