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Preparing For Extreme Winter Weather

Updated on November 29, 2014
An Ambulance Driving In An Ice Storm (Picture taken through my window)
An Ambulance Driving In An Ice Storm (Picture taken through my window)

Extreme Winter Weather Conditions

Snow, Ice & Freezing Rain are some of the topics in this article. Included are pictures & videos. Vehicles sliding on Snow & Ice.

Winter Rain with Thunder & Lightning. The list goes on....... The dangers & the wonder.

This article will showcase Winter's Weather, as well as tips to keep safe and be prepared. Helpful tips & deals, for preparing for Winter's Woes.

*This page still needs some work, some more additions, but I hope you enjoy what's here so far!

Also, check out my page on preparations for a power outage/blackout...

The Top 10 Ways To Prepare For A Power Outage

I've covered everything you'll ever need!

Be Prepared For Winter Weather Now!

Snow: The Common Winter Weather

Snow is, obviously, the absolute Number #1 precipitation of Winter.

Snow is formed by moisture in the atmosphere. The water then drops through cold air, making it turn into ice crystals, known as snowflakes. All those little snowflakes come down and sit on the cold ground surrounded by cold air. Making it stick around unlike rain, because the air is like a refrigerator and the snow won't melt. So the snow begins to pile up. In turn we have to shovel, plow & salt.

Do You Own A Snowblower?

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Snow Blowers

The Best Deals on Winter Items are in the Summer & Vice Versa! But that's only in stores.

Online, you can get great deals at low prices, within a steady lower cost.

The Pro's & Con's of Snow Storms: - Fun Things To Do, Ways To Make Money & Things To Avoid In Winter.

Blizzards! The equivalent of the rain storms of Summer, but in this case it's Winter.

Snow Storms can be fun, a pain or just plain dangerous. Traveling in a vehicle through snow, more so... with regards to the dislike aspect. But traveling, on foot, for the reasons of playing are the positive. Here are some more positives and negatives.....

The Pro's:

#1. If you're young and going to school, you might get a delay or school closing.(Always a plus! But of course if you have the chance to sleep longer.... for some reason you just can't, not for a lack of trying though,lol)

#2. Sleigh riding & Snowball fights! (The Good Times of our youth & even when we're older, or still young at heart. Just stay away from the yellow/brown snow.)

#3. Building Snowmen. (Also a favorite past time, don't forget the carrot nose, rock eyes & a hat. Spice it up with some more ideas)

#4. Hot Cocoa! (Nothing better on a cold, wintry, adventurous day!)

#5. Shoveling for money! (Going door to door to see if anyone needs their sidewalk or property shoveled. You might make some extra bucks! Except for that lady that only gives you change. Boooooooo!!! LoL But you're still rewarded by knowing that you helped someone out. Win Win!)

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa Is Great All Year Round!

There's nothing quite like drinking some hot cocoa on a cold Winter's day though, especially if your mom fixes you some when you're done shoveling! I Love You Mom!

The Con's:

#1. Shoveling! (My back hurts! I really need to get a snow blower or a snowplow for this driveway/sidewalk!)

#2. Cleaning & Warming Up Your Car! (Nothing like some cold elements to wake you up for driving in the morning. But it's fun to be in a nice warm car, enjoying the radio on your travels.)

#3. Salting! (Don't forget to salt your walkways, otherwise you're not going anywhere! Except down!)

#4. More Shoveling! (I just shoveled this!!! hahaha *Raises Fist To The Sky!)

#5. The Cold! (I can't feel my feet!.....Or my fingers!)

#6. Tracking Snow into your house! (Nice wet puddles! From the snow meeting warm air. The next best thing after steam cleaning, right!. Somebody get me a towel!)

Snow Shovels

Shoveling is great exercise! If you can manage, of course!

Otherwise, you could get a snowblower or a really cool electric show shovel! (like the Amazon one back up top)

UnionTools 18-Inch Aluminum Snow Shovel - 1640400
UnionTools 18-Inch Aluminum Snow Shovel - 1640400

A basic shovel doesn't require batteries, oil or gas, but you do need strength, depending on whether you get heavy or light snow. I prefer to be more hands on and like to choose the muscle building ways before the lazy/convenience of a machine.


Snow Piling Up - 11 Inches

Watching The Snow Pile Up!

Watching the snow pile up is fun to check on. Seeing how high it gets. But it's not fun when it comes to shoveling it though. You could always put a ruler out in the snow to see how much it's climbing to. But don't forget, if the snow gets higher than the ruler, you might lose it until some snow melts lol. Another cool thing to do with the snowfall is to record it from your window. Make a time lapse video of it. Record the hours it takes and then put it into a video editing program and fast forward it. Make sure you set up the camera in a window that isn't going to fog up. A warm room that you plan on keeping warm. Otherwise you're video will be ruined by the condensation fogging up the window.

Snowfall Time Lapse

Here's a snowfall time lapse video I made.

Do You Live Somewhere Without Snow?

Have You Ever Been Where It Snows?

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Winter Hat & Gloves

It's important to keep your hands warm with gloves and equally so for your ears and head with a hat. Try to keep that nose warm too. My brother got some minor frostbite when he was younger from walking to school in below zero temps but thankfully he didn't have to have anything amputated! Yikes! Please be careful when it comes to extreme cold!

Have You Ever......

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Emergency Weather Kits

Emergency weather Kits Are Needed All Year Round! It's not fun when the power goes out in the cold, especially if your house uses electric heaters. If your heat is supplied by gas then you're set! Be prepared for weather's dangerous elements every time of year!

Duel Debate Module

Do You Like Cold Weather?

Snow & Ice Covered Roads......

If the plows haven't cleared the roads you plan on using, then it's either going to be slow going, no going or dangerous! Make sure you bring a shovel, in case your car gets stuck! Always keep a shovel in your car!

The main thing is to drive slow or you might not be able to stop. Ice is worse for slippery conditions. Watch out for Black ice!

You might want to get some Snow & Ice Tires for your vehicle(s). Taking a turn, in snow or ice, is the main slip & slide aspect. Your vehicles tail end will slide out and you'll be doing donuts in no time!

Vehicles Sliding On Ice & Snow!

Here's a video I put together, of vehicles sliding on ice & snow. Enjoy!

Keep Warm - Hand Warmers

The best way to keep your hands warm, and hunters will agree, is with hand warmers. They're little bags with special fillings that you crinkle and mush around to activate warming ingredients that heat up the little pouch and they work for quite some time. Keep them in your pockets and then just put your hands in to get them warmed.

Rare Winter Weather: Rain With Thunder & Lightning

Sometimes it rains in the winter. It's semi-rare but not that rare. What's more rare is thunder & lightning. If you've watched some clips on tv or the internet you'd see some videos of people shocked and surprised when they see &/or hear thunder and lightning. Some people are so shocked that they're concerned and don't know what to do. I can actually remember when I was younger and first heard thunder when it was snowing. I was concerned too. It's funny! but I don't think anyone has ever been hit by lightning in the wintertime. That would be an astronomical probability of epic proportions, but yes! Thunder & Lightning can happen when it's snowing or raining.

Winter Rain With Thunder & Lightning

Here's a video I recorded of Winter Rain with Thunder & Lightning.....

Have You Ever..........

Have You Ever Heard/Saw Thunder & Lightning In The Winter?

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Keep Warm - Winter Jacket

Winter jackets are a must! You can't survive Winter weather without one! I remember when I was younger I had a really cool jacket. I don't remember what the fabric was made of but it was so cool because i could sleigh ride with just my jacket and go really far and decently fast. I showed my friend and if you asked him today, he'd still remember that jacket hahaha!!! Hilarious!

Oh! Oh! Don't forget to get your poor doggy a jacket too and maybe some special protective footwear if you're taking him/her for a walk.

The perfect, full coverage balaclava
The perfect, full coverage balaclava

How To Keep Warm In The Brutal Cold

It's extremely important to keep yourself warm! I'm sure you're well aware of that principle, but did you know that you lose a significant amount of heat through your head.

The percentages vary, I've heard as high as 90% and even 80%...some say it's as low as 45% or even what I consider, extremely low, 10%.

So basically, keep your head covered with a winter hat and if you have a hood, put it up... but there is one main thing I personally have forgotten about in my life... keeping your neck covered will keep you warm, exponentially! I don't know how I managed to forget that until my mid to late 20's. I think it might have something to do with when I was younger, being too hot, all bundled up in my winter-wear when I would go outside to play in the snow, and I would take off my scarf.

The way I was reminded of covering my neck an keeping warm was when an old friend of mine, who is an avid hunter, gave me a spare balaclava(not to be confused with baklava, which is a dessert pastry - yum!) So, from now on I always wear my balaclava around my neck when it's cold outside, what a difference! I wish I would've had that neck warming tip in my immediate consciousness back then, I could've saved myself a lot of shivering, teeth-chattering days & nights! that's for sure!

If you're a hunter then I'm sure you're fully aware on how important it is to keep warm while you wait for your unsuspecting prey. I just hope you're practicing safe & smart hunting!

Chaos -CTR Chinook Micro Fleece Balaclava
Chaos -CTR Chinook Micro Fleece Balaclava

I don't own this exact balaclava. I have one that is only half my face, but this is the one I plan on getting... considering how high the ratings are.

They also sell some really good camouflage ones on Amazon too.


Are You Prepared For Winter?

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Any thoughts or comments?.......

© 2012 MarcStorm LM

Would You Miss The Snow, If You Ended Up Living Away From It?

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    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 4 years ago

      @MEDerby: Oh Wow! Stay safe in that extreme cold! I Hope you're prepared! Don't forget about this list of necessities, for that kind of emergency:

    • MEDerby profile image

      MEDerby 4 years ago

      I'm getting ready for -40. Nice information,

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @flycatcherrr: I hear ya! I hope my area gets more snow this year(we barely got any at all last year, & I mean the smallest amount ever!) but at the same time I'm hoping it's not bad because of the shoveling, driving and mostly the wild animals being cold, like the poor stray cats in my area. Thanks for popping in! :o) Best Wishes!

    • flycatcherrr profile image

      flycatcherrr 5 years ago

      I would probably miss complaining about the snow! :) Actually, in November I'm rather eager for the snow to come for real, as the freezing rain greyness of this month is more hard to handle - at least snow is good for outdoor sports! Soon, soon...

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I enjoy the 4 seasons, winter could be shorter though. :)

    • senditondown profile image

      Senditondown 5 years ago from US

      I enjoy the seasons, but fall the most. I'd miss not having snow at all, but don't like having it for weeks on end.

    • profile image

      marsha32 5 years ago

      I say no. It's not the snow that bothers me though, it's the dangerous ice that comes with it.

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @lclchors: I don't think I'd want to live anywhere, where there wouldn't be changing seasons, giving each other a hug and passing the torch as the other takes a nap.

    • lclchors profile image

      lclchors 5 years ago

      yes i like having 4 seasons

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @MargaritasWorld: Yeah, that was a scary scene in twister at the drive in. I enjoyed that movie. I was in a tornado, in this town i live in, back in '98. Thankfully no one was killed, there were some injuries though. It's been awhile since then, so everything's been back to normal for quite sometime. Other than the trees and property that can't be returned, only planted and replaced as new, it's good that everything worked out. I Love it here in New York & always will! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story! Best Wishes & Stay Safe Out There!

    • MargaritasWorld profile image

      Margarita Boettcher 5 years ago from Morrison, Colorado

      Never moving again! Great lens. I really enjoyed it. I love weather period. I enjoyed your little vids. I have some crazy video of a midnight storm we had a month ago. Crazy lightning! Nonstop flashing like a disco ball. I've never seen anything like it before. Even had a tornado warning with sirens that night. Crazy night. Visions of the drive in movie theater in Twister came to mind! How is weather in NY?

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @LynetteBell: Nature & Weather are so Beautiful! It must be awe inspiring for people to see snow for the first time. There are people that haven't even seen the ocean and that matches the same sentiment. Thank you for taking the time to read my lens. I hope you enjoyed it. Best Wishes!

    • LynetteBell profile image

      LynetteBell 5 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      I have only lived in a place that has snow in the last few years. I think it's really pretty but I do not like being in it very much. Snow falling does look lovely.