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Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaurs: Dino Riders

Updated on April 17, 2013

Imaginext Dino Action Figures

The latest Fisher Price Imaginext dinosaurs feature human riders. These are sturdy toys with armor and accessories and human action figure riders. Imaginext have created a world where dinosaurs and people live and work together.

I'm a Mum and a big fan of Imaginext. This stuff is sturdy. My boys have some and my nephew has loads. It's great for younger kids who might occasionally drop a toy or not know their own strength!

The Imaginext range of dinosaurs is a popular birthday or Christmas toy for boys aged 3-7. The toys have now been our for a while and prices have dropped so they are good value.

Dinosaurs and People?

In real life, dinosaurs were long gone by the time the first people occurred, but in the Dino Riders story they are both living together and people even ride dinos and get them to help with important work. More on that later. Fisher Price have built up a back story for kids to follow and play along with.

Fisher-Price Dinosaurs Story Video

In this video you get some of the back story for the Imaginext Dino Riders range. The introduction is about a minute long, then you get a cartoon episode featuring the dinosaurs from the range.

We learn that the Triceratops is called Smash, volcanium is a very valuable mineral which is mined with the help of the dinosaurs and the T-Rex and his rider are enemies of the other dinosaurs.

My boys love reenacting the stories from videos like this.

Imaginext Dinosaurs and Figures

Note that these toys come in a wide range of sizes. Some of the dinosaurs like the Allosaurus are very big while the raptor is smaller. You can use the size of the action figures as a reference - they are about 2 3/4 inches tall.

The prices vary due to the differences in size of these toys and the larger ones come with more or bigger accessories.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Raptor Dino
Fisher-Price Imaginext Raptor Dino

The Raptor is a small dino will some very cool armor. He comes with a figure and a piece of volcanium.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Stegosaurus Dino
Fisher-Price Imaginext Stegosaurus Dino

The Stegosaurus is one of my favorites, I love the bright yellow. He's a medium sized dino with a digger attachment that is controlled by the Dino Rider sitting in the cockpit on his back.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Triceratops Dino
Fisher-Price Imaginext Triceratops Dino

This is Smash the Triceratops - he's good at bashing things! He has battering rams that can be triggered and a tow hook.

He comes with a dino rider who fits into the cockpit. You can take the armor off if you like.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Apatosaurus Dino
Fisher-Price Imaginext Apatosaurus Dino

This big blue Apatosaurus is a popular Dino Rider. He comes with a crane and a glider launcer as well as his human dino rider action figure.

Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 11 inches

Fisher-Price Imaginext Allosaurus Dino
Fisher-Price Imaginext Allosaurus Dino

The Allosaurus comes with drills for mining (you get a mineral rock too.)


Where men have joined forces with teched up dinos

Meet The Big Guy ...

Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex

@ Amazon


The Imaginext Mega T-Rex is the biggest dinosaur in the range. He's an electronic dino with realistic motion and sound. And he's packed with features. T-Rex has robot claws and two projectile launchers. He has a human action figure dino rider who sits in the cockpit.

Boys who enjoy action toys will love Mega T-Rex. Tyrannosaurus is always one of the most popular species with kids. For some reason they love the big scary ones.

More From the Range

The original Imaginext Dino Riders range had 6 dinosaurs in total. And additional models were added to the range. Here are the prehistoric creatures we haven't looked at so far - Dimetrodon and Pterodactyl aren't actually dinosaurs. Ankylosaurus is though.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Doc & Exo Suit

@ Amazon


Then we have the Fisher-Price Imaginext Doc & Exo Suit which is part of the dino riders range. We like the dinosaur perched on top!

Doc is Dr. Samuel Stratus "Doc" and he's one of the heroes of this range.

Used or New on eBay

This range has now been out for a couple of years so you may be able to find used toys on eBay to save money. The toys are pretty sturdy so used ones may still have a lot of play in them. Do check that they have all the accessories included though. There are lots of small tools, weapons and rocks in these sets.

You might also find toys from previous Fisher Price Imaginext ranges. Dinosaurs is a popular theme. I'm sure they'll be back again in future too!

There's Even An App

There's even an Apple iOS app that ties in with the range. Kids can learn lots of facts and there's a maze game to play which uses the tilt sensor to navigate to collect the volcanium.

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Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaurs

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