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Fascinating deserts of the world

Updated on August 3, 2011

When we think of desert the only thing that comes in to our mind is sand and heat. But there are some deserts in the world which makes you feel that you are wrong. Here are some deserts which are beautiful, lovely and sometimes amazing.

Antarctica: There are many elements related to deserts. Desert not only mean sand, heat and high temperatures. The place which is inhabitable for humans can be called as desert. Antarctica is one of the places on earth which has a rainfall of less than 5mm. 98% of the area is covered with ice and snow. Due to its extreme weather, humidity, dryness and cold temperature, it is impossible for any human to survive in Antarctica. It has a freezing temperature of -129 Fahrenheit. It is the wettest because of its freezing climate, and driest place as there is hardly any rainfall. It is a brutally cold ice desert.


Atacama Desert: This is the driest place in the world. There has been no rainfall since 16th century 1971. It has a recorded of 400 years drought. The area is located between Africa and Antofagasta. This desert is one of the biggest icons of Chile. The entire country is nearly covered by desert itself. The area of desert which is closest to Africa is considered to be the driest place on earth.

Despite of the dry weather, many plants survive here mainly because of the harsh savings of water, which causes them to delay important functions such as growth, to favor survival and reproduction. Atacama Desert is registered to have one of the biggest day/night thermal amplitude in the world: 30°C during day and 0°C during night. Atacama has very rare population with around 5,000 people as on date. The cities were built around natural oasis, like San Pedro state.

Atacama & Uyuni desert

Black Desert: The black desert is located in an area formed by volcanic eruption that is 100 km far from Farafara white desert. The black desert is littered with black stones. The black desert is a region of volcano-shaped mountains which is covered by small black stones scattered across the desert sand. The black desert is uninhabited.

Bolivia: There is another white desert, Uyuni, the biggest salt desert in world, which is covered with 65 billion tons of salt, with many beds spanning more than 10 meters. It is the world’s biggest salt lake. The surface of lake reflects like a mirror, and many minerals are deposited beneath the lake. This desert is completely flat and crystal in its nature that the whole sky seems to be reflected in it. With an altitude of 3,700 meters and 10,000 of lake area it is uninhabited, and is difficult to reach. It is the most beautiful desert in the world, with active volcanoes, cactus, and geysers and lighted by white salt all around

Farafra desert

Farafra Desert: When we think of desert the colour which comes to our mind, is yellow. But farafra, is the desert which is 45 km towards north of Egypt is a creamy white desert. This desert has an estimation of 5,500 inhabitants living in a single village. The desert has massive chalk rock formations that have been created as a result of sandstorms in the area.

Simpson Desert: This desert is famous for its red colour, which is caused by ferric oxide rust covering the sand. The Simpson Desert is also known as big-red courtesy the presence of many dunes of sand. This desert is said to have the world’s longest sand dunes with a height of 3 meters in the west and 30 meters on the east. Simpson desert is located in eastern half of Australia

Simpson Desert

Taklamakan Desert: This is one of the largest sand deserts in the world. In, 2008 a very heavy snow fall took place and covered the whole desert and transformed into a white land. It ranks 15th in size among world’s largest non-polar desert. It covers an area of 2,70,000 It is located near china.

Taklamakan desert before and after snowfall


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    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 6 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Thanks for a great hub and the pictures are very lovely. The Taklamakan desert is particularly beautiful.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Loved this hub and the facts and photos that went with it. well presented. Very cool. Rated useful and interesting.

    • Daffy Duck profile image

      Daffy Duck 6 years ago from Cornelius, Oregon

      Interesting hub. Some of the most uninhabitable places on earth have some of the most beautiful pictures. It's amazing that plants and people can live where it doesn't rain.

      The Black Desert looks awesome. It looks like a place that gets mentioned in books that have Overlords and scorcery...dark, uninhabited, dangerous, and beautiful.