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Glee Club Youth Choir Contemporary Music Appreciation Booster Circle

Updated on January 22, 2013

An Old Tradition in America is New Again

Glee Clubs in high schools both public and private existing today emerged from the spiritual based traditions of mostly 18th Century America.

In that century many immigrants came to America inspired by need for spiritual freedom and economic freedom from servitude mostly in their old countries in Europe.

People from Africa came also but not according to their own choice of course as we know in that commercial instiitution known as slavery that existed for centures earlier.


From Spiritual Heritage to Contemporary Music Talent & Traditions

Today, that spiritual heritage of America provides the backdrop to musical training for young people in the skills and tools of music talent in singing and instruments in communities across America.

Depending on the school or a place of spiritual worship such as a church or temple, the tradition of Glee Clubs and Youth Choir continue to be vital element of musical training for young people.

Choirs and Glee Clubs are part of university heritage in America that continues today - Talents and Appreciation past, present and future


Glee Clubs as well as choirs exist in many universities where the old spiritual traditions continue to inspire and provide training for those who have motivation, skills and talents for traditions music.

Harvard University Choir for example was established in 18th Century for example.

Same for many of the oldest universities in the nation, including here in Virginia, the University of Virginia and College of William and Mary as examples. Not all choir are the same of course, but chance to achieve excellence are provided by opportunities to perform and inter-collegiate music competition.

Choir Music and Glee Clubs Opens Doors For Careers of the Future in Arts and Science - Not Everyone Who Enjoys Being Part of a Community Oriented Glee Club or


I like to stay focused on how such youth choir and glee clubs for students with an ability and desire to sing or learn to play instruments.

Such skills learning and community service activity can be valuable doors to excellence for careers in the arts or simple as a side interest or hobby that can be continued throughout life to add value for individual, family and community.

Glee Club and Choir Singers and Music People Need Fans and Boosters--You and Me Hometown America !


But for those of us who are not in the category of music talent, but love music can play a role as fans and boosters for glee club and youth choir talents that benefits all who participate in their own way and own choice.

A Photo Album Memory Book

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Folk Traditions Equallly Value Added For Singers and Music Talents--Music of the Common People - Over Centuries often located in Ghettos, Small Towns and Villag


The other tradition that developed over centuries are of course the folk music traditions in parallel t the classical spiritual roots of glee clubs and choir music of Christian Churches.

Hebrew Temples had story telling traditions of major events of history associated with their choir music. But often the Hebrew traditions are associated with folk traditions of historical events such as the the Exodus from Egypt and spiritual festivals remembering events that shaped the Hebrew culture through a recorded spiritual memory.

That’s democracy, dear reader, many choices, many opportunities to participate and bring quality in the arts and science of every day living.

Sharing The Experience of Community TV Producer with Very Little Talent for Singing or Music Instruments


I personally do not have any musical background either in glee clubs or in youth choir until recently. Due to my community service activities and a hobby as a community tv producer in Fairfax, Virginia, I came to know about the tremendous talent and value such activities add value to community, schools and society at large.

There is great deal of pride and boosters for such existing musical traditions already on a community level but strengthening such talents and support infrastructures for traditional music as well as community based popular music that often arises from such traditions as a rock bands rooted in glee or choir tradition can be awfully creative talent expressions

A Photo Album Memory Book

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From A Photo Album of Our Family Origins

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A Conversations Fairfax --Cafe Twin C2C - Also Neighbor to Neighbor


In this conversation, I like to provide some amazing visual and audio examples of excellence that exists now that can be boosted with appreciation and support as can be done using community radio and tv media technology where my own skills and interest as a community tv producer as well as others with such skills and interest can be valuable as we go forward with this modest initiative of appreciation and engagement of glee clubs and youth choir on a community level as possible.

For those who are music talents or fans of glee clubs and youth choir, I invite conversations and community to community links with opportunities to appreciate and strengthen such valuable music training skills and tools that can add value to the quality of life in hometown USA.

Experience of Choir Singing - Charles King


I always sang in church always was in a gospel choir and directed choirs and always performed, but I never thought of it as a powerful thing.

Quincy Jones


I got in the school band and the school choir. It all hit me like a ton of bricks, everything just came out. I played percussion

A Photo Album Memory Book

Click thumbnail to view full-size

An Old School is New Again-- - Linking Past, Present and Future with Historic Preservation


Celebrating Heritage at Old Town Alexandria, Virginia


YouTube - A High School Youth Concert--Example at Your Hometown and Mine

A Memory of High School Choir - Lucas Grabeel


In high school, I was Mr. Choir Boy. I had solos, I was helping out the tenors with their parts and our choir teacher would ask me what songs we should do.

A Family Memory - Enya


When I was growing up, I'd be in the choir. My mum was the organist in the church, so I'd sing in the church.

YouTube - A High School Glee Club Example

My New Group at LinkedIn.Com - Welcome !


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