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Understand why you must study well at school.

Updated on May 14, 2010

In order to succeed in school, you need to be able to read and study well. As a student, you are expected to read and study your textbooks and your teacher’s notes. Also during exams, you will be expected to carefully read instructions and questions. This means that if you have not learned to read and study well, you are not likely going to do well in your academics.

It is important that you know what it means to study. Because if you do, you will lean to read very well. Some people think that to read is to callout words in a passage. But it is possible for people to do that and yet not understand what they read. This means that when we read, we so much more than word calling. If you want to understand what reading means, ark yourself why most people read in the first place. You probably know what they read. That is, when you read, you want to get meaning from the test or passage that you read if you do not get any information from what you read, you cannot say that you have actually read.

Reading is the process of utilizing textual elements and human experiences, together to achieve understanding of the message, which the writer intended in the text. It is also the accurate processing of textual information at an appropriate speed. Reading is a complex activity, which involves the use of many structures and skills and performance of many tasks aimed at understanding the meaning. Reading consists of two fundamental processes, which are interdependent: the physical or visual and the mental or intellectual.

        How do you know that you have understood what you read?  This happens when you can explain in your own words to yourself or to someone else what you have read. So, anytime you read something, try to see whether you have understood it by explaining it to yourself. You can do this orally or in writing.

        But there is something more you need to do in order to understand what you read very well. You must combine the information in your head with the information the text give.

Link what you read with what you already know. Learning become’ easier when it is connected to what you already know or what already exists in the mind. It will help you to remember what you read faster.


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