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Fear of exam; how to overcome it?

Updated on March 25, 2012

Fear of Exam

Fear of exam; How to overcome it?

When a student does not know about the subject and is afraid of exams, fear is quite natural. But sometimes a person is well prepared, but still feels such a strong fear of the exam, as such he knows nothing.

Why does student feel fear of exam? There may be several reasons:

A student may experience fear before exam, because of experiencing shame. He feels that if he did not pass the exam, teachers and friends will look at him and say this is the dull student who was unable to answer a simple question. In such cases, to overcome the fear of the most important test to understand that he projects onto others his own dissatisfaction with himself and most likely, and friends and teachers would react to his failure either indifferent or even good-naturedly.

A person may experience the fear of examination, because he has high self-esteem to them. A man in his heart believes that he has to do perfectly. Therefore, if a student passes the exam is not well for him it is a real tragedy. Therefore, the student is afraid to fail the exam is not so much as it is not enough to pass perfectly. In such cases, to overcome the fear of exam, it is useful to learn how to do the job well, but not on the ideal. Student has parental pressure and the student knows that parents are very upset if he has passed an examination badly.

Fear of examinations may occur as a result of fear of the teacher. Very often, to student teacher seems a monster, whose whole life is devoted solely to students to pile on the exams. Of course sometimes these monsters do occur, but this is a very rare case and the likelihood that small. More often than not this monster exists only in the imagination of the student. This fear of the teacher is similar to the fear of small children before the monsters that live in the closet or hiding under the bed. Therefore it is necessary for the student to overcome the fear of exam.

Fear of public speaking. Fear of the test arises because the student is not only afraid of exams, but any situation where you need to speak in public. You need to learn to speak publicly. On this subject there is a lot of literature and conducted training and test.

So no need to cram, everything is perfect, you just need to first understand the basic meaning, as well as replace the complex terms in your own words.


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      Ela khan 3 years ago

      awesome and good

    • profile image

      ashwini 3 years ago

      we can do better after reading it