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Geography, the subject

Updated on December 20, 2012

What is geography?

Geography is a very interesting subject to study. It is one of the oldest subjects which were studies by the ancient scholars of the human civilization. Everything on the earth is studied in this subject. The Earth, as the home of men and their relation with the environment is the core area of expertise of geography and is studied thoroughly in the subject.

Basically, the subject geography can be considered as the Mother subject for most of the natural as well as social sciences. Its subject area is so vast that the subject is divided into numerous sub-divisions. The discipline of geography has two major sub-divisions. However, it can be said that the subject has as many sub-divisions as the features the world has.

Major sub-divisions

The first sub-division of geography is the Physical geography. It deals with the physical aspects and elements of the earth. The prime concern for physical geography is the four spheres that constitute the living earth. These spheres are Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere and Biosphere. The elements of all the spheres constitute the limitless scope of study for the ones who study physical geography.

The other major branch of geography is the Human geography which deals with all the aspects on the earth that involve human activity. It includes variety of subjects from agriculture to trade, from population to culture and from settlement to politics etc. This branch tries to cover all possible aspects of human civilization.


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