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Fulty ways of studying you have to avoid.

Updated on May 11, 2010

 Bad habits are easy to form but difficult to stop. So guard yourself against it. However, if you have formed it already then it needs to be combated with zest and determination. Below are some of them.

1.VOCALIZING: this refers to the habit of pronouncing each word aloud as you read. The practice may sometimes take the form of whispering. But most of the times, your lips move. Sometimes vocalizing may involve the moving of the tongue or threat. At other times, it may take the form of pronouncing each word within your mind in which case it is called sub vocalizing. One way to stop this habit is to try to hold your lips together as you read until you can read without moving your lips.

 2.HEAD MOVEMENT: this is the habit of moving your head from side to side as you read. This practice reduces your reading speed and wears you out very quickly. To be this, try to hold your head lightly in place with your hands and rely only on your eyes to do the movement.

 3.BACKTRACKING: this refers to the rereading of words or phrases. To stop this habit, try to stop at some point in your reading to think over what you have read.

4.DAYDREAMING: this refers to the habit of allowing your attention or mind to wonder to other things while you read. That is, you allow yourself to begin to think of things that are not related to what you are reading. To break this habit, always have a purpose for your reading and make note as you read to enhance concentration.

5.FINGERPOINTING: this means using your finger or a pencil to trace the lines of print as you read. This habit is had because fingers cannot move as fast as the eyes. To stop this, rely on your eyes to follow the lines of print. You may also hold your book with both hands.


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    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 7 years ago from India

      good advice... nice article.