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Economic importance of insects.

Updated on March 9, 2011

Insect play major role in human life both in primary production and in decomposition and serve as major food source for many vertebrate directly or indirectly

              Biologically insect serve as food in many part of the world. Insect are used as source of food for human e.g. (grasshopper) and palm weevil. They are highly digestible protein and energy source .also they are the principal food for many birds and reptile and the survival of insect pollinated plant depend on them. Bees are not the important pollinator.

In Africa and other part of the world pollination is largely done by flies and butterflies. Insect act as pest to plant, some insect that eat plant leaves affect the growth of plant  there by reduce the crop yield and production of the plant.   

Some insect takes man as host thereby causing injuries that even serve for secondary infection. Insect that lives as parasite on the other animal causing diseases, reduce the meat value and a decrease in the value of hides and skin.

Finally, Insect has provided biologist with outstanding material for genetic, physiological, development and ecological studies.    


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      mariam 13 months ago

      I need more information about the economic important

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      musa spp 20 months ago

      nice idea well done

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      chidinma. 2 years ago

      i need more information on d importance of insect pest in crop production.

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      omanwa lameck@kisii Kenya 2 years ago

      I sincerely love the site it has helped me in my assignments

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      angela 2 years ago

      Nice site

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      Fatima 2 years ago

      the page has really help me with my assignments,Nice work but I need more on drawings and importance

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      PHILIPO R 2 years ago

      Posted by Mr. philipo Revocatus, a professional teacher....holder of bachelor degree of education in science......

      NECTA 2005



      a) Outline four differences between plant cell and animal cell

      b) What is first aid?

      c) List four components of first aid kit

      d) Briefly outline three methods of providing first aid to a victim of fainting

      5. a) differentiate between the following;

      i. Osmosis and diffusion

      ii. Gaseous exchange and respiration

      iii. Transpiration and Gutation

      b) Draw a well labeled diagram of a generalized plant cell as seen under light microscope.


      i. Name any four cells found in the pant body

      ii. Name any four cells found in the animal body

      6. a) If the body does not get enough of the food substances, a certain disorder occur. Such disorders are generally called deficiency diseases.

      Food substances lacking in the diet Deficiency disease

      calcium …………………………

      Vitamin B1 ……………………………

      iodine …………………………….

      Iron ……………………………


      Vitamin D …………………………….

      ………………………. Night blindness

      b) Name three elements that forms carbohydrates

      7. a) state with one example each the major kingdoms of living things

      b) Study fig. X below carefully and answer questions that follow:

      i. What is the name of the organism in the figure X above?

      ii. In which kingdom does the organism in figure X belong?

      iii. Identify structures labeled A—D

      iv. List four economic importance of the organism in the figure X above.

      8. a biologist collected blood samples from an athlete at intervals to determine the amount of lactic acid accumulation.

      Time (minutes) Concentration of lactic acid(Mg/100cm3)

      0 3

      4 28

      8 50

      12 40

      16 33

      20 26

      40 8

      60 3

      Study the table below and answer questions that follow

      i. Name the process which leads to the accumulation of acid

      ii. In which animal tissue is lactic acid formed

      iii. What are the effects of accumulation of lactic acid in the body

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      v. Write the word equation of anaerobic respiration in plants.


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       Symptoms

       Parts of the body infected

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      michele 2 years ago

      please what are the economic importance of insect pest in crop production

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      kaveri 2 years ago

      How sweet! explanation for insect

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      chinny 2 years ago

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      Docky 2 years ago

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      abdullahi yussuf 3 years ago

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      esheya 3 years ago from Nigeria

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      REENA 4 years ago


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      wasim abbas 5 years ago

      hello , any body here to help me in share of information on economic of entomology in america. year 2012 record of cost of fighting insect in u.s.a. , u.k . africa.


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      KIMBERLY 5 years ago


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      soundaryahalapla 5 years ago

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      sanjeev 5 years ago

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      DAN ku 5 years ago

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      Idy tony maria 5 years ago

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      Lucky peace 5 years ago

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