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Darkly Creepy Gargoyles in ASCII Text Art

Updated on January 21, 2017
That Grrl profile image

Laura makes ASCII art, using MS Notepad. (Since 1998). She is currently exploring adding colour to the plain text to make postcards.

There's something about gargoyles... they're dark and kind of creepy looking. They live on tall buildings and are created from the elements which make the tall buildings. Their main job is to keep water from damaging the building they sit on. They also scare away things.

I found a gargoyle font which you can download for free.

I photograph abandoned buildings. Here in Ontario, out in the rural areas, my choices are mainly farm houses (which I really like). I'd love to be in old cities where the buildings are much older, with all the trimmings like gargoyles. I did see a few gargoyles in Toronto, downtown. But I couldn't get close enough for a really great photograph. You really do have to get up on the roof or some high level floor to see the gargoyles. Someday I will. Until then I'm glad to see the photos of others, with gargoyles from all over the world.

ASCII Art Gargoyles

A Few More ASCII Art Gargoyles


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