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Review of Get Ready to Pass

Updated on November 1, 2009

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Pass Your Road Test on Your First TRY

Read this Get Ready to Pass review, and learn how Interactive video training can help you pass your road test.

When you read my Get Ready to Pass review, you'll see how complete this interactive video program is, and you'll be impressed to know that this program is the first to have used real footage from different types of DMV tests.

Even though I have been driving for more than twenty five years and licensed to drive a vast array of vehicles, I learned a lot from Get Ready to pass. This program teaches you how to minimize your risk of accidents when you're approaching intersections; for instance, it explains the S-approach, which is a good guide for maximizing your visibility to approaching vehicles, while at the same time avoiding being hit by oncoming drivers if someone behind you collides with you. Useful words of wisdom in the video training program could help you save your life.

Jim Kenzie, an automotive journalist for over twenty years, provides his services to Get Ready to Pass, hosting the videos with the help of a few guests, during which time he shows you exactly what the road test will cover with studio discussion and narrated video presentations.

G2 or M2 tests can be difficult if you haven't had time to practice sufficiently on-road. You will learn the correct and most efficient way to perform difficult driving maneuvers, all of which will be explained with a combination of skillful narrative and detailed video footage.

Video Content:

This program includes all the tasks you will be graded on with real footage of the following tasks and actions:

  • Through Intersection
  • Offset Left Turn – S Approach
  • Expressway
  • Lane Change
  • Roadside Stop
  • Curve
  • Streetcar Tracks
  • Reading Other Drivers
  • Pass Your Road Test Secrets
  • Left and Right Turns
  • Stop Intersection
  • Business Section
  • Residential Section
  • Parallel Park
  • Three-Point Turn
  • Parking Lots
  • Limit Lines
  • High Risk Scenarios

This video class will provide you with the confidence that you're prepared for the roads and the ability to pass your driving road test with confidence, whether you're attempting it for the first time, recently acquired your G1, or have been driving for many years - it isn't that difficult if you have the proper team instructing and training you.

In fact, I have not come across any other video like this out there that provides actual footage from inside the road test, they cover all the tasks that you will need to perform and walk you through each chapter with a car driver and motorcycle rider as well, since you get access to both videos.

Main Features:

  • Learn Emergency Exorcises
  • Get Both Videos to study Better & Pass Easier
  • No more memorizing a handbook
  • Watch first hand - step by step how to pass
  • 100% money back guarantee – No Question Asked!
  • Real Footage for both Car & Motorcycle Driving
  • Understanding of All Tasks you will be graded on
  • Professional Instructors, hosted by an auto journalist
  • Designed to get you Ready for your Road Test
  • Watch on PC or burn on DVD and watch on your TV

I know you wish you could escape the road test altogether and not have to cope with the worry, nervous tension and apprehension you'll go through as the day of your test approaches, but don't worry, included are some great bonus packages that will instruct you how to be calm, composed and confident to breeze through your test.

Bonus material:

1. More than 40 self-improvement eBooks, a highly compelling tool that allows confidence and let's you be stress free, shows you the way of getting over your fright, anxiety, and nervousness, and after reading this fantastic collection, you'll be better, both off and on the road.

2. If you need a de-stressor or a boost of confidence before your test, just listen to the MP3 collection.

3. Get Ready to Pass also include access to their traffic sign study guide, plus 2 quizzes to test your knowledge and memory and 2 quizzes to study for your road test.

This course will provide the help you need to make sure you pass your driver's license testing. You only have to watch Get Ready to Pass's videos, review its content as much as you want until you're completely prepared to take the exam and before you realize, your driving will be more confident than that of your friends, and it will also be a lot safer.

Read more from Dave Treadstone about the Get Ready to Pass Review to continue looking behind the scenes of the DMV road test, G1 and G2 drivers test, and see what you need to keep doing well in the Driving Road Test.


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