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Memorable experience : fishing trip with my pupils

Updated on April 15, 2013

It happened a year ago... when I was a teacher at a rural in Sarawak, part of Malaysia in a Borneo Island

I'm a teacher who had been posted to a rural area of Ibanese village in a district call Baram. It is located in a Borneo Island, Sarawak, Malaysia. I would never imagine that I would get so many great experiences in a place so rural like where the only transportation to come here is by four wheel drive. With uneven road, the journey to come here is already saddening, but the experiences that I've been experienced, has been rewarding and fulfilling. One of the memorable experiences was to go fishing with my pupils.

I wrote this lense a few years ago and I am glad that I did it. It was a memorable experience to me, that might not occur again, as now, I'm a teacher at Malaysia Peninsular, in a state call Johor.

Me and my friend went to the fishing trip with these boys... cute and kind pupils :)
Me and my friend went to the fishing trip with these boys... cute and kind pupils :)

How it Begins...

My pupils asked us to go fishing....^_^

Living in a remote area, with electricity using a generator and water comes from a river, life in that area has been kind bored. To go out of town will take around five hours journey, so most of the time, me and my friend will decided to just stay at home. One day, a friend of mine a colleague, sugessted us to go for a fishing trip with the pupils. I was hesitated. I'm concern about the safety. But that colleague who until now still teaching there insisted that we go. She said that she felt really bored and looking for an adventure. With repeated persuasion from her, off we go.

Too many interesting things happens during the journey to the designated river. First, as i thought I do not want to damage my sport shoes, so I decided to wear slipper. My pupils said it wasn't far, so slipper would be ok. That's what I thought. Turn out it was a wrong move. The soil was slippery and i almost fell a few times. So my pupil, Dilang told me 'teacher it much better if you walk with you bare feet, it less slipper'. In my head, Is it possible to walk bare foot at the jungle? Still, I followed. Turn out he was right. Of course he said the right thing. He had been in that palce thousands of times. Never would I imagine that I would walk bare foot at the jungle.

The Lesson Learn - From Pupils to Teacher

The Scene...
The Scene...

Second thing that I learn was I'm touched by my pupils gesture. I thought as I am the teacher, it is right for me to take care of them, and yet how wrong I was. My pupils is actually taking care of my safety during the whole journey. He didn't said it, but showed it. At firt I was confused why this particular student kept walking behid my back, turn out he wanted to make sure my safety. It happened during going and back from the trip. I do not remember if I ever teach him to act that way, but whoever taught him to behave like this, I'm thankful. During the whole journey, I felt safe and happy.

Third, my initial intention to go fishing with them was only to see them fishing, never would I thought I would join them. I do not know how to swim, so how could I join them? Moreover, they are not using a fishing rod, they are using fishing net, that means go through that soil colour water. How naive can I be? Me and my friend, after seeing the fist catches, we releasing our doubts and went into the river. It was so fun, and the feelings was really great. I do not actually managed to catch any fish, but only able to help them out.


eating time

Fourth, eating together with them. The fish that we (well them) catches, they cook it and the taste was great. I never eat fish from river first, and that was my first experienced. They cooked and clean the fish for us. I love this boys so much. Moreover the fishes were fresh, out from the river, and the taste was great.

We end our celebration by having barbecue the night after. Indeed it was a great feelings. Now, I've been transferred to a new place, but the memories with them, stayed forever.

Teacher's Quotes

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.


The critical factor is not class size but rather the nature of the teaching as it affects learning.

C.B. Neblette

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      RedSportNiac 7 years ago

      Tell us some more stories and more pictures. You got interesting topics to do well with squidoo so use it to your advantage.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      cant wait 4 part 2..

      gambar kurang menarik..maybe sikit sangat

      overall 8/10