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fixing the environment

Updated on August 21, 2011
The Royal Empress Tree
The Royal Empress Tree

trees and the environment

When I read about deforestation and the affect on co2 and the planet I wonder what if anything can be done. We can start being selective in the plants and trees that we plant to offset any deforestation. The Royal Empress tree, for example, will grow about 18 feet in one year and you can see from the picture is attractive and can be a great shade tree.

Another alternative in many areas can be the planting and use of bamboo. Some varieties can grow as much as 30 some inches in 24 hours. I once read somewhere that with some brands of bamboo, you can stand and listen to it grow and the bamboo is excellent for absorbing co2.

Once we grow bamboo, we then have a plant which can be used for everything from making paper, clothes, furniture, wall paneling, fishing poles and there are companies even making bicycles from bamboo for a lightweight and yet sturdy frames.

If we plant horse chestnut or black walnut trees we will have the nuts to eat as well as having a tree for shade.

The point I am trying to make is that by being more selective in what we chose to plant and grow we can offset the defoliation that is taking place in so many parts of the world and in our own way fight for a better planet. Personally, I would love to try one of those bamboo bicycles.


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