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F is for Frog

Updated on October 19, 2014

Learn to Spell Frog

F is for Frog
F is for Frog | Source

Frog Themed Spelling and Phonics Lessons

No frog unit study could be complete without some frog themed spelling and phonics activities.

The word FROG is wonderful for teaching beginning readers phonics and spelling rules. Today we will be doing activities to learn about each of the letters in the word FROG. Once the children know the individual letters we will go on to the fr- blend and finally the ending sound, -og which rhymes with log and bog, both good places to look for frogs.

Have you ever thought of teaching spelling, phonics and word decoding skills using a frog theme? My kids love it and I'm sure that yours will too!

Spelling with Frog Buttons

Frog Buttons
Frog Buttons | Source

Spelling with the Frogs Counting

Frogs aren't just for counting!

Today for a center time spelling activity the children will be using little plastic frogs to cover their spelling words.

  • Cut a piece of cardstock in half.
  • Write a different spelling word on each piece of cardstock.
  • Children place plastic frogs on each letter from left to right while sounding out the word.
  • Frog counters help the children concentrate on each letter in proper order.

Variation: Rubber Stamp Frogs can be used for stamping the path of the letters of their spelling words. Pretend that these are the paths that the frogs take to get to the frog pond. As the children stamp each letter, they can say the sound of each of the letters in the word frog.

Playing Leapfrog

L is for Leapfrog
L is for Leapfrog | Source

Leapfrog Spelling Game

Let's pretend that we are frogs leaping along the letters of the words we are learning to spell:

  • Find a paved area where you can use sidewalk chalk.
  • Then, teach the children how to play leapfrog
  • Next, write a word that the whole class is having difficulty spelling.
  • Use letters that are about the size of the children.
  • Then have the kids jump on the shapes of the letters to form the word.
  • Have them chant or sing the sounds of the letters as they hop along.
  • Finally, play leapfrog on the letters.

Children are amazed at how well they learn these difficult words when using their whole bodies to learn.

Frog Letters - Letters for Spelling FROG

Letter Pillows
Letter Pillows | Source

Frog Letter Pillow Game

The word FROG has been written using cloth covered pieces of wood. Children love to spell words and hang them on the wall. We made sets of words for the children to unscramble.

Some children love to mix up the letters and then rearrange them to spell the word correctly changing grof back to frog for example.We used them in a classroom setting but they would also look amazing on over child's bed. They are made of wood with hooks for hanging.

Spelling Frog Words

Writing Frog Words with Scrabble Letters
Writing Frog Words with Scrabble Letters | Source

Frog Word Game

Make word puzzles bags by writing words on Frog shaped note paper, laminating them and putting them in zippered Ziploc Bags with the Scrabble Tiles needed to spell them. These letters for spelling frog words could also be stored in the frog tins seen below.

Kids take one bag at a time. Rearrange the letters to spell the frog word and then get another bag.

Frog words might include frog, toad, tadpole, froglet, polliwog, hop, jump, leap, gills, lungs, pond

Advanced Frog Word Game

For a little harder version.

Write the frog word on the back and draw a picture showing the meaning of the frog word on the front.

Kids spell the word with the letters and then check the back to see that they were correct.

NOTE: Because Scrabble letters are all capital, I write the small letters on the back with a marker so that the children can read the words more easily.

Alphabet Frog

F is for Frog
F is for Frog | Source

Green Scrubby Lily Pad Word Mats

Rough Green Scouring Pad make wonderful Work Mats for practicing spelling frog words. Cut them to resemble Lily Pads.

1. Set out a set of Green Felt Letters and a list of words for the child to spell.

2. Child finds the letters to each word and puts it on the Lily Pad (Scour Pad).

3. After checking to make sure that it is spelled correctly, the child puts the letters back in ABC order.

Note: Keeping the letters in ABC order makes it easier to find the letters that you are looking for and reinforces the skill of alphabetical order.

NOTE: For younger children, put the letters to each word in an envelope and have them unscramble the word.

Note:The roughness of the pads makes it possible to attach them to the wall for those children who need to stand or move around while working. For children with ADHD you might have them find the letters while on one side of the room and then hop across the room to attach them to the lily pads.

Learning to spell Frog

F is also for Friends of Frogs - Do you enjoy learning about frogs? Which activities do you plan to do with your children?

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