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Finding Confidence And Help With Math (by the author)

Updated on June 8, 2015


This book, Finding Confidence And Help With Math, addresses several different topics that can help one achieve in mathematics. Each of these can benefit someone struggling with mathematics. It can be read as an entire work aimed at helping a student struggling with mathematics, or it can be read by the section most beneficial.

The first part is devoted to overcoming math anxiety. Here, study skills and test taking strategies are presented. Math is properly studied in a different manner than most other subjects.

Part 2 is on getting help. Publishers often have resources available, but they are only of value if you know what they are and how to obtain them. What one can look for and when it should be used are covered in this section.

Part three involved breaking a problem down and looking at it as something you probably already know, except for one additional step.

The fourth section gives insight into application problems, formerly called word problems. It gives lists of key words, and even goes into identifying parentheses placement.

The fifth section discusses the difference of mathematics classes in college from those encountered before college. College courses are faster paced, and do not repeat material as often as earlier courses.

Section six discusses getting use out of the calculator. Calculators often can be great tools, but only for those who know how to use them.

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Finding Confidence And Help With Math

I am the author of the book.

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Postscript of utmost importance

If you buy any of the books recommended above, this page automatically makes a donation to the incredible nonprofit, Donors Choose, which helps provide classrooms and students in need with resources that our public schools often lack.

The Book's Introduction

This book is intended to provide the assistance a typical student will find helpful when studying mathematics. It addresses the various topics of interest, starting with how college classes differ from high school classes. The impact of these differences on the studying of mathematics is explored, so students can make the transition more smoothly. Another main topic of this book is overcoming mathematics anxiety, where a proactive approach is given. For those with a fear of mathematics, it is absolutely necessary that this fear be overcome, since it inhibits learning. The approach taken here focuses on study techniques, test preparation, and test taking skills. Another principle segment of this book handles making students aware of the sources of assistance, and provides them with the tools necessary for choosing the best assistance possible, taking their needs into consideration. This book then addresses two major concerns of students, application problems and the use of the graphing calculator. Application problems are addressed in an insightful manner, whereby the students may actually glean some valuable information that will allow for enhanced success. The presentation concentrates on translating mathematics problems written in English into problems written in mathematical symbols. Such translations are the main source of errors that occur with application problems, so having the insights presented in this book should help a typical student elevate the mathematics grade by reducing this source of error. The graphing calculator, as a tool, is rapidly gaining acceptance. While this book does not function as a calculator manual, it does give an appreciation of the power of the graphing calculator. This is intended as encouragement to the students to fully utilize the tools they are allowed to have. These topics are the main concerns of those taking freshman mathematics courses in college, or finishing their high school mathematics. Hence, this book is intended to be a proactive approach to elimination of common problems that face students, and enhance success in their mathematical endeavors.

Each chapter of this book can stand alone. If one person has a need to find a tutorial that will help with mathematics, the chapter that addresses getting help can be read, without reading the other chapters. In fact, if a student is interested in videotapes, just go to the section that handles this. Sections generally do not require the reading of other sections to be valuable.

The best way to use this book, however, is to read entirely through it. There is a lot of information to be gotten, and even if you do not realize you could benefit from a section there might be material there of which you are unaware. If time permits, read the entire book. For those already in college, the material on how college classes differ from those in high school might be unnecessary, but you may even learn something there. Definitely read the material on overcoming mathematics anxiety, regardless of whether or not you think you have it. And no one should skip the material on getting help with mathematics. Very few people realize the scope of what is available.

After finishing this book, keep it as a reference. Perhaps a few months after you read it you might find yourself in a course that requires you get help. When you actually need the help would be a good time to bring the book out again and reread the appropriate material.

This book is intended to help the students who read it. Read it receptively, accepting the information, and reap the benefits.

The Author

The author has been teaching in colleges and universities since 1986. The author is a physics professor with degrees in both physics and mathematics. This work evolved from several workshops the author has presented.


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