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Top 10 predictions of the future world

Updated on June 26, 2015

Flying cars – No traffic

The flying cars could be the future in fifty years. People would be going to work places by flying in cars. These short propellers would have all the facilities in them required for day to day life.

No petrol No LPG

All the non-renewable energies like fuels would die down and would no longer exist. Every vehicle would start running through solar energy. There would be no LPG cylinder and every food item would be cooked electrically and that electrical energy could be received from either solar energy or wind energy.

Transparent computer and mobile screens in air

The computer screen would be transparent and could be projected anywhere in air. It would be easily portable just like the scenario in the 'iron man' movie. It would be such that it can be projected anywhere even during traveling from one place to another. The artificial intelligence will boom with robots coming up performing our complete day to day activities.

Nuclear energy – The strongest energy would come to force

The nuclear energy is the force that holds the protons and neutrons inside the nucleus. It is considered as the strongest power in the universe. This area now is still under research. Nuclear fusion produces a lot of energy and was once thought to be impossible on earth but it is now being taken up as research by many institutes around the globe. Nuclear energy would be the source of power supply for all the major equipment in the world. The sad note that goes along with this is that all the countries will have nuclear power with them and if this goes uncontrolled then it would lead to catastrophic events across the globe.

Mental and physical capacities of humans dropping heavily

With machines coming up for every work in the world, people will not tend to take anything into their brains. The people would become more reliant on the machines. The physical activities will drastically reduce and obesity would affect a lot of people in the world.

Increased Global Warming

With carbon emissions from every country increasing every year, the rate at which the polar ice caps are melting is also steadily increasing. In fifty years, there would be considerable amount of increase in the sea level posing threat to the coastal countries.

Increase in poverty in many countries

As the standards increase in many countries, the equivalent downfall and increase in poverty would strike many other countries. The want of food would create a war between the nations.

Increased war between nations

The nations may become intolerant with each other with powers developing for every country. The developing countries would become developed while developed nations would become super powers. A few nations would exercise their entire control over the other countries.

New diseases with change in food habits

There would be complete cure for cancer and AIDS and other similar illness with new diseases coming up with increased pollution and altered food habits. Pizzas and burgers will become a part of everyday meal, causing problems to health in long run.

Inflation hitting many countries

The inflation would hit its peak in many countries with most of them tending to revise their entire currency system. The rich would get richer and poor would get poorer.

Tracking chip in body

A chip would be inserted in body which could track the entire health condition physically and checking the working of all the organ systems and giving recommendations as to what to do for proper health. They would be multi-functional. (i.e.) they would also perform other functions like monitoring your food habits, your daily schedule, helping you i finding directions and even help you to schedule your meetings. In short they would function as a small computer from inside your body.

Unification of currencies

It could be like all the countries in a particular continent would have the same currency and the number of currencies all around the world would be less than ten.

Over population problem in many nations

The only social problem that remains without solution in most of the countries around the world is over population. It would be difficult to manage the human resource which keeps increasing in geometric progression especially in countries like India and China. The stringent rules would come up curtailing over population.


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