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facts of king tut

Updated on April 21, 2011

bio of king tut

In this lens you will find some very interesting facts of king tut and king tutankhamun pyramid.Tutankhamun the pharaoh and king tutankhamun pyramid always attracts the archaeologists. American archaeologists succeeded in locating the Tutankhamen's mummy. They also unearthed the large amount of wealth buried inside it. But they could not solve two mysteries.

Inside the mummy, archaeologists discovered 150 amulets. They could not fathom its meaning. Secondly Tutankhamen's mummy had started decaying. Why? They could not answer.

Ancient egyptians tutankhamun

king tut curse

The historians and archaeologists are still experimenting and speculating the significance of 150 amulets and the reason for decay of Tutankhamen's mummy.

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Egypt inspires a traveller with awe and admiration. It is not only known for its historical civilization but also because of innumerable secrets buried beneath its monuments. Historians, archaeologists and scientists are still uncertain about the purpose of erecting pyramids and mummies.

The most bewildering and baffling mummy is of Tutankhamen's. Twelve centuries after the rule of Pharaoh Cheops, Tutankhamen became the ruler. His mummy is as mysterious as the construction of pyramids.

The first one to enter inside the mausoleum was Cartar and Karnakhan- the two American archaeologists. They discovered four graves. On the first grave, artistic designs were made out of gold and on two other graves pictures of Gods and Goddesses were found. This was done, perhaps, to protect the dead. In the fourth grave was kept the dead body of Tutankhamen. His 3,500 year's old mummy was found inside three coffins. The body was decorated the gold ornaments. An iron pillow was kept below the head and a well decorated mask depicted the artistic maturity the civilization had attained.

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Discovery tutankhamun

Tutankhamun the pharaoh

There were other precious articles too in the grave-green glass, Neelam and Cornelian necklace. The fingers of both the hand were decorated with rings. There were five rings in the right hand and eight rings in the left hand. On the waist was a gold chain in which the sword was hanging. Even the sword was decorated with precious stones. Besides all this, the coffin was full of precious gems and stones. In fact, Tutankhamen's body was decorated with 143 valuable articles.

So far the discovery spoke of the artistic traditions of the civilization. But the intriguing mystery is of the 150 amulets which were found in the mummy wrappings of Tutankhamen. The second interesting point which arouses curiosity is why did Tutankhamen's mummy decay?

The 150 discovered amulets are the specimens of highly developed artistic traditions as well as they highlight the mysterious incomprehensible traditions of the Egyptians.

Book of the Gates

1. The god Atum and the four directions (8th scene);

2. Apes worship the sun;

3. Gods carrying a light (82nd scene);

4. Four gods (87th scene);

5. Gods with rams-heads and Uas-sceptre (85th scene);

6. Four apes with human fist (90th scene).

The two well known amulets are 'Eye of Horus' and 'buckle of Isis' but most important amulet is scarab - a symbol of life and dedicated to 'Ra' - the Sun God. The Scarab was placed on the heart of the dead body before burying. It had a magical spell carved on its back- a request to God for immortality.

As Scarab was in the shape of dung beetle, gradually, the latter became associated with the Scarab's power and infertile women began using it frequently in the hope of getting a child. The 'ankh', a cross with a ringed head, appeared as frequently as the Scarab and perhaps symbolised life and immortality.

King tutankhamun pyramid

Biography of king tut

Out of the 150 amulets discovered on the body of Tutankhamen, historians have been able to decode the meaning of these three amulets only. Horus and Isis also symbolised God. Horus was the God who weighed dead men's heart before pronouncing the final decision about him.

How strongly did the Egyptians believe in the power of their amulets and the reality of the life after death is evident from their mummies? But as far as Tutankhamen's mummy matters has given rise to another mystery-why did Tutankhamen's mummy decay? There are so many other mummies, much older than Tutankhamen's which have not yet decayed. Then, why his? This is the question which various historians ask.

According to some scholars the practice of rubbing oil on the dead body proved to be fatal. The scholars assume that with time as the oil penetrated deep inside the skin, it automatically ruined the skin. But they have' not been able to prove it scientifically

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Curse of king tutankhamun

Tutankhamun coffins

Meanwhile, archaeologists have found immense wealth in this mummy. With the precious gems and stones they have also found a well-decorated throne, decoration pieces, artistic wood articles and a sculpture of Tutankhamen's queen.

The throne carved with gold and diamonds attracted many archaeologists before the two Americans could seep inside. And unfortunately, all others (20 in number) died midway in mysterious circumstances. The reason for their death has not been known till this day. The two successful American archaeologists did not find anything dangerous in the tomb.

If the mysterious cause for Tutankhamen's mummy getting spoiled is unravelled, perhaps, the world will also know the secret of mummy's construction. But till now archaeologists know nothing about it.

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      SandyPeaks 6 years ago

      Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered by British Archaeologists: Howard Carter and Lord Canarvon.