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All About Tarot

Updated on October 25, 2012

Learning about yourself and situations through Tarot.

I am offering free tarot readings to anyone who would like to know more about themselves or a particular situation. In exchange I would like to post the readings here and on my other blog I love Tarot reading. I feel it is a tool for opening the conscious mind to our unconscious thoughts and feelings. I believe it is accurate no matter if it is via email, over the phone or in person because we are all connected as is everything in nature. Our souls on a web we can not see but feel. I will provide daily and weekly updates via squidoo and my blog. So come back frequently. Learn more about Tarot, Yourself or just have fun.

Find Your Life Card

What is your life card?

It is the Tarot Card that corresponds to your birthdate. (I feel this is similar to a Zodiac sign)

Example: My birthdate 5 4 1981 = 5+4+1+9+8+1 = 9 + 10 +9= 28 = 10 = 1 So my life Card is : The Magician (I)

The magician is a person who can manifest their desires through the sheer power of willpower and desire. A one track mind keeps this individual on task which can be both a good characteristic and a bad. Represented by Mercury. Mercury is the planet and god of smooth talkers and salesmen. So a person represented by this card is witty and smooth. Easily able to convince others in their ideas and beliefs. Often others will come to them for advice or a solution to a problem because of their extensive knowledge and magnetic personality. They are known for their directness and ability to give sage advice without sugar coating the issues at hand.

Find out your life card... Leave your request below or contact me.

What's Your Life Card?

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      Chrystal 2 years ago


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      anonymous 4 years ago


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      mommahawk 4 years ago

      @mommahawk: Her Card is: 4 The Emperor

      A person with the emperor card has a strong will and tends to try to control those in their life or the current situation they are in. They are imaginative, creative, instinctual and patient. Their partner must be very aggressive, alert and brave to get along with them. As an Aries she is filled with enthusiasm, energy, aggression. She is direct, guileless and all too often irresistible. Unfortunately, she can also be a tyrant: impatient, demanding, controlling.

    • mommahawk profile image

      mommahawk 4 years ago

      My sisters is 1/12/90

    The Dreamer
    The Dreamer

    Sunday Purchase Reading I did for myself

    So here is the sum of my reading. the cards that jumped first: 8-justice make a fair decision and stick with it. 6- lovers weigh choices carefully.

    Cross reading: an unexpected opportunity to make a large purchase come into play. But i am worried about how thus purchase will affect our current situation and how others will see me.

    I don't want to miss out because i know its a good deal and it will make me happy. We have to much going on and am not sure if now is the best time . I should have confidence in my choice to buy because it will bring a happy outcome and i have put a lot of thought in it. My fear card: not having self discipline and what others will think.

    Truth card: it's a joint decision on something to improve our quality of life.

    It is decidly a good purchase choice.

    final card: 10 the wheel - move forward (green flag)

    See pictures of this spread on my other blog :

    Great Tarot Deck to use for beginners and experts!

    After visiting my site and several on the web you may have decided to start reading your own Tarot. To get you started I have suggestion for a starter deck that can be used on both a personal and professional level.

    The Gilded Tarot (Book and Tarot Deck Set)
    The Gilded Tarot (Book and Tarot Deck Set)

    This deck is beautifully illustrated and for a beginner very easy to use. With is distinct imagery you can get the general meaning of the card at a glance. It is also very affordable. The book is also well thought out and helps clarify the cards even farther.


    My sister put her dog to sleep and wants to know if it was the right choice.

    Tarot reading for this was simple 3 card reading.

    First Card: #16 Life Experience A significant life changing event is about to happen. He will be lifted away to heaven and you will have to deal with the changes about to come.

    Card Two #3 of Fire Have patience a great sadness fills your heart now but will soon pass leaving behind the abundance of love you once felt for the dog.

    Card Three to summarize: Ace of Air Seeing the truth of the situation that the dog was extremely ill and is now freed of this sickness will overshadow the sorrow. It will be challenging at first but then you will be able to move on.

    Leave your birthdate Month/date/year and I'll list your life card and description.

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