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Study skills for academic excellence.

Updated on May 11, 2010

Study and reading techniques can make study less stressful and easy. Below are the two major and oldest study techniques. They have been tested and proven by many people.

1.SQ4R: survey, question, Recite, Repeat, Review                                                                     

2.SCQP: summarize, clarify, Question, predict.


 Survey question, read, Recite, Repeat, Review.

(1) Survey: During the survey step. You are expected to glance over the passage. Chapter or book you want to read fairly rapidly to get an idea of what the author is saying.

(2) Question: During this step, you are expected to ask yourself all the possible questions you can think of about the information in the material you are about to study and try to answer them afterwards. You can turn the leadings and subheading into questions.

(3) Read: this is now the actual stage. Try as much as possible to concentrate on the material as you read because without concentration no serious study is possible.

(4) Recite: during this stage, you try to answer your question without referring to the book or note you have made.

(5) Repeat: for repeat steps 2,3, and 4 on the next chapter or section if it is a book.


 Summarize, clarify, question predict.

1.Summarize: you stop at a given point in your text and tell or summarize what you have read.

2.Clarify: you try to clarify what is not clear. You reread and discuss with your friends the parts that are unclear.

3.Question: you try to predict the questions you teacher might ask in the text. Try to answer those questions.

4.Predict: you anticipate what is likely to happen next in the text and read to confirm them.


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      gbd 8 years ago

      Wow thanks for the tips!