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Enjoying The Nature

Updated on April 11, 2014

Silhoutte of the hill

The story of enjoying nature

I love walking on the beach or the hill near the location where I live, especially in the morning or in the late afternoon. Do a few jogs around the neighborhood streets, also I love to see the nature scenes up on the hill with so many green colorful of trees, see many plants and flowers with a variety of colors, or see the wide oceans and the beach scene in front of me while sitting on the gray sands. All these beautiful scenery help me to relax and keep me calm. Sometimes whether in the morning or in the late afternoon, I see many birds flying in the air, doing their activities to close the day. In the morning, many sparrows perched on trees and make some beautiful sounds by twittering like the strains of a rhythm which led the morning, others are seeking and gather some foods or hay in the grass. In the late afternoon on the beach, I can see many seagull flyings in the air where sometimes they are flying by made any pattern or shape in the sky. What a beautiful scene to watch.

I used to capture this beautiful nature scenes of my own camera and save it as my photographic collections. If I had a chance someday, to see more nature scenes in other places, that will be amazing. Take a vacation and do a little adventure. Realizing that our earth still had so much abundant natural wealth today. If I see the buildings in town which grew rapidly, sometimes I imagine, how the image of our planet in the future. With an increasing density of the population growth, the surrounding nature slowly gone because of human needs. I hope for this time and for the future, humans willing to continue to seek out the best way to balance the human needs and to conserve the nature. We need to solve the problems that exist even in time of crisis as well as the existence of climate change that encourages the emergence of global warming this decade. So that we can always receive the benefits in the world we live.


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