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Free Printable Borders

Updated on May 15, 2014

Free Printable Fancy Decorated Borders For Crafts And School Projects

Using free printable borders is a great way to make your own greeting cards, invitations, photo frames, pages in your scrapbooking album, and for other fun crafts overall.

Here you will find some great free borders to print or download to your computer. All these borders are free for your own use only. Each link has been carefully verified and I will add new free resources as I find them, so make sure you bookmark this page.

Image credits: printable Damask border

If you do come across an awesome resource that I haven't added yet to this page, leave me a comment in the Guestbook section below and I will add it once I checked it out.

Enjoy this list of free printable borders decorated with black and white or colorful design suitable for so many great crafts and hobbies!

Where To Use The Printable Frames And Borders

When you use a border or a frame to a project, you not only highlight the focal centerpiece, but also add depth and a professional touch to the piece. The printable borders are usually black and white in the form of an outline. You can usually print them right away. When you download them to your computer, you can easily resize them to what fits your own project.

So where can you use these borders in the first place? There are lots of project types that allow use of a frame or a border around them. For example when making handmade greeting cards, a cute border will easily highlight the centerpiece (e.g. a Valentine's heart) and decorate the entire card.

How about a scrapbooking page? Each page is devoted to something special that you want highlighted. A border can easily add dimensions and depth to it.

I even found myself once printing out a corner of a border which I used at the left bottom side of the card. The border had an art nouveau style with an elongated flower shape which went perfectly for the project i was working on.

Free Printable Floral Borders

Floral borders can be used in so many crafts and hobbies, there is always something that enjoys the addition of a flowery border. Here you will find several beautiful ones ready to be printed out and used in your projects.

Elegant Art Nouveau Border To Print For Crafts And Cards

Elegant Art Nouveau Border To Print For Crafts And Cards
Elegant Art Nouveau Border To Print For Crafts And Cards

Easy-to-Duplicate Floral Borders

Easy-to-Duplicate Floral Borders: 54 Copyright-Free Designs (Dover Quick Copy Art Series S)
Easy-to-Duplicate Floral Borders: 54 Copyright-Free Designs (Dover Quick Copy Art Series S)

If you don't like the hassle of free borders, here are some adorable floral borders in a book ready to be used as is. Lots of floral designs to choose from including roses, tulips, dogwood, English ivy, carnations, chrysanthemums, oak leaves and acorns, pine branches, holly and several other pretty floral motifs.


Printable Paper Border Ideas In Schools

While the free borders ready to print are a great tool for any crafter and decorater, it has not been much said about them being a teaching aid.

I've actually seen such a border in action a few years ago and it was used very cleverly by the teacher.

Every classroom has a bulletin board for various relevant information, so what the class did was to take it and decorate it with a paper borders around.

So why not have several boards in the classroom and have a competition where different groups of children decorate their chosen board as they like - and even create the borders themselves from free printables?

Some board decorating ideas are:

* using flowers or other images taken from nature. The children could create a border reflecting a floral garden full of green and other fun colors.

* blue wavy lines on the border can create the effect of a sea at storm, or a wavy sea. This is great for a nautical themed board.

Once the board is ready it should be re-decorated every couple of months - maybe following along the changing seasons? A lovely autumn design can be made of sunflowers, brown and yellow leaves, along with the usual pumpkin décor for Halloween.

Creating Your Own Free Border In Microsoft Word

Here is a video demonstration on how to create a free printable border in MS Word quickly in any color that you like. It's really fun and all you need is to follow the steps in the video.

How To Make A Valentine's Day Card With A Border In 5 Minutes

I Used This Free Heart Picture As The Border For My Card

I Used This Free Heart Picture As The Border For My Card
I Used This Free Heart Picture As The Border For My Card

This Is What I Made With The Heart Above

This Is What I Made With The Heart Above
This Is What I Made With The Heart Above

To make this cute Valentine's Day greeting card I used the heart border above (it's free in Creative Commons), and opened it in Photoshop. You can use any other image editing software for it, including the free Gimp.

* I used the Eraser tool to delete the most inner border and make the inside heart completely white, all with the Eraser.

* Then I applied the Text tool to add a small saying suitable for that occasion. Finally I doodled with the brush tool a little heart, where I will add my name once I will print out this image.

Steps still to do (no point in doing them before Valentine's Day)

* It will be printed out on heavier cardstock paper (make sure that your printer can handle it, otherwise simply print it on a regular sheet and then glue it to the cut to size cardstock paper.

* Finally I will buy a cute red envelope and insert the square(ish) card and give it with all my love to my husband.

Neat idea?

Below are some additional free borders that can be easily printed out. They are free for you to use at home for the main occasions in the year to use for making your own greeting cards, scrapbooking projects or other fun and useful projects.

Free Printable Borders For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is important enough to warrant its separate section. People are sending beautiful and romantic Valentine's Day cards to each others, or sending invitations to a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, or creating a scrapbook album full of memorable photos of him and her. Plenty of occasions to use these free printable borders for that lovely day in the year.

Free Printable Borders For Other Special Occasions

Here you will find several free St. Patrick's Day printable borders for your own personal use. Just make sure you don't use them commercially as the terms of service of these sites don't allow it.

Fun Ideas To Use Printable Special Event Borders

Special times of year are Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and all these can use with printable borders, and I will give you below a few ideas on how to use them and why they are fun projects to do.

All these special events have something in common: greeting cards, notes, invitations sent out to other parties. For example while online greeting cards are very popular the last few years to give for Christmas, I still prefer to write my own and send via the slow snail mail, paying for regular postage, as it used to be the case many years ago.

So instead of buying a boring Hallmark card, why not make your own and add your own personalized borders to suit the occasion?

For example St. Patrick's Day calls for green, leprechauns, shamrocks. Making borders with these elements on them and adding them to the card - or making the border directly on the card rather than glueing it separately on top, can be a great idea for a St. Patrick's Day party invitation.

Christmas is also special and very easy to spot when a card is sent or given with borders and designs that are popular that time of year.

For example I can right off the bat say words like christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowman, snowflakes, red ribbons, and I bet in your mind you already have an idea or two on how to put a Christmas greeting card or a party invitation together.

How about Thanksgivings and New Year Party invitations and place cards? For Thanksgiving the place cards will all be brownish in color, with elements like a turkey, red, yellow and brown leaves (for autumn), while the middle of the place card will have the name of the person sitting in the right place.

Free printable borders for Easter are great for spring crafts such as scrapbooking, card making, invitation making and many more. Here you will find several free ones that you can download to your pc or print out directly. For personal use only.

Great Video Tutorial On Creating Your Own Free Printable Borders In Word

Microsoft Word is a software that it's installed pretty much on any computer (well, on most of them anyway), and it has various cliparts and images that are perfect for creating any border for any occasion. Here is a fun one that can be used fro Halloween, Thanksgiving or for a nice autumn invitation or card. Very quick to do as well.

There are so many wonderful free printable borders for Christmas that are available to download or print directly from the web. They are perfect for many crafts related to Christmas, especially when you love sending out Christmas cards, invitations, thank you notes after a Christmas party, scrapbooking pages involving photos of friends or family members during a Christmas come-together, so many more.

Enjoy this free selection of free Christmas borders, and don't forget: they are free for you to take for non-commercial purposes!

Ready-to-Use Narrow Frames & Borders on Layout Grids

Ready-to-Use Narrow Frames & Borders on Layout Grids (Dover Clip-Art)
Ready-to-Use Narrow Frames & Borders on Layout Grids (Dover Clip-Art)

These narrow frames and borders are perfect for printing out certificates of achievement. The borders are elegant, classic in design and ready to use as is.


Printable Borders In Books And On CDs

Decorative, Elegant And Ornamental Borders In Books

I found at Amazon some great borders in books that you can use, they're actually 'ready to use', so you don't have to keep on searching online for them. And the books are not expensive at all. Some come with CDs, others are simply books. A great choice for any crafts person or hobbyist.

More Fun Printable Borders Ideas

Something else I've seen once done by a friend of mine was to create an achievement certificate for her class. She is a sports teacher and occasionally she creates various fun and healthy competitions. The winners will get certificates of being the first, second and third to win. Of course these are not official certificates, it's more done in fun and in fostering a healthy sense of competition among her students.

Certificates are easy to create as they are not as colorful overall like the Christmas, or Easter or Halloween cards made with matching decorative borders. Here the certificate is more white overall, with a think stripe in color - for example red border stripe would surround the certificate for the winner, second place certificate would have a yellow border around it, and a blue one would be given to #3.

There are many other great ideas for certificates that can be create for fun, which are not official, but nonetheless treasured by those receiving it. And the many free borders given on this page should help with decorating those certificates with ease. A nice white certificate page with a black border with fancy decorations will be great for literary achievements, for maths or another such discipline.

Speaking Of Free Printable Certificates

Here is a great little tutorial on making your own certificate with ready-made borders using a template in MS Word. Absolutely fun and really easy to do. Word has the template already so all you need is select it from the list, and customize it to your liking. Perfect for the ideas I've given above similar to what my teacher friend did.

Printable Ornamental Borders On CDs

If you prefer having them on a CD, here are some hand picked by me for your enjoyment. Plenty of borders that can be printed out on each CD.

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Have You Used Printable Borders In Your Crafts?

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      Avi Wolfson 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Very cool, thanks for sharing!

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      Wow a lot of these borders are gorgeous. I generally purchase the decorative printer paper for my decorations but these would really work well and save me the trip downtown. Beautiful.

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      5 years ago

      These add such a decorative touch.

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      5 years ago

      Thanks for the free printable borders!


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